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Environment behavior analysis explores a variety of environments, linking them to a range of

behavioral concerns, this analysis is vital in the preparation and planning of different spaces and

activities in the proposed design.

Target User Environment Behavioral Activity

Commuters/ Drivers/ Loading and unloading dock Acts as one of the main

Conductors beneficiaries of the proposed


Dispatcher Dispatchers lobby Ensure the security of all

public utility vehicle going in

and out of the building


Concierge/ Receptionist Lobby (Reception area) Serves as the main

representatives trained to

welcome the users as well as

to attend to all telephone

calls related to their assigned


Operation and Management Marketing Department Supervises all the operational

Personnel activities inside the

Sales and Marketing Sales and Marketing Covers all the Marketing

Personnel Department Activities of the facility

Administration Personnel Administrative Office Performs collaborative effort

in order to improve the

performance of the facility

Human Resource Personnel H.R Department Office Responsible for hiring and

inspection of employee’s


Security Personnel Security office Ensures the safety and

welfare of all the commuters,

as well as all the working


Utility Personnel Utility rooms Ensure the proper

sanitation inside the


Mechanical Personnel Mechanical and Electrical Covers the maintenance

room and guaranteed

performance of the

buildings electrical and

mechanical components