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September 2015

InBRIEF Pentagon Cost

Estimates for
the Long-Range
Strike Bomber

Notable Quotable $33.1 billion

Original estimated cost for
“President Obama should visit Hiroshima. Not to fiscal years 2015-2024
apologize. It is believed in the U.S. that the atomic
bomb saved a million U.S. soldiers and more than a
million Japanese people. Apart from the debate over $41.7 billion
Revised estimated cost for
whether the uses of the atomic bomb were justified fiscal years 2015-2024
or not, he should come to Hiroshima in order to send
the world a message that inhumane weapons should
never be used again.”

—former Defense Secretary William Perry,

$58.4 billion
interview in The Asahi Shimbun, August 26, 2015 (translated by ACT)
Original estimated cost for
fiscal years 2016-2025

$41.7 billion
Revised estimated cost for
fiscal years 2016-2025

Fifteen Years Ago in ACT

Presidential Election Forum:

The Candidates on Arms Control
“America should rethink the requirements for nuclear deterrence in a
new security environment. The premises of Cold War nuclear targeting
should no longer dictate the size of our arsenal.”
Sources: Department of Defense,
—Gov. George W. Bush, September 2000 Government Accountability Office,

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