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Poles/ Ballasts Kim Lighting, lnc.


Environmenta L ghting
The Kim Hinged Pole Patent Pend in g

Featu res

Simplicity of installation and operation

distinguishes the new and exclusive Klm
Hinged Pole Babe. lt represents a major
advancement ove. present day devices
which employ more components and
provide less conveniences.
Standard anchor bolts are first installed in a
concrete footrng the same as any fixed
base. Bolt circles are the same for both
fixed and hinqe base, providing for possible
changeover at any time.

A hinge receptacle is mounted to any two

anchor bolts depending on the desired
direction for hinge action. There is no
cumbersome pole to slow down installation
time or get in the way.

Pole is equipped wlth a self locking slip

h inge that mounts to the receptacle without
using a tool. Conversely, the pole can be
disassembled the same way, providing a
highly desirable feature when weather or
other c rcumstances require quick storage.

After engaging the hinge, pole is raised and

secured by the two opposite anchor bolts.
For lumlnaire servicing this procedure is
simply reversed, requiring a minimum of
tinne and effort.

A clean looking cast aluminum base cover

is provided to conceal the mechanism, and
appear as any normal pole base.
Simplicity, function, and ease of operatjon
distlnguish the exclusive Kim Hinged Pole
Base as a significant innovation ln outdoor
Exclusive Pole and Patent Pending

Ballast Features

Multi-Function All Kim aluminum poles are available with a unique

pole tenon that serves both an aesthetic and mechanical
"Splice Tenon Aesthetically, the transition from pole-to-luminaire
is best handled by a pole tenon which provides an
"Patent pending articulated joint. This pleasing architectural detail
visually separates pole and luminaire by a small
joint that makes the fixture appear to float over
the pole.
lvlechanically, the Kim pole tenon is a lunctional
wire splice compartment and concealed pole
mounting device. A single bolt, located inside the
tenon, secures the tenon onto the pole by means
of a ramp device. This lastening is clean, simple,
and eliminates all exposed fasteners lrom the pole.

Rigid Kim's Environmental Lighting line has been

designed for use with in-pole ballasts to elimjnate
ballast the need for large pole transformer bases. Ballasts
mountang are rigjdly attached to the pole tenon or fixture,
and are secured at the bottom to prevent contact
Future U.L. with the pole walls.
lmpending U.L. outdoor lighting standards wilt
Compliance require a suitable wiring compartment that wjll allow
access to all field wiring connections without
removing the fixture from the pole. Kim's exclusive
*Splice Tenon is an ideal solution
to this requirement,
providing a compartmenl between fixture and ballast
where connections can be easily made, examined,
and serviced. A flush mounted cover blends with
the tenon contour and is invisible from normal
viewing angles.

Light ng, lnc

Poles round aluminum poles

For sing le post toP fixtures on lY IF

Conslruclion A shaft of round extruded aluminum tubing, al oy 6063-T5
flares into a one-piece castaluminum base with integral mount ng lugs The
shaft s welded to the cast base and then ground and polished, caus ng the
entire assembly to appear as a one-p ece sculptured form. A hand hole s
furnished, enclosed by a flush mounted cover that blends inconsp cuously w th
the base coniou r.
Tenon-Pole Fitter (For tenon poles only) For reasons of appearance, a cast
alu mln um tenon can be furnished using an internal expansion wedge gr p and
secured by a single center bolt. There shall be no visib e tenon mount
Ballasl Mounted in pole. h gh power factor for 20'F. starting. Ballast shall
be securely fastened to the tenon-pole fitter, and shall be equlpped w th anti-
v brat on snubbers to prevenl contact wlth the pole nner wail.
Grounding-One No. 10 pressure ug in base.
Finish The entire pole is satln polished and then f nished with a baked-on
melamine rnodified acrylic enarnel, applied over mil spec 15328 ac d wash
pr rner. Natura alu m inu m and anod zed finishes are not avaiLable on th s pole.
Anchorage Pole shall be furnished with iour (4) hot dipped ga vanized L hook
anchor bolts and a rjg d pressed board temp ate. Bolts shall have rolled
threads and each shall be provided w th one (1) nut, one (1) washer and a z nc
electro-p ated evel nq shim.

