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Ch. Muhammad Sadiq Ch. Muhammad Shahid Mehmood

Managing Director Managing Partner

Address: Sparco House: 347 - Q Block,

2 Telephone: 042-35741741
Commercial Area, Phase II, DHA, Lahore,

3 Fax: 042-35740128

4 Scope of Business:

Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (CA - No Limit category) as Contractor

Contracting of Projects in Irrigation Department, Highway Department, Public Health

Department, Public Works Department, Railway Department, Building Department of
Federal Government, Provincials Governments and Private Sector as well.
Managerial Staff
Name Designation Qualification
1 Nadeem Akhtar Finance Manager MBA

2 Muhammad Shahzad Account Officer MBA

3 Junaid Hashmi Site Accountant M. COM

4 Aman Ullah Site Accountant MBA

5 Ch. Ashfaq Ahmad Representative BA. LLB

6 Sehar Bhatti Admin Manager B.A

7 Qaisar Nadeem Admin Manager L. LB

8 Muhammad Waseem Admin Officer M.A

9 Muhammad Naveed Tahir Computer Operator B.A

10 Muhammad Zohaib Store Officer B. COM

11 Qaisar Ali Office Assistant FSc.

12 Anam Nawaz Receptionist F.A

13 Syed Sabir Hussain Shah Lab Technician F.A

Technical Staff


Name Designation Qualification

1 Engr. Ch. Sarmad Sadiq Project Director Bsc. Civil Engr.

2 Engr. Safdar Ali Zafar Chief Engineer Bsc. Civil Engr.

3 Engr. Arjad Hussain Jafari Chief Engineer Bsc. Civil Engr.

4 Engr. Ejaz Ahmed Project Engineer Bsc. Civil Engr.

5 Engr. Muhammad Fazal Project Manager Bsc. Civil Engr.

6 Engr. Anwar Ali Siyal Project Manager Bsc. Civil Engr.

7 Engr. Usman Rasool Project Engineer Bsc. Civil Engr.

8 Engr. Hasan Ali Jhakar Project Engineer Bsc. Civil Engr.

9 Engr. Jawad Ahsan Raza Project Engineer Bsc. Civil Engr.

10 Engr. Abdul Jabbar Dahar Electrical Engineer Bsc Elect Engr.

11 Engr. Irfan Madni Material Engineer Bsc. Mech. Engr.

12 Engr. Adeel Fazal Site Engineer Bsc .Elect. Engr.

13 Engr. Mian Salman Asst. Planning Engineer B.E Civil

14 Engr. Muhammad Zafar Ali Material Engineer Bsc. Mech. Engr.

15 Engr. Faheem Akbar Environmental Engineer M.E Engr.

16 Engr. Mehwish Khan Document Controller B.S. Engr.

17 Engr. Abdul Rab HSE Engineer M.E Engr.

18 Engr. M. Naveed Lagari Planning Assistant B.E Electronics

Technical Staff

Diploma Holders

Name Designation Qualification
DAE Civil
1 Shahid Iqbal Ch. Site Engineer
DAE Civil
2 Shamshad-ul-Haq Site Engineer

3 Muhammad Irfan Site Engineer DAE Civil

4 Muhammad Mazhar Paracha Site Incharge DAE Mechanical

DAE Civil
5 Muhammad Ashraf Quantity Surveyor
DAE Civil
6 Muhammad. Asghar Saleem Quantity Surveyor

7 Ghulam Dastgir Quantity Surveyor DAE B. Tech

DAE Civil
8 Muhammad Saleem Supervisor
Quantity Surveyor DAE Civil
9 Muhammad Naveed
Quantity Surveyor DAE Civil
10 Muhammad Hanan
Quantity Surveyor DAE Civil
11 Muhammad Shahid
Quantity Surveyor DAE Civil
12 Abrar Ahmad
DAE Civil
13 Muhammad Nawaz Inspector
DAE Civil
14 Fiazan Naeem Inspector
DAE Civil
15 Muhammad Abid Inspector

16 Hafiz Naeem Nawaz Asst. Quantity Surveyor DAE Civil

17 Sikandar Ali Asst. Quantity Surveyor Diploma in Survey

18 Waqas Quantity Surveyor Two Year Diploma Survey

19 Muhammad Tariq Surveyor DAE Civil

DAE Civil
20 Hasnain Riaz Auto Cad Operator
DAE Civil
21 Yasir Iqbal Construction Manager
DAE Civil
22 Tayyab Usman Quantity Surveyor
DAE Civil
23 Abdul Sattar Niazi Senior Surveyor
Annual Turnover

