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Arch (Sem-III)

Landscape resources
1) Explain the role of landform, water system, Climate and Vegetation in Cities of India?
Ajay, Pranav, Praveen
2) What is the role of landscape component in modifying microclimate with respect to
temperature, humidity, precipitation, heat island in cities?
Ajay, Aman, Ramawatar, Praveen
3) Define terms :
 Air Pollutants – sources and consequences
 Air pollution monitoring and quality criteria
Aman, Babita, Satya Prakash,
4) Define the terms Meteorological Instrumentation and plant
Babita, Dilip, Shashank,
5) Define the terms Heat transfer and Evaluation of microclimate data.
Dilip, Harish, Sumit, Shashank
6) Explain briefly the various urban environment issues of urban landscape in cities?
Harish, Karandeep, Yash, Sumit
7) What are social and environmental dimensions of urban forests? Explain with examples?
Karandeep, Nitesh, Yash
8) Landscape resources are specific to distinctive city types? Define?
Nitesh, Pawan, Satya Prakash
9) City Development plan, zonal plan and structure Plan plays a vital role in the creation of urban
landscape? Explain with examples?
Pawan, Pranav, Ramawatar

Landscape Economics Management & Horticultural Practice

10) What do you mean by economics and explain cost and benefits related to open space
Praveen, Pawan, Ajay
11) Write short notes on Tangible cost of development
Ramawatar, Praveen, Pranav
12) Write short notes on Capital and Maintenance Cost.
Satya Prakash, Ramawatar, Pranav
13) Write short notes on Modification of ecological system rehabilitation cost.
Shashank, Satya Prakash
14) Write short notes on Intangible costs.
Sumit, Shashank
15) What do you mean by landscape management and explain the landscape management at the
regional scale in relation to soil conservation?
Yash, Sumit
16) Explain the management practices related to urban ecology and urban habitats.
Ajay, Yash
17) Explain the different economic and administrative issues related to urban ecology and urban
Aman, Yash
18) What do you mean by horticulture practices and explain the nursery establishment and plant
propagation ?
Babita, Aman
19) Write notes on establishment and maintenance of grass.
Dilip, Babita
20) Write notes Planting and Transplanting.
Harish, Dilip
21) What do you mean by horticulture maintenance and explain manures and insecticides and their
Karandeep, Harish
22) Write short notes on Water budgeting.
Nitesh, Karandeep
23) Write short notes on Equipment for landscape maintenance.
Pawan, Nitesh

Theory of Landscape Architecture

24) What is the effect of industrialization and urbanization on the development of new landscape
types, Public parks, sports facilities in 19th century in Europe?
Pranav, Babita, Dalip
25) Evolution of Public Park is a major component of urban landscape in USA? Explain with the
works of famous pioneers in USA?
Praveen, Pranav, Dalip
26) Define the term Post war development in Europe.
Ramawatar, Praveen, Harish
27) Define the term Influence of Ian McHarg on mid and late 20th century Landscape Architecture.
Satya prakash, Ramawatar, Harish
28) Illustrate the conceptual relationship between town planning, Urban Design, Landscape
architecture by the works of Haussmann’s Paris and Lutyen’s Delhi?
Shashank, Satya prakash, Karandeep
29) What do you understand by Green Architecture and Energy saving in field of landscape
Sumit, Shashank, karandeep
30) Write short notes on Cultural Landscape.
Yash, Sumit, Nitesh
31) Write short notes on Policies for conservation of historical landscape.
Ajay, Yash, Nitesh
32) Discuss the trends in landscape design in India in late 20th and early 21st Century during influence
and British colonial influence?
Aman, Ajay, Pawan
33) What do you understand by development and evolution of landscape profession in India?
Babita, Aman, Pawan