Ordering lnf ormation

ln.po e ballast wattages
n!ailable (See 820 12 & 13)
Pole Strength Shaft Th lck fuJr rc ! ry Nigh Pr€ssure
He lr Cila No. F.ctor I sod ium
Direct l- 8', PA8-3188 265 1BB 75r 100 i 17512s0 70i 100
Pole I

Mounl to' PA10-3188 2n9 3" 75r 100i175r250 70/ r 00

1 Tl PA12.3188 160 3' .t 88 75t 100117s1250 70r100

.i88 70r100
r"ffin 8', PA8T.3188 260

10' PA10T.3188 200 75i100r175r2 701r00

lz' PAl2T-3188 155 .188 75i100/175r 70i 100

Strenqth Factor The pole strength factor must be equalto or greater than the
in;rre strenqth factor. L sted pole strength factors are for 85 IVIPH steady
lu m
wlnds or 1 10 N.4 PH g usting win ds. For conversion factors to other wind
velocities, see the nside back cover of this cata og.

Cat. No. Description
Baked Ename s
BL-E Black
DB-E Dark Bronze (resem bles
313 Duranod ici!) in color)
MB-E l\,4edium Bronze (resernbles
312 Duranod co ln color)

;ffi Anchor Bolt Data

Anchor bolt size
Bolt circle d ameter
Anchor bo t projection
Base d ameter
Conduit open ng dial.neter 4"
x 15"

820-2 Kim Lighting, lnc.

Poles round aluminum poles
For single post top fixtures,
direct pole mount on ly !
Conslruction*Pole sha be round, non lapered extruded a uminLrrn. a loy
6063 T5 fully welded to a flxed or optronal hrnged casl alum num base. Each pote
sha I be lurn shecJ with a hand ho e complete wlth a cover secured by couniersu nk
stainless steel screws Base cover shall be two p ece cast alum num
Balla3t Mounted ln pole, high power iacior lor 20 F slar1 ng Ballasl shali be
securely lastened to the pole litter, and sha be equipped wllh ant vibration
sn u bbers to prevenl contacl w th the pole nner wall.
Grounding O_eNo. 10p'eslu e -g I oase.
Finish ca_r"or' , d g Op oa.od..oo
me am ne mod fied acry ic enarne s are appl ed over sat n po ish and rn spec
15328 ac d wash prlmer. Opl ona anodized finishes are ava able in accordance
w th Arch tectura Class specif cai ons
Anchorage Poles shall be lurnlshed wiih lour (4) hot d pped galvan zed L hook
+T1 Firrure mounr
anchor boils and a rig d pressed board ternp ale. Boils shall have rol ed threads
ancl each sha I be provided w th one (T ) nut, one (1) washer and a zinc electro-
p ated level nq shim
/ o

Ordering lnlormalion
T n pok ballast satlages ava ab e

lsce 820 l2 rnd 13)
lYlo u nl Strenqth Shafi Thick

PB8 3125
*8' P88.34083 314" 105 083
/01 I00
71]r 100
PB10,31 .125 75r t00i I /51250 /0r l0rl
.r o'1813 3133,
3" r!2 3' .188 75i 100i175i250 i0i 100
l'1 El



i5i 100r l75 i 25tl

/0r 100

rra,P812.3188 3" 75il00i 175 i 250

I z PBt2 34083
.083 i00i r75t 250
70i 100
.3" 63 3" /0i100

.r q' 97 3" t5i 100r 175i 250 /0i r 00
!E1X llfli, 31!"

P816 3125 /0i r00

3" 3" t0t 100
ro'iBlS ll?1, 13]t" 39's " 125 70i I011
131'8" 85 188 t0it00

Strenglh Faclor-Po e strength factor must be equal to or grealer than the

lum naire slrength faclor. Listed po e sirenglh tactors are lor 85 MPH sleady or 1l0
t\,4PHg!stlngwinds For convers on laclors to other w nd veloc ties, see the nside
back cover oi lh s calalog.

*Oplional Hinged gase

Availab e lor poles up through l4 it. Add HB to po e cata og number. Example
P88-3125H B
Base assembly shall be cast a um num equ pped with a selt ock ng slip h nge
prov d ng lull 90 lower ng. For mountrng and ower ng, the optional hinged base
util zes the same anchor bo t spec lications as for fixed base. For leatures se€
nsrde fronl cover of th s catalog.