Year Turnover (PKR) Turnover (Millions)

2017 5,208,390,815 5208.390

2016 5,434,949,689 5434.950

2015 5,045,863,354 5045.863

2014 4,251,463,143 4251.463

2013 3,784,232,643 3784.233

Average Annual 4,744,979,929 4744.9799

Year of
Sr. Item Qty Manufacturer Model Capacity Status
Heaped 4920
1 Loader 6 Caterpillar 9804 1998 Owned
2 Asphalt Plant 4 Imported 60 Ton 60Ton 2005 Owned

3 Excavator 24 Hitachi EX-100 0.56 M 1998 to 2004 Owned

4 Grader 8 Caterpillar Owned
ACER 1995 2004
5 48 Hino 290 HP 22-30 Ton 1998 Owned
Tractor with
Messy MF-
6 Dump 85 12.15 Tons 2000 to 2004 Owned
Ferguson 375
7 Generator 24 Caterpillar 3304 100 to 200 KV 1998 to 2004 Owned
8 Road Roller 6 Dynapac 200 HP 1999 Owned
Vibratory CA- 146
9 33 Dynapac 1992 to 2000 Owned
Roller 251 (12.24 Tons)
10 Baching Plant 4 Dynapac 1 CUM 5 Tons 1998 Owned
11 Mobile Crane 2 Imported Ton 25 Ton 1994-2006 Owned
12 4 Imported 1 CUM Ton 1998-2004 Owned
13 2 Imported 1 CUM Ton 1997-2003 Owned
Rotary Pile
14 2 Imported - - 2001-2004 Owned
15 Dragline 24 NCK-Repair 1405D - 1997 Owned
16 28 PECO - 1 Bag 2001 to 2005 Owned
Diesel Engine
17 28 China Made - - 2001 to 2005 Owned
Bulldozer 28 Caterpillar D7-G 200 HP 1995 to 2000 Owned
Manufac Year of
Sr. Item Qty Model Capacity Status
turer Manufacture

19 18 PECO - 2 Bag 2012 Owned

Tractor with Messy

20 90 MF 375 300 Cft 2011 Owned
Trolly Ferguson

Tractor Back 385

21 40 Messy 55HP 2003 to 2007 Owned
Plate MF

22 Wheel Barrow 100 Local - - 2006 to 2007 Owned

23 22 Honda - 5 HP 2006 to 2007 Owned

24 Welding Plants 25 China - - 2005 to 2007 Owned

25 Gas Cutter 25 China - - 2004 to 2007 Owned

26 Compressor 22 China - 300 CMF 2006 to 2007 Owned

27 50 Sokia - Max Range 2011 Owned

28 Water Tanker 10 Local - 10,000 LTR 2008 Owned

29 4 Local - - 2009 Owned
Jack Hammer

30 6 China - 230 KG 2011 Owned

Pipe 1.5” Dia

31 150,000 Rft Local - 2012 Owned
Scaffolding Different Sizes

32 50,000 Sft Local - Diff Sizes 2012 Owned

Sr. Amount ( Rs
Description of Work Name and Address of Clint
No. in Millions)

1 Construction of Pakistan Kidney & 3253.609 Chief Executive Officer

Liver Institute and Research Center, Infrastructure Development
Lahore Hospital PKLI, Package C-1 Authority Punjab (IDAP)

2 Rehabilitation Fulleli Canal 2859.687 Sindh Irrigation and

ICB#WSIP/B-1/LB/01(SIDA) Drainage Authority (SIDA)

3 Remodeling of SMB Link Canal from 1,401.908 Executive Engineer, Mailsi

RD 0+000 to 300+000 Contract No. Syphon Division, Thingi
SMB/NCB-01 (Vehari)

4 Construction of Sewerage System 967.396 Project Director Water

and Waste Water Treatment Plants Supply and Sewerage
in Mirpur City and Chattarpari Project (PMU) Public
Works Department Mirpur
5 Construction of Jhelum City Flood 881.723 Project Director (PIU)
Protection Bund along right bank of Irrigation Department
river Jhelum upstream G.T.Road
(RD 0+000 to 10+000)

6 Construction of Jhelum City Flood 858.696 Project Director (PIU)

Protection Bund along right bank of Irrigation Department
river Jhelum upstream G.T.Road
(RD 10+000 to 20+000)
7 Remodeling of Muzaffargarh Flood 842.757 Project Director (PIU)
Bund RD 0+000 to 188+000 under Irrigation Department
flood emergency reconstruction and
Resilience project (FERRP)-ADB

8 Construction of Infrastructure/ 655.007 Punjab industrial Estates

Sewerage /water supply Works at Development and
Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park (QASP)- Management Company
Cholistan Contract # PIE/QASP-
9 Construction of Roads, Storm Water 502.826 Chief Engineer State Life
Drainage & Red Signage Works (30 Ft Insurance Employees Co-
and 40 Ft Wide) Operative House Society,

10 Construction of Mohra Shera Dam 442.308 Executive Engineer, Small

Dams Division, Jhelum

12 "Strengthening of River Training 385.110 Project Director (PIU)

Works of Islam Headworks ringing to Irrigation Department
design parameters" under disaster &
climate resilience improvement
project (DCRIP)-W assisted Contract

13 Remodeling of 03 No. Aqueducts on 380.25 Executive Engineer B.S.Link

B.S Link Canal Division Lahore

14 Operation, Management and Road Maintenance Account,

Maintenance of Permanent Weigh 250,000 Per National Highway Authority,
Stations on National Highways Month Islamabad
Package-WS(NH)-12 D.I.Khan

15 Construction of Metalled Road from 256.209 Executive Engineer

Gagan Thal to Gujri Thokh Length = Provincial Highway Division
20.00 Km, District D.G.Khan Tribal Dera Ghazi Khan
Area Development Projects, D.G.Khan
16 Urban Sewerage / Drainage Scheme 179.947 Executive Engineer Public
Kamar Mushani District Mianwali health Engg. Div Mianwali

17 Project for the Work Construction of 172.603 Executive Engineer, Kot Adu
J-Head Spur Mouza Pirhar Gharbi Canal Division, Kot Adu
18 Rehabilitation & Up-Gradation of 95.877 Executive Engineer, Okara
Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC) from Canal Division (LBDC) Okara
RD 195+601 to RD 227+454 of LBDC /
19 Project of Water Supply System (Tube 38.000 Board of Management
Well 2.0 Cusec & Distribution Quaid-e-Azam Industrial
Network) at Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate
Estate (Kot Lakhpat) Lahore

Sr. Description of Work Amount Name and Address of

No. (Millions) Employee
1 Rehabilitation and Upgradation of Lower Bari Doab 3333.417 Project Director LBDC
Canal (RD 227+454 to 526+000) Contract No. Mustafabad Canal
LBDC/ICB-02 Lahore
2 Rehabilitating of Lower Chenab Canal System 1851.701 Executive Engineer
Contract of Packages PB-07, 08, 11, 12/13, Development-01
15,17,21,25,32A Faisalabad

3 Construction of Approach Road Rathoa Haryam 280.397 Chief Engineer

Bridge Islamgarh Side Package-II Highway (South)
4 Rehabilitation of Muzaffargarh Canal RD 6+785 to 283.696 Executive Engineer
RD 370+700” (Package-II (RD 88700-165000) Kot Adu Canal
Division, Kot Adu
5 Operation & Management of Khanewal (N-5) Toll 239.72 N.H.A Operations
Plaza for the year 2013 Wing
6 Protection of Smoka Village & Chachran Dis. 236.065 Executive Engineer
Against severe river action between RD 197 to 200 Rahim Yar Khan Canal
of Minchin Flood Bund Division, Rahim Yar
7 Restoration of Minchin Flood Bund RD:122-235 230.454 Executive Engineer
(Package-II) Rahim Yar Khan Canal
Division, Bhakkar
8 Construction of Allied Reception Center at Nawal 197.03 GE (Navy) Const.
Complex, Islamabad, with 136000 Sq.ft covered
area, four storied building
9 Construction of Spurs/Studs on Right Bank of River 184.923 Executive Engineer
Chenab to protect village Abadies and agricultural Rachna Drainage
lands of Farrukhpur, Chakori and Noorpur Works Division Sheikhupura
included construction of irrigation structures,
extensive earth and stone pitching, and
construction of spurs/studs to protect agricultural
lands and nearby villages.
10 Lining/Rehabilitation of selected Channels off- 166.844 Executive Engineer
Taking From Jhang Branch Upper in its Reach RD Faisalabad Division -
210+964 to 276+920 Rajoa Minor, Jainwala Minor LCC(W), Faisalabad
and Selected Channels of Kot Ahmad yar Branch,
Chiniot Disty and Madduana Disty Contract
Package No LCC(W)/FSD-4
Sr. Description of Work Amount Name and Address of
No. (Millions) Employee
11 Widening / Improvement of Road From Rajan pur 132.547 Executive Engineer
To Hajipur Length = 28.02 KM District: RAJANPUR Provincial Highway
Dera Ghazi Khan
12 Checking Erosion at RD 442-443 Show of Extension 114.123 Executive Engineer
Minchin Flood Bund (Supplying & Carriage of Stone Dallas Canal Division,
for Construction Guide Wall and Slopping Stud) Rahim Yar Khan
13 Rehabilitation / Improvement of Katchary Bazar 109.704 Executive Engineer
Road. Highway Department Provincial Highway
From Railway crossing to Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha
connecting Sargodha Khushab Road via old Patha
Mandi Maqam-e-Hayat Length 3.77 km in District
14 Construction of Road from Kotli Station to Dhanda 97.009 Executive Engineer
Length = 15.61 Km Tehsil Kotli Sattian District Provincial road
Rawalpindi Construction,
Division, Rawalpindi
15 Checking aggressive erosive river action of river 88.13 Executive Engineer
Chenab on its right side at RD: 15+000 to RD: Muzaffargarh Canal
35+000 of Shehr Sultan Flood Bund Division Muzaffargarh

16 Widening / Improvement of Jatoi Karam Dad 85.301 Executive Engineer

Qureshi Road length 82.00 Km Section Basti Provincial Highway
Chandreen Wala To Karam Dad Qureshi From KM Dera Ghazi Khan
No. 82.00 Length 7.52 Km District Muzaffargarh
17 Widening / Improvement of road from By-Pass 70.00 Executive Engineer
Chowk (N-55) to Qasba Samina Road length = 8.75 Provincial Highway
km in District Dera Ghazi Khan Dera Ghazi Khan
18 Construction of Residential Colony & Utility Block 63.23 Naveena Export Ltd.
with covered area 110230 Sq.ft, five storied Lahore.
19 Construction of Metalled Road from adda rind to 62.018 Executive Engineer
Bait Bate Wala (Remaining Portion) Provincial Highway
Division Dera Ghazi
20 Construction of J-Head Spur at RD 131+500 58.880 Executive Engineer
Khangarh Flood Dallas Canal Division,
Rahim Yar Khan
Sr. Description of Work Amount Name and Address of
No. (Millions) Employee
21 Extension Minchin Flood Bund from RD: 315+500 47.073 Executive Engineer
(Existing Tail to LMB (Bhong Bund) Guddu Barrage Dallas Canal Division,
for Protection of Adjoining Abadies from Main Rahim Yar Khan
Creek and Spill of River Indus (Package “C”)
(Balance Work of Minchin Flood Bund RD 440+500
to 449+000 in Bhong Sub Division
22 Construction of Cotton Godown (12 Nos), with 38.313 Naveena Export Ltd.
covered area 102972 Sq.ft, two storied building. Lahore.

23 Restoration of J-Head Spur No. 3 at 38550 of 37.958 Executive Engineer

Bhakkar Flood Protection Bund Canal Division
24 Construction of inverted Hockey Stud at RD 36.426 Executive Engineer
59+500 of Bhakkar Flood Protection Bund Thal Dev Division
25 Protection of mole head of damaged J-Head Spur 34.966 Executive Engineer
No. 7 at RD 71+750 of Bhakkar Flood Bund Bhakkar Irrigation
Division, Bhakkar
26 Construction of Allied Recreation Facilities, with 21.903 GE (Navy) Const.
covered 124000 Sq.ft, three storied building.

27 Conversion of truncated shank of j-head spur no. 6 18.332 Executive Engineer

at RD 60+700 of Bhakkar Flood Protection Bund Thal Dev Division
into Mole Hole Mianwali
28 Protection of Damaged Portion of Hockey Spur at 9.774 Executive Engineer
RD 75+800 of Bhakkar Flood Bund Bhakkar Irrigation
Division, Bhakkar
29 Protection of 3 & 4 Defence Bund against sever
rd th 6.089 Executive Engineer
erosive action of River Indus (b) Construction of Rahim yar Khan
7- No.s. Small slopping studs (under para 2.89 PWD Irrigation Division
30 Restoration of Flood damaged scheme to be 4.29 Executive Engineer
implemented during 12000-2001 in D.G Khan Muzaffargarh Canal
Zone-IV / A Package V. Restoring J-Head Spur RD. Division Muzaffargarh
142000 Khangarh Flood