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Ministry Project

Goal: to integrate key Leadership Experience learning into my ministry

Project Plan


Description (100-200 words)

The project School of the Future is a social initiative that helps 50 children to overcome school related
problems. They aren't believers, although their families come from a Brazilian christian culture.

The project is headed in a church, so it's clear for parents that it is a christian project. They have no
problem with that.

Nevertheless, we had not given these children a clear, objective and direct presentation of the Gospel. We
were during this last year bulding relationships and trust in the context of their families, trying to
demonstrate love through atitudes and caring.

Goals (what are the aims of this project?)

(Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic; Time-related)

The main purpose of this Ministry Project is to help these 50 (5-11 years old) children to learn, interact and
use by themselves the Best Secret Ever cards.

This can be achievable in 6 months, considering we have one week meeting with these children.

Action Plan

Steps Resources Needed Date

Translate the PowerPoint and any short version of Best PowerPoint from LE USB
1 Ever manual for training team and the BSE training May
Team Training

High quality Imagens of the

2 Print 100 of each 14 cards Cards June

Beginning of lessons
Cards July
3 - 1 card per week (total: 14 weeks). Final: 1th

- Every week children is going to have a challenge:

to share the history with some friend
- Each facilitator will teach a group of children at the
same time

4 Children are motivated to share their experience and how Some presents to give them
they feel about this.
Potential roadblocks/challenges

To get the team able to share the cards presentation with confidence.

Outcomes (What difference will this make?)

Outcome Indicators
For children and/or families The opportunity to have the Gospel Children and their families open
being presented in a practical way to receive the Word of God
For the ministry I represent The see children being able to have Children being able to use the
contact with a good and effective cards with confidence
evangelistic tool
For myself The opportunity to see this tool being Using this as a first step to a
translated into Portuguese for the first future bigger project for Brazilian
time people to use BSE cards
For GCF Potential salvation of children How children share with us their
spiritual experience

Plan according to the criteria!

 Minimum 40 hours of work before the end of Oct. (approx. 2 hrs/week)

 Integrated into your current ministry (enriching what you’re doing)
 Demonstrate understanding of each of the 4 modules (How they have helped to shape the design)
and the overarching theme of brokenness to wholeness.
 Demonstrate how the project will impact children – directly/indirectly or short term/long term.
 Demonstrates your capacity as a leader in children’s ministry.

Keep to the Time Frame:

1. Complete ministry plan, approved by your ministry supervisor, submitted to the LE team by end of
2. Regular updates on request
3. Final report submitted October 31.
4. Optional: Final report includes something A/V – photos, slide show, video, etc.