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05-1_EPC-GE-PTC-Q-PR-00116- Vendor Data Review Procedure Rev.D1 Appendix 6

C1 – Accepted.
C2 – Accepted, Proceed with work, Incorporate comments and Resubmit.
C3 – Not Accepted, Revise and Resubmit.
C4 – For information only.

Document No.: SVDN-CPP-M-0002-D01-0003 (revision 01)

Document Title: General Arrangement Drawing MP Separator (SV-20-VA-003)

Return code: Return date: 09-Apr-18

Item Reference COMMENT Response Close out

No. (Y/N)

Revision number cover sheet is not same as

1 ME-03 Noted and incorporated Y
mentioned in drawing

Column for nozzle ID partially incorporated. AECC

2 ME-10 Information received and incorporated. Y
to advise on column contents

AECC to advise if nozzle moved to +250mm is

3 PR-02 For nozzle N12 ,Elevation +250mm is accepted. N
possible before submittal for review
Still inconsistent with progress calculation section Level settings on drawing are correct. To be added to
4 Level setting 5.10. Please correct internal GAD or process process calculation summary. Y
More detailed views for the calming baffle, sand weir and
Please add coalescent plate pack cross-sectional
5 comment Plate Pack coalescent plate packs can be found in the Detailed Y
view in this drawing
Drawings Internals (DDI’s)

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Continuation Sheet

Item Reference COMMENT Response Close out

No. (Y/N)
Frames shall communicate with AECC. AECC to
highlight Nozzle and Vortex Breaker issue in
6 Comment on water outlet Waiting for AECC response N
advance to Purchaser/Company for detail
discussion before submit the drawing
7 Material List dimensions To indicated in the next submission Noted and incorporated Y

8 Material list title To add (mm) Noted and incorporated Y

9 General Note Add SS316L typical for all vessels Noted and incorporated Y
Vendor to correct process datasheet. Level
10 Level Diagram Noted. Y
diagram to stay the same.
11 Dimension Favid Please provide dimension like Test separator Noted and incorporated Y

12 Mesh pad Support Provide dimension Noted and incorporated Y

13 Material List weight To be indicated in the next submission Noted and incorporated Y
Please add cross sectional drawing for calming
13 Coalescing Plate pack Refer to response for item 5. Y
baffle and weir plate for coalescing plate pack
14 Revision The revision number shall be same as cover sheet Noted. Next submitted GAI will be R.02 Y

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