Cata oq No Descr ption
Natura (standard)
SA-P Salrn Po sh (8lack lenon)
Baked Enamels (extra cost)
gL.E Black
DB.E Dark Bronze (resembles
3l3 Duranod co in color)
MB-E Med um Bronze (resemb es
31 2 Duranodici' in color)
Anodized (exlra cosl)
BL.A Black
D B-A Dark Bronze
M B-A lvl ed um Bronze

Anchor Bolt Data

Shatt O D 3'
o -5"
3,,4,, \ 15', 1!" x 15"
Bo t circle diameter 7' 7', 8,,:
Anchor bo I proiect on 2' z" 2',r" 2't
Base size (d ameler) 9'!', 91 It'
Conduit open ng (d ameter) 21,i', 2"2'
Hinged base maximum
condu t prolecl on

Kim L ghting, nc. 820-3

Poles round aluminum poles with tenon

For sing le post top fixtures only

Conskuclion Pole sha be round. non lapered exvuded a um num. a oy
6063 T5. fu ly welded to a fixed or opt onaL hrnged casl a uminum base. Each pole
s hall be furnisfred \ryitfr a h and ho e comp ele wilh a cover secured by counlersunk
starn ess sleel screws. Base cover sha be lwo p ece cast a um num
Tenon pole Filler Conslructed ol casi alum num. il shal be fig d y mounled
to the po ev aan internalexpans on wedge gr p and secured wlh as ngle
concea ed center bo t Tenon sha provide sp ce access and shall have no
v sible mo!ntrng hardware.
Aallast lMounled n pole. h gh power faclor lor 20 F. start ng Ballast sha be
securely fastened lo lhe pole filter, and sha be equ pped w th an1 -v bralron
snubbers to prevenl contact willr lhe po e in ner wa L
Grounding One No. 10 pressure ug rn base.
Finish The enlire po e is salin polrshed and then i nrshed wrlh a baked on
me arnine modilied acry c enamel applied over mil spec 15328 acrd wash pr mer
Opl onal anod zed I n shes are available in accordance w lh Archrteciural Class I
Anchorage Po es sha lurn shed w th lour (4) hol drpped galvan zed L hook
anchor bo ts and a rig d pressed board tenrplate Bolls shal hav€ rol ed threads
and each shal be provided wrlh one (l ) nu1. one (1) \ryasher and a zinc e eclro
plated eve ing shim

Ordering lnlormation n poLe bll an waltages ava labk

Pole Strcngih Shalt Thlck

*8' psnr
3l's 083
/0r I00
PBST-5125 t 01l

P810T.34083 i5i 100i1751250 70il

*10'PB1oT 34125 L2r 75r l00r 1i51250 70i 100
+ r 34125
lz^. PB12T
PB1?r.14 !88

75i 100,175r 250 100

33,;' r25 /5i l00i t75i 250 100
31i" 188 75j1t0i175r250 I00

16T.34083 /01r 00
75r l00r l/5i 250 70r 100
lo i816T.34188 71 100 t75 250 i0,100

75r l00il75r 250 70r 100

P820T.34125 75r l00il75i 250 T0rtltl
20'PB2or.34t88 75r 10011751250
PB20r 5125 i5 r l00r 1751250 , 150 250

Slrength Factor-Po e strength iaclor musi be equai lo or greater than the

um na re stren.rlh lacior. L sted pole slrenglh lactors are for 85 M PN sleady or 110
MPH qust ng winds. For convers on lactors lo other wrnd veloc t es. see lhe rnside
back cover oi tfris cala oq

*Optional Hinged Base

Ava lab e for po es up lhrough 14It. Add HB to pole cala og number
Example PB12T-5125H8
Baseassernblyshalbecasiaum numequ ppedwlhaseli ock ngsl ph nge
providingiullg0 owering Forrnounlingand owerng optona hngedbase
ulil zes lhe sanre anc hor bo l spec Icalrons as for trxed base. For leatures. see
ns de Iront cover oi th is catalog

Finishes Anchor Bolt Dala

Calalog No Descr pt on Shalt O D. 3ra
Natu ra Anchor bo I size 3, x l5 r, x 26
(standard) Eolt c rc e d arneler 7' 8' ,'
Anchor bo 1 prolection 2'? 23 i
SA-P Salin Pol sh (B ack tenon)
Base srze ld ameler) 9': ll
Baked Enamel Condu I openrng 2', 4
(d ameler)
BL-E B ack H ng ed base maxrmunr
DB-E Dark Bronze (resembles condu I protecl on 5s'
313 Duranodic' n color)
M B-E [/ed um Bronze (resemb es

BL-A B ack
DB-A Dark Bronze
MB-A Medrum Bronze

820 4 Kir. L g hting, lnc.

Poles Non-tapered
square aluminum poles with lenon

For single post top fixtures only ffi

gtrEl Conslruclion Pole shal be square, non-tapered extruded alum num. al oy
6063 y welded lo a fixed or opl olral h nged cast aluminum base. Each pole
sha I be furn shed w th a hand hole complete with a cover secured by countersunk

/l@A zir sta nless steel screws. Base cover shal be two piece casl alumrnum.
Tenon Pole Fitler Constructed of casi alurninum, it shall be r O dly mounted
lo the pole via an inlerna expans on wedge grip, and secured w th a single
concealed center boli Tenon shall provide spl ce access and shall have no visrb e
mountrnq hardware.
Bolt drcle Ballast-Mountedinpole,hghpowerfactorior 20 F. slarting. 8a last shall be
'/ securely faslened to the pole iilter, and shall be equ pped w th ant -v bration
snubbers to prevent contact w th the pole inner wall.

