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In many countries smoking in now lillegal in public places.

Do you agree or

Smoking is an essential problem over the world. It is argued that countries should
forbid people smoking in public areas. For this reason, I would agree that this issue can
reduce people have heart attacks and help smokers stop smoking.

The major idea that people smoke in public are not allowed is to avoid people from
spreading negative effect to other people . individual can lead to serious illness such as
heart disease. For example, a recent study by Queen’s University found that 70 percent
of human who got problem in heart decreased significantly to heart attack in 2010 in
Australia, since the authority tends to enforce this prohibition. in reverse, the
psychologists believes that the habit change need to long time to apply that rule.

Another reason is to help addictive smoker for stopping them use cigare. When smokers
socialize together with non-smokers, such people smoking tend to get ostracism. To
illustrated, Sentosa of island in Singapura where people who smoke in outside of room
smoke can get punnisment from social as clean the road in surrounding . Although this
is not the best way, more approaches such as cognitive behavior therapy to quit
smoking are often seen as the alternative method.

Tu sum up, the idea that smoking in public places should be banned is the most valued
by some people. Some viable solutions are taken to solve this solution. Where possible,
if government runs this effectively, then it will improve quality of health in society.
Live was better when the technology was simpler.

Do you aree or disagree?

Simpler technology is an essential issue recently. It is argued that a human life would be
better when they use outdated technology. For this reason, I would disagree that this
view, becauase advanced technologies can solve problems of distance relationships and
help students learn faster.

The primary point that human never stands without cutting-edge technology is
supports more easy life with social communication, even though internet users have a
long distance relationship. For example, a recent study by Queen’s University found that
people use internet access specially social networking site increase to 2 million every
year, that statistic continue rise since the Face Book has discovered. However, the
scientist believes that the communication site can drive addictive people.

Another reason is to help student learn faster. When students study in a classroom with
advance technology to increase their knowledge, they can find subject and information
that is provided on the internet, so they can learn more independent and effective. to
illustrate, in the capital city as Jakarta, the system education provides by the projector
and computer device to broaden skill scholar. While, In the past students had to rely on
a teacher or physical books for their education. To support this, school officer spends
more than RP 10 billion in tool costs every class and need expert programmer.

To sum up, while technological advancements bring a slight negative effect, the life has
been improved by creating some viable result as cutting distance problem and learning
opportunities. Where possible, if society runs this effectively to manage time for using
technology, then it will diminish dire consequences.
The most serious issue today is about child labours. Several countries permit children to be paid
employees, while others claim that this is totally unacceptable. Although this helps children gain
some experiences, I believe that this tends to affect a child’s academic performance

A group who says YES argues that children working will gain a plenty of experiences. This will results
in them having some new friends except their schoolmates. As such, the proponent believes that
this can help children collaborate with other peers and learn how to work together, and therefore
this will train them to be responsible persons and understand how to interact to others. For
instance, a recent study by Birmingham University found that 30% of celebrities aged 12-14 are
more friendly and sociable than common schoolchildren because they always interact with TV
production crews. As a result, more people believe that child workers are more likely to have high
confident to express their feeling when communicating to others even the people older than them.
However, I believe that not all workplaces support these young workers with experience.

The opposite group states that to hire pupils in working paid make them so busy and lack of time to
play and study. They need to interact with their peers to develop their social life skills, while they
should learn about how to manage responsibility trough assignments and exams in class. A popular
study by Psychology major in Queensland University revealed that 76% of children working as paid
employees in Australia have more difficulties to understand science subjects in schools and tend to
be separated from social schools lives. With these conditions, I thoroughly believe the development
of children’s abilities will be interrupted.

All in all, working children has more drawbacks than the benefits. Altough they will get valuable
experiences like co-wokers, they are more likely to lose their time to improve their social skil and
knowledge. I suggest that parents should prohibit the children to work and encourage them to study
more diligent.
1. The University Study
For example, a recent study by Queen’s University found that regularly using smart phones or
tablets increased literacy rates by 28%.

2. A Government Opinion Poll

For instance, a recent poll by the UK Government found that 68% of people who attended single sex
schools would have preferred to have gone to a mixed school.

3. A Newspaper Report
The New York Times reported in March 2015 that violent crimes commited by under 15 year olds,
such as assault, murder and rape, were linked to playing violent video games.

4. Personal Experience
In my local city they have installed bike lanes and places where you can safely park your bike and this
has encouraged thousands of people to stop using cars.