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I-MD Tuition Sheet

Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine

April 2018
Quantum University
Enroll in a Degree Program to take
Quantum University offers a variety of tuition plan options to allow advantage of our Tuition Awards and receive
students to pay their tuition. Each tuition plan offers the opportunity to educational tools such as Apple iPad,
participate in our Humanitarian Program to receive a tuition award to BrainTap Technology, and the new
reduce the cost of tuition. Most plans also include educational tools such Quantum Health Coach Program,
as an iPad or BrainTap Technology to benefit the student. depending on the Tuition Plan you choose.

For students who enroll by

Tuition Plans April 27th, 2018
1) Tuition in full at registration.
Click on any underlined
2) $5,000 down with installment payments.
3) $2,500 down with installment payments.
link to learn more.
4) Only in monthly installment payments.

Tuition Awards iPad BrainTap QHC

Discount reducing iPad Wifi 128GB Light / Sound Tech Quantum Health Coach
Tuition: $17,975 (USD) the cost of tuition (A Value of $1,000) (A Value of $500) (A Value of $2700*)

Through April 27th, 2018:

Pay in Full: $14,975 - ($3,000) + iPad + BrainTap + QHC
5,000 Down Payment + 39 x $300/Month - ($1,500) + iPad + BrainTap + QHC
2,500 Down Payment + 50 x $300/Month - ($500) + iPad
300 Down Payment + 58 x $300/Month - ($300)

After April 27th, 2018:

Pay in Full: $16,975 - ($1,000) + iPad + BrainTap
5,000 Down Payment + 42 x $300/Month - ($600) + iPad + BrainTap
2,500 Down Payment + 51 x $300/Month - ($300) + iPad
300 Down Payment + 59 x $300/Month -

Admissions Requirements
To ensure the student-to-staff ratio is optimal for our students, we only admit a
limited number of qualified applicants each month. Therefore, we recommend that
you initiate registration steps as soon as possible. To enroll, students must read, sign,
and submit a Registration Form (Application for Enrollment), including payment
method via electronic signature, to their Admission Advisor.

Transcript Requirements
Prospective students must submit documents confirming their prior education such
as transcripts, diplomas, and certificates. All documents must be from privately,
nationally, or internationally recognized institutions. Please email a scanned copy to or fax to (818) 864-3388. Prospective students may
also mail official copies to 735 Bishop St. Suite 200, Honolulu, HI 96813.

Tell your Admission Advisor

Quantum University 735 Bishop St. Suite #200
that you are ready to request
Phone: 877-888-8970 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
a Registration Form. Fax: 818-864-3388