I Flrlur€ mount
Grounding-One No. 10 pressure lug in base.
Finish-The enlire pole is clear anodrzed and then lin shed w th a baked-on
SplceTenon | ' aiameter melam ne modil ed acryl c enamel, app ied over m lspec 15328 acid wash pr mer.
Opt ona color anodized fin shes are available in accordance with Archilectural
Class I speciiicalions.
Ancho.age Poles shall be furnished wilh lour (4) hot d pped galvan zed L hook
anchor bo ts and a rigid pressed board temp ate. Eolts shall have rolled lhreads
and each shall be provided wiih one (1) nut, one (1)washer and a zinc e ectro
plated eve ing sh m.

Ordering lnlormation n pole ba ast watlages available

* (See 820.12 and l3)
Po e Strengih Shall Thick Metallic

+ a P08T.3t25 r 41l 3" sq .125 75i r00, r75 / 250

- 10' sql 70/ 100

PDl2r-3125 9s 3" sq 125 75/ 100j r 75/ 250
*12'P012T.4125 is3 4" sq .125 75i r00t r751250 70i 100

P014T3125 79 3" sq
+tl{t, Pl14l-4125 t5\ 4sq 70i 100
Pol4T-5125 l4l 5sq /0i 100/ 150/ 254
70i 100/ 150/
.125 75/ I00i l 70/ 100
P016T.4125 133 4" 125 /5/ t00t 175/250 70i 100
16' Por6r.418g 4" 188 75r 1001I75i250 70i100
2t0 sq. .125 75i 100i 1751250 70/ 100/ I50/ 250
6" 188
144 4 sq. 188 75/ 100i 175/250 70i r 00
zo' iBiSlll?l 165 5" sq 125
258 5" sq 188
75r l00r 175/250
75,100/r/5 250
70/ l 00i 150 / 2s0
latl 00i 1501 250
70rl 250
Slrength Faclor-Pole strength iaclor musl be equal to or grealer than the
um na re strength laclor. Listed po e slrenglh laciors are for 85 [,4PH sieady or 1 10
MPH gusling w nds For conversion factors to oiher wind veloc ties, see the ns de
back cover oi lh s cataloo.

Optional Hinged Base

Avai ableforpolesupthrough l4it.AddHBto poecatalog number Exampe
Base assemb y shall be casl a um num equrpped w th a sell ocking siip hrnge
prov ding iul 90 lower ng. For mount ng and lowering, optiona hinged base
ulil zes the sarne anc h or bolt specrficat ons as lor iixed base. For feat!res. see
ifs de front cover of this cata og.

Cata og No Descriplion
Baked Enamel (standard)
BL.E Black
DB.E Dark Bronze (resembles 313 Duranodic" in color)
M B.E Mediurn Bronze (resernbles 312 Duranod cn in co or)
Anod zed (extra cost)
BL.A Black
D B"A Dark Bronze
MB.A Medi!rn Bronze
Anchor Boll Data

Boltc rcle d arneter 8112" 11" I1 12',2'

Anchor bo t prolect on 21,2" 2ri 23t"
Base size 9'sq 10" sq 11" sq 12" sq
Conduil open ng (d a.) 3"
H nged base rnax mum
condLrit project on

K m Light nq, lnc. 820-5

Non-lapered pq-qgE
Poles roundiruminumpoles 6 61 4d' B$, ,l I
For arm mounted fixtures onty f

Poles lor 1, 2, 3, or 4 arms Pole for 4 arms and

Ordering lnlormation
one post top mount * Watl
Arm Po e Strength Shaft Thick-
Arranqement Heiqht Catrlog No. Factor 0.D. ness
P810,34083.1 86 3%"
Same base plan as at lelt one I * 10' 132 PBl0-34125-1
33/s" .\25
am P810.34188-1 197 33/e" .188
T-3" PBI2.34083-1 68 3%" .083

1l *t';r4 P812-34125-1 lA7

P81234188-1 160
',t's .125
P812.5125.1 241 5" .t25
PBla-3ar2s-l 89 )s .I2\
t-l * 14' PBi4.34tB8.1 134
P814.5125-t 208
PBl6J4125r /5
3%. .188
5" .).25
J', - 15
r o' iBi8iii39;'
il3 !7n" i!3
5" .L8B


