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Alejandra Zaiter

Rebekah Concepcion


May 15, 2018

Written Defense

Leading through the Follow-up

What’s a leader? Most of the world thinks that a leader is born that way, but I believe

that a person learns to be a leader by following other leaders who followed other leaders, and so

on. I also believe that a leader becomes a leader, because of their wisdom they gain through in

life. My name is Alejandra Zaiter, and I am going to prove to you by different events on how I

became a leader through following other leaders, and how I have used my wisdom gained

through life experiences to be the leader I am today.

Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up watching my parents take the initiative whenever

my siblings and I were not sure of where we wanted to go, what we wanted to do, or even just

what topping we wanted on our pizza. Seeing how my parents would handle different situations

so easily, made me want to handle my situations at school as easy as they did or at least as easy

as they made it look. I started going to school and started taking small steps, like whenever the

teacher asked a question to the whole class I would be the first to raise my hand, and then all my

other classmates would.

Being a leader since a young age

Also, I would be the one taking the initiative in any group I was put into, by giving them

a task to complete. Even in recess time, I was the one little girl that whenever my classmates had

to do a homework for the next class, I would lead them through the steps on different math

problems or how to find the subject and predicate in a sentence. I also used to be the leader in

different school activities such as: Independence Day, Christmas Program, and even class

performance, and I noticed that I had a way to make those activities organize, and to lead my

classmates to follow what the teacher wanted us to do. Also, for all of my friends, and my

birthdays, I was always the leader for any birthday dance. On the other hand, I always found a

way to plan different birthdays maybe for teachers, or my classmates in an organized way, and

lead the way the parties would go. Finally, in different groups my classmates picked me to be the

leader of the group, not because they just wanted me to be the leader, but because they saw that I

had the ability to make different projects, and keep tasks going.

Shutting down my leadership

The time when parents decided to separate came, and that’s when I shut down my

strength to lead others, and started to get led by others where I never thought I would be led to. I

was led to disobeying my parents, disobeying my teachers, making fun of others, and basically

not being an example to the ones around me, by being someone no one wanted to follow. I

became the girl that went from being a leader, to being rejected by others. I was so broken that I

didn’t have the ability to give my opinions, because I thought they wouldn’t be useful. I spent

almost a year like this, when my mom started taking me to a Christian church named Fraternidad

Christian Amor a Quisqueya, where i was surrounded by all kinds of leaders, and that’s when I
noticed I shut down my strength to lead others. By accepting Christ in my heart, I would use my

leadership skills to be a light in the darkness, with Christ by my side.

When I gave my life to Jesus, one of my mentors told me Jesus was going to bring back

my strength to lead the ones around me in the way that Jesus led His disciples. She said, that I

was going to become the leader that everyone around me wanted to follow, and God was going

to reward me for the whole year I completely shut down my strength to lead others. I was going

to become not only an example to a few kids and teens, but to a lot of them. Once I noticed that I

had to be led by a leader to bring back my strength to lead, I asked God to give me back the

ability to lead others at His perfect time.

Once I started going to Doulos Discovery School, I gave myself the opportunity to watch

how things worked there, and how my teachers and classmates interacted. I was a scared to see

how my leadership worked in a new school, but I was taught by my leaders on how to be a leader

in a new school, and I became the leader that I am today at Doulos Discovery School. I have

learned how all of my classmates work, and I always try to not only lead them to what I want,

but to also lead them in an organize way. I started noticing I was a leader to my classmates when

we worked on Expedition Nights. I always found a way so that everyone could be doing

something, not just laying down and people listened to me. I also noticed how in different class

projects, or even assignments I took the responsibility to give everyone a task, or something to

This year in Doulos, I have enhanced my way of leading not only my classmates, but

also other friends. I have seen myself grow in different aspects, like bringing structure to

different situations, taking the initiative to lead my classmates in chaotic situations, and even just

leading them on any normal day. I have noticed that it is something natural for me to lead the

ones around me in a healthy way. I help by leading them to do what the teachers want us to do,

or even when we have to make our own decisions. This last expedition, I noticed that even

though I was stressed, and all my classmates were stressed, I found a way to lead them to know

what they had to do or to achieve for Expedition Night. I also noticed that, when we went to Pico

Escondido with our math teacher, Ms. Bryan, how in the different challenges, and situations I led

my classmates to complete the challenge as a team. When we came back from that trip, all of my

classmates said that I was leading them with one of my other friends, and that we led them in a

great way.

Through my life, I have received so much feedback from different teachers, leaders,

pastors, classmates, and friends that I have a natural gift to lead others in a positive way. Hearing

different comments from different people in my life, has also made me noticed that I am a leader.

I will know list some of the different comments I have received from the ones around me.

Ivelisse Barbosa sais, “ I believe that God is creating a big servant leader, with a lot of guidance

and help Alejandra will become the woman God wants her to be.” My math teacher Ms. Bryan

said, “She has grown in her leadership by not only giving directions, but reacting well to others

responses.” Susana Ospina, “Alejandra is a teen with a lot of potential to lead others. She leaves

a mark wherever she goes, and always fights to do what is best.”

Even though I have the strength to lead others, I also have weaknesses, one of my

weaknesses is that I am very stubborn. Most of the time, I get very mad, and frustrated when

different things don’t go my way. I usually think that when I have an idea it is always right, but

when someone tells me it is not I get mad, and kind off sad. I have seen this a lot when I want to

do something or I have a plan for the day or the week, and it changes because my parents might

have something planned already or just because things always change. Even though I have this

weakness, I can’t let it just stay there, because as I have been working on it, I have seen how

sometimes when things do not go my way, I might get a little upset, but I don’t shut myself down

as i used too. I have worked to be stubborn in a good way, and what I mean by this is that when

you are stubborn you persevere a lot, and that helps me have faith that it might happen.

Now that you have seen why I have the initiative and administrator trait, I have decided

to use my leadership strength to serve God’s Kingdom now and in the future, by leading

different young girls, and my friends that aren’t Christians, to serve God, and making them

leaders not for the world but for God’s Kingdom. I will serve the ones around me with the

initiative and administrator attribute by bringing order in different situations, and leading them to

solve it in a way the honors God. I will leave you with this quote that I found that applies to what

I want to do in the future, “ True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”