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Technology and Architecture of Internet of Things for Transportation


The development of Internet of Things has entered into various fields with the aim of improving the
quality of human life. The benefits of implementation in the field of health, supply chain and others
more open and provide potential Internet of Things utilization in other fields. Generally Implementation
Internet of Things can be grouped into 3 main parts that is sensor technology, communication
technology and data processing management. The two technologies in the beginning focus to
infrastructure or hardware, the last technology is about data processing, which related to the concept of
Big Data, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

Transportation is one of the significant things for human life. The increasing volume of vehicles, the
number of passengers, as well as the limitations of infrastructure creates tremendous problems. The
growth of unbalanced transportation needs with the growth of infrastructure needs to be handled. The
characteristics of the transportation system are wide variations, too many variables and too many
unpredictable conditions. To provide the solution of existing problems, we need a system that can
retrieve data behavior of mobile units, traffic conditions, send data in real time from all positions and a
system that can accommodate data, manage data and perform data analysis for decision-making or
policy. It needs a more detailed analysis to dissect all the issues and then build the appropriate Internet
of Things architecture.

Proposed solution to solve transportation problem is using Internet of Things. The research will be held
at three points below:
a. Sensor to capture all measured value that represented behavior of transportation unit .
b. Communication system that connect transportation unit everywhere to data center.
c. Data processing, about how to manage a lot off data and how to process and provide to make some
The main objective of research is proposed Model Architecture of Internet of Things implementation at
Transportation system. The model can be used as reference for:
a. Develop Internet of Things to monitor and evaluate Transportation unit according service and
b. Develop Internet of Things to capture data which used for scheduling and load prediction
c. Develop Internet of Things to improve transportation quality
d. Develop Internet of Things to decrease energy loses and optimize energy consumption.


RQ1: How do we design the infrastructure for the Internet of Things at Transportation system?
RQ2: How do we combine powerful and resource constrained devices in a mobile unit?
RQ3: How do we manage large networks of heterogeneous devices?
RQ4: How do existing Internet of Things specific networking protocols scale in size and in different
RQ5: What is the impact of data processing from Internet of Things applications at Transportation
RQ5: How mobile unit with device can communicate everywhere, every time and moving condition
RQ6: How to analyze data transportation behavior to predict, scheduling and planning transportation