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Industry Certification:

PrintED is administered by the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF),
and is a national certification process based on industry standards for high school
graphics courses.

McEachern High School can issue GAERF student certificates in the following 3 areas:

requirements to earn a certificate:

1. Mastery of 80% of the identified skills
2. Maintain an 85 or above average in Graphic Communications
3. Complete a minimum of 3 semesters
4. Pass an End-of-Pathway Exam

Student Benefits:
•Equivalent of 6 months on-the-job training
•Increased placement opportunities
•Focused curriculum
•Pride in accomplishments
•National credentials
•Transfer of credit hours to colleges and technical schools through articulation agree-

Graphic Design
For more information visit

Class Blog/Website:
McEachern Graphic Design …

McEachern High School …go to > choose General Info > Staff
Directory > Click the “Electives” tab then scroll to Alicia Baynes & link to class

Used for student assignments, feedback, collaboration, and critique

Production Syllabus
Parents are encouraged to ask their student for login information to join

Class Quiz & Review Site:

Quia -

Dropbox: OneDrive:

Used for backup of student files

Text @mrsbaynes to 81010 to receive updates and reminders (you can add the image if
you want)
Mrs. Alicia Baynes
Graphics & Design Dept.
McEachern High School
2400 New Macland Road
Powder Springs, GA 30127

CT 108


770-222-3710 x235

Attendance: Portfolio:
Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text and
images to communicate a message through the print and •STAY ON TASK / USE TIME WISELY
publishing industries. Today’s graphic designers are most- •COMPLETE & TURN IN PROJECTS ON TIME Your attendance at school •Portfolios should include
ly problem solvers. We constantly need to solve problems •BE RESPONSIBLE, DEPENDABLE, & TRUSTWORTHY
in order to effectively produce visual communications. •BE A ROLE MODEL FOR EACH OTHER is very important. When you any project examples, live work,
•ABIDE BY CLASS RULES are not in school you cannot sketches, writing samples, etc.
Consequences: •HELP KEEP ALL LAB AREAS CLEAN keep up with your program of •The portfolio must be neat, clean,
If anyone abuse privileges in this classroom i.e. naming files •BE A VOLUNTEER WHEN NEEDED student. In Graphics, it is not and presented in a professional
inappropriate names, inappropriate projects/subjects or inter- •BE A HELPER TO EACH OTHER AND THE TEACHER
net searches, abusing equipment, promoting unsafe situa-
possible to take equipment manner.
tions, or if you choose to use this class as wasted time…YOU and supplies home; therefore, •The portfolio will be graded ev-
A parent/guardian will be contacted and you will be assigned
Procedures: try to be at school every day ery semester.
1. ALWAYS practice safe work habits. If
bookwork for the rest of the semester.
you are found to be working in an un-
in order to keep up with as- •A grading rubric will be provided
safe manner there must be a remedia- signments and projects.
tion of the entire safety unit for this before each portfolio evaluation.
course. Absolutely NO HORSEPLAY!
2. Eating and drinking is NOT permit-
ted in the lab.
3. You are expected to be on time. Live Work:
4. ALWAYS take care of classroom mate-
rials, furniture, and school property.
5. ALWAYS RESPECT others and their Live work will include a variety
Supplies: property.
Required: 6. Do your OWN work and be produc- of tasks such as digital file prepa-
• USB flash drive (at least 8gb) tive. ration, image editing, file output,
• pencils and pens 7. LISTEN during instructions and
• T-shirts (minimum of one) demonstrations so your projects will bindery, cost-calculating/esti-
look their best! mating, and clean up. Jobs will be
Recomended/Optional: 8. STAY CREATIVE!
receipted through the school’s

One 1” ring notebook
10-15 sheet protectors
• Sharpie markers
live work account.
• Sketchbook 5 POINT Grading Rubric
• Colored pencils •A project list/course outline
• Hoodie/sweatshirt 5 = Exemplary/Exceeds
• Additional T-shirts for practice 4 = Accomplished will be provided. Articulation:
3 = Promising •Due Dates will be posted
2 = Developing
1 = Beginning •Late projects will be graded An articulation agreement has
0 = No Evidence accordingly and at the dis- been established between McEach-
Project point values will vary cretion of the teacher.Proj- ern High School and the Art
ects should not be late except Institute of Atlanta in the area
Synergy (gradebook) in the case of excused absence of Graphic Communications. The
Grading: M/Z=missing assignment can still be turned in The ability to meet deadlines
Employability Preparation (evaluated weekly) 10% or reassessed articulation agreements allow
Assesses career preparation, time on task, cleaning 0=not attempted, refused to complete, or dead- is an important trait to be students in the Graphic Commu-
work areas, and general work ethics line has passed successful in this industry in
“Dress for Success” now counts as extra credit nications program to transfer
Classwork 20% 18. INCLUDE THE UNITS OF STUDY FOR THE CLASS IN the future. credit hours to the college. The
Consists of assignments given during class such as WHICH YOU ARE REGISTERED (PICK ONE). •You can and probably will
daily work, small projects, vocabulary, and tickets- student must meet the required
out-the-door. Units of Study can be found on the McEachern complete more projects than course competencies and re-
Major Projects & Exams 45% Graphics website: www.mceacherngraphics. the minimum assigned. All
Includes written/performance tests and major project ceive at least a grade of 85 in the
grades. Each project grade is derived from a combina- Click the link for the course you are taking projects need to be turned course to transfer credit to the
tion of project completion, craftsmanship, creativity/ this semester. You can include an outline of in for a grade before taking
design, use of typography, and the ability to follow units, color code them, and/or lists of specific schools. Upon graduation, the
directions. Students’ willingness to correct identi- projects included. them from this lab. student must enroll at one of
fied weaknesses will provide opportunities for grade
improvement. the colleges within one academic
Mid-Term Exam 5% year of that graduation date. All
Final Exam 20%
Assesses cumulative information for the entire year articulated courses will be ex-
that includes a written exam, a performance exam, and
a portfolio. empt from fees.
(Cheating will result in a zero)