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Adult pyelonephritis pathway

Symptoms suggestive of pyelonephritis (fever, chills, flank pain, costo-vertebral angle tenderness,
urinary symptoms (dysuria, frequency), nausea, vomiting

MSU, urine dipstick, urine pregnancy test, eGFR, consider FBC

Inclusion criteria:
Clinical features of pyelonephritis including flank pain or tenderness and fever ≥38°, positive
leucocytes and/or positive nitrites on dipstick

Uncomplicated pyelonephritis
• Female 16-70
• Non pregnant
• Clinically stable, no co-morbidities requiring admission

Suitable for management at home?

• Satisfactory IV access
• Home environment safe
• Adequate social supports
• Access to telephone

Exclusion criteria
Female < 16 or > 70
Vomiting and unable to maintain oral intake
Bilateral pyelonephritis
Hospital acquired UTI
UTI post instrumentation
Catheter in-situ
Evidence of sepsis including
• Fever > 39°
• Tachycardia > 110
• BP systolic < 100
• Postural drop > 15mmHg
• Confusion/delirium

Caution if using gentamicin*

Impaired renal function eGFR<60
Previous ototoxicity or vestibular toxicity to any aminoglycoside (avoid)
Prior or current other renal disease including
• Renal transplant
• Single or dominant kidney
• Anatomic anomaly
• Prior reconstructive surgery
• Known renal scarring

* Dose adjustment may be required especially for subsequent doses. Gain specialist advice.

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Uncomplicated Pyelonephritis Pathway
Consider IV fluids, analgaesia, antiemetics
Give one dose Gentamicin 3mg/kg iv or Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid iv and send home on oral
antibiotics (see below for antibiotic selection)
Review within 24h - check results, clinical examination of patient - if improved then continue oral
antibiotics (could give further dose of iv antibiotics if improved but still vomiting and unable to
tolerate orals. If second dose of gentamicin is given must have checked eGFR):
If given Gentamicin then give Ciprofloxacin 250mg-500mg bd for 7 days
If given Amoxicllin/clavulanic acid then give oral Amoxicllin/clavulanic acid 500/125mg 8 hourly for
14 days
Followup MSU at day 14

If not improved at review then refer to ED

ED Un-complicated Pyelonephritis Pathway

Patient presents to ED, has uncomplicated pyelonephritis, initial treatment as above and then
referred to GP for review the next day. Given voucher for free visit.

POPN will pay for antibiotics in general practice, followup visit, and giving IV
fluids/antibiotics/analgesia/antiemetics and observation time.

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