^ *.". PgtO f+12s ? |t2 r1s .n.

l^o ln Iu
P810.34188-2 L9/
'- a .188
6 pBI0-5t25.2 ji]r
,t '" '1 f PBto 5198.2 46/
5 .188
PBl234125-2 0 3e' .L.5
Shait O.D. +ra'
P812.34188-2 60 Jle' .188
PB12.i12s.z -4 5 -25
l^""- x14'
P812.5188.2 383
PB14-34188-2 4
5" .188
- .88
PBia'i2s.z )oB .12'
PBI4-5188.2 324 5" .188
115 3t's" .188
16'PBl6-st25.2179 5" .r25
PBl6-5188 2 280 5" 188
PB10 34188'3 197
Heighl Th,ee -Q, *10' PBio,it2s 3 302 3t's" .188
5,' .i.25
PB10-5188-3 467 5" .188
JW P812.34188.3160 3%" .188
i * 12' petz.stzs.t zlt 5"
PBI2,5188.3 383 .188
It PBra{i2s 3 l0B t ni
PBt4.5t8B-3 i24 5 188

ro' lBl33133l
i;; 39's"
toLr * 10' 302
P8i0.5125.4 5" .125
allns 467
P810,5188.4 5" r88

t4 PBI2-sIBB-4 )47 5
ff ffi
t83 5'
.l2 r

16' P8r6.5188.4 280 5,,

laa. PB12-5125.5 300
pBt2T slgg-s 425
5" .125
90" 14' PB14T.5t 8B.5 360 5,' .188

p lus
16' PBr6T.5roB 5 3oo .188

top ln-pole ballast wattages avaj able for
center post top flxt!re (See B20 12 and 13 )

Same base and anchor bolt Halide
d etail as at left

* Strength Factor-Pole strength factor must be

equal to or greater than the lu m inaire strength
factor. Llsted pole strenqth factors are for 85 IV PH
steady or I 10 [,,4 PH gusting winds. For conversion
factors to other wind velocities. see insicie back
cover of this catalog.

820-6 K m Light ng, lnc.

Specif ications
Construction Pole shall be round, non-tapered extruded riser tubes. Ballasts shall be securely mounted to the
aluminurn alloy 6063-T5, fully welded to a fixed or optional tenon pole fitter and shall be equipped with anti-vibration
hinged cast aluminum base. For each luminaire, an snu bbers to prevent contact with the pole inner wall.
extruded alum num cleat shall be welded to the pole to Wiring-Poles are partially pre-wired at each arm locat on
support each arm mount. Base cover shal betwo-piece with leads and quick disconnect plugs f or mating with
cast alum in u m and pole shall be furnished with a hand match ng plugs in the arms.
hole complete w th cover secured by countersunk
stainless steel screws. Grounding-One No. 10 pressure lug in base.
Tenon Pole Fitter (For five (5) lurninaire assernbly Finish-The entire pole is satin polished and then finished
on y) Constructed of cast aluminum, it shall be r gidly with a baked-on me amine modified acrylic enamel,
mounted to the pole top via an internal expans on wedge applied over rnil spec 15328 acid wash primer.
gr p, and secured with a single concealed center bolt. Anchorage-Poles shall be furnished with four (4) hot
Tenon shall provide splice access for the center lum naire dipped galvanized L hook anchor bolts and a rigid
only, and shall have no visible mounting hardware. pressed board template. Bolts shall have rolled threads
Ballast-l\/ounted in pole for the center lu m ina re only. and each shall be provided with one ( 1) nut, one ( 1 )
Other luminaire ballasts are mounted in the arm mount washer and a z nc electro-plated leveling shim.

* Optional Hinged Base Available

Base assernbly shall be cast aluminum equipped with a Add HB to pole catalog number. Example
self locking slip hinge provid ng full 90' lowering. For PB10-34r 88-2H B
mount ng and lower ng, the optional h nged base uiilizes
the same anchor bolt specifications as ior fixed base. For
features, see inside front cover of this catalog.

Finishes Anchor Bolt Data

Cata oq No. Description Shaft O.D. 3%" 5"
Baked Enamel Anchor bolt size /a" xl5" %"x26"
BL-E Black Bolt circle diameter 7" a1/,"
DB-E Dark Bronze (resem bles Anchor bolt projection 21/2" 23h"
313 Duranodicr. in color) Base size (d iameter) 91/2" 11"
M B-E Med um Bronze (resem bles Condu it opening (d iameter) 21/2" 4"
312 Duranod ico in