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Wide application spectrum

Chelt Therapy allows combined treatments which are

efficient and simple to use, ideal for the reduction of pain,
inflammation, swelling, and edemas. Strong vasoconstriction,
caused by the intense application of cold air, reduces the
hyperemia reaction of external tissues and supports the
analgesic effects of high energy polymodal HEL laser therapy.

Chelt Therapy is ideal for the resolution

of a wide range of muscular-skeletal
pathologies and traumas:

• Epicondylitis • Epitrocleitis
• Gonartrosis • Cervicalgia
• Arthrosis • Sprains
• Tendinopathies • Borsitis
• Muscular contracture • Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Sciatica • Slipped disk
• Arthritis And many others... MECTRONIC MEDICALE srl
Via Orio al Serio, 15
24050 Grassobbio
Bergamo (Italia)
The advantages of Chelt Therapy:
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• Immediate use for sports injuries

• Maximum depth of bio-stimulation
• Combined analgesic effect
• Efficient anti-inflammatory effect
• Rapid absorption of edemas
• Painless therapy
The latest frontier in rehabilitation
• No side effects

Rev January 2013

A unique synergy Interactive
To resolve pathologies involving skeletal muscles and to pathologies Technical specifications
treat inflammation and haematoma, the fastest and most
efficient solution is CHELT Therapy. Technology Custom MecOS Real-Time
operating system
Created through the collaboration between important Thanks to its Real-Time MecOS opera-
Chelt Therapy contains a large interacti- Chelt Therapy uses a patented E²C Wavelength 810nm + 980nm + 1064 nm (Triax)
international research centres and Mectronic Medicale, ting system, Chelt Therapy is a genuine
ve database containing over 60 patholo- stochastic laser emission system.
Chelt Therapy is an innovative treatment which is able to interactive experience. The high perfor- Guide light 650 nm - 3mW
gies which guides the operator through Thanks to its natural thermal mode,
generate and maximize the main effects of laser therapy. mance 5.7’’ touch screen, together with
the treatment. 3D illustrations and step- E²C allows therapeutic results to be Laser power 30 W
by-step explanations provide clear and maximized with total safety. the functional, intuitive software, are Emissions Continuous (CW), Pulsed, Super-pulsed,
Excellent effects simple instructions for the operator, ideal for high level efficient therapy. and E²C (patented stochastic mode)
Chelt Therapy is the innovative synergy between dry
guaranteeing reliability and precision Operating modes Manual, Single Pulse, Burst and Custom mode
cryotherapy and high energy polymodal HEL laser therapy.
from the very first application.
Cold air produced by cryo is the carrier of the polymodal Special modes Joule, Timer, and Trigger point modes
HEL laser emission: the resultant vasoconstriction produ- Effects mode 5 Emission modes specific to maximise the 5 main effects
ces excellent deep laser diffusion. of laser therapy: Bio-stimulant, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory,

Thermal threshold
Anti-edema, and Decontracting
Therapy of the champions Pathologies Over 60 with interactive 3D illustrations and protocols
In the treatment of sports injuries, inflammation and divided by phase
haematomas, muscle relaxation and pain relief, Chelt
Calibration Graphic and acoustic control system for the laser emission
Therapy is indispensable. Increased therapeutic effects: the
at handpiece based on normative CEI EI 60825-1
result of 30 years of experience and research in the field of
rehabilitation. Display Colour 5.7” TFT Touch-screen
Power supply 100÷240 V 50÷60 Hz
Exclusive System t
Electrical Input 160 VA (laser) / 1000 VA (cryo)
Triax is the patented 3 laser wavelengths system (810nm
Dimensions 925 x 390 x 680 mm
+ 980nm + 1064nm) which allows to maximize the
therapeutic results. Weight 78 kg
Innovative Precise and dynamic Laser Class IV
Chelt Therapy is partner of: Compliancy IEC/EC 60601-1 60601-1-2
Chelt Therapy uses patented magnetic Chelt Therapy is a cutting-edge tre- Certification CE0068
applicators which make the therapy atment: it can be used in hands-free
Directive 93/42 llb classification (laser) / llA class (cryo)
simpler and more effective; cryo fea- mode to allow manipulation. The inter-
tures a series of interchangeable jets changeable applicators allow treatment Model Chelt Therapy Triax
with direct 90° emission. SMA 905 to be concentrated on the painful areas
attachment for the use of therapeutic, and trigger points.
surgical and free fibres.