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One day patients come to the hospital. The patients he is 19 years old is Untung.

Based on
the information from his mother untunh is an alcoholic, narcotics. And drug addiction. The
patient come with a complaint of temperature rise and diarrhea continuously. Arrived at the
hospital immediately and he got help from the nurse.

(The nurse came to her mother and untung while carrying the nursing kit)

Nurse : good morning, let me introduce myself my name is via , my schedule 07.00 o’clock
to 14.00 o’clock. What can I do for you?
Patient : my body is weak, my head is heavy and dizzy nurse
Nurse : well now, I will measure the vital first
Ali’s mother : please nurse
Nurse : excuses tung
Patient : yes nurse, I often sweat I feel not good, did not anything
Ali’s mother : he Also did not anything
Nurse : sweating a lot and lacking of appetite is a symptom of a disease. Ali’s blood pressure
Ali’s 100/70 mmHg, body temperature 38,9 oC , his temperature make body sweating.
Mother do you have warm water? To compress Ali in order to lower his body temperature.
Ali’s mother : yes nurse, I will do it
Patient : nurses what is my illness? Until when should I be treated?
Nurse : for now there is no definitive diagnosis. We are still waiting for the results of the
Ali’s laboratory, now, you take a rest and at 08.00 o’clock in the morning there will be a
nurse to give you injection.
Patient : yes nurse, thank you
(mother compessing ali as nurse asvise) suddenly the door was knocked and the nurse
Nurse : good morning
Ali’s mother : good morning nurse
Nurse : after compressed how is the situation now do you feel better?
Patient : yes nurse
Nurse : ali, I will give medicine by injection it is arrested a little bit
Patient : yes nurse please
(after injecting the nurse look at the patient’s mother)
Nurse : are you patient’s mother?
Ali’s mother : yes nurse,
Nurse : the docter asked you to come his room
(mother and nurse were out to the docter room)
(the nurse knocked on the door and entered the room of the docter in following the patient’s
Nurse : good morning doctor, she is mother of patient named Ali
Doctor : please sit down. We have done to got ali’s
Ali’s mother : what happen with my child, doc?
Doctor : he is suffering from HIV/AIDS
Ali’s mother : are you serious doctor ?
Doctor : calm mother, you have to be patient
Ali’s mother : I already know, that something wrong was happened with Ali. He will not
accept it

Doctor : ok, we will explain it to the patient by slowly

(finally mother and doctor enteres the room)
Patient : what happend with me mom? What did the doctor say? How about me pain?
Doctor : calm down ali, let me explaint it
Patient : please doct
Doctor : from your laboratory result you are positive HIV/AIDS
Patient : what does the doctor say? HIV? I cannot believe,the doctor must be lying. This is
impossible, a god is not fair!!!!!
(the patient’s mother is still silent and can not say anything, tears are still running down her
Patient : get out!!! Leave me re!!]
(the next day, doctor and nurse come to Ali’s room and asked about Ali’s situation)
Doctor : good afternoon, how is ali now ?
Ali’s mother : good doctor
Patient : I was able to accept this all, I realize that all this happened because of my own
mistake. Maybe this is a punishment for me
Doctor : well, should the nearest person and mother should be worry of this disease because it
can be contagious.
Ali’s mother : so , what should I do doctor ?
Patient : can my mom touch me?
Doctor : she can, but should be more careful not to be exposed to using personal protective
Patient : I already understand n ow
Doctor : you can take a rest, let me out of this room please
Patent and Ali’s mother : thank you doctor and nurse
(doctor and nurse out of the patient’s room)

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