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Upgrade Your Old Edition of Your PPI

Reference or Review Manual and Save 50%
on the Latest Edition
Book Price*
FE Civil Review $165.00 $82.50
FE Mechanical Review Manual $165.00 $82.50
FE Chemical Review Manual $165.00 $82.50
FE Other Disciplines Review Manual $165.00 $82.50
FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual $165.00 $82.50
FE Review Manual $165.00 $82.50
Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam $195.00 $97.50
Construction Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam $160.00 $80.00
Structural Depth Reference Manual for the PE Civil Exam $160.00 $80.00
Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam $155.00 $77.50
Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam $237.00 $118.50
Environmental Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam $279.00 $139.50
Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam $275.00 $137.50
California Civil Seismic Building Design $120.00 $60.00
Structural Engineering Reference Manual, Ninth Edition $205.00 $102.50
Concrete Design for the PE Civil and SE Exams $95.00 $47.50
Steel Design for the Civil PE and Structural SE Exams $105.00 $52.50
Surveyor Reference Manual $190.00 $95.00
ARE 5 Review Manual (Revised Edition) $250.00 $125.00
Interior Design Reference Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the NCIDQ
$205.00 $102.50

Get Started Download Your Upgrade Form

Follow these simple steps to upgrade your reference or review manual:

1. Create a PPI account

2. Enter your current billing and shipping information on your My Account Address Book.
3. Add a payment method in the My Payment Data
4. Check the book(s) you are returning in the attached chart
5. Fill out the form below and print it out
6. Cut off the front cover of your book (not the first page)
7. Enclose the cover and this form in an envelope
8. Use the mailing label at the bottom of this page and attach to your envelope
9. Take the sealed envelope to a carrier of your choice and pay appropriate postage
10. Once we receive your package, we will process your request within (2) business days and
charge the credit card on file
11. You will receive an order confirmation email and a tracking email when the book ships

Get the Most Up-to-Date Exam Coverage

The PPI reference and review manuals are popular textbooks for engineering courses, and after
you pass your exam, they will continue to serve as an invaluable references throughout your
engineering career.

Download Your Upgrade Form

* Prices subject to change without notice. 50% off price is 50% off list price on as of January 2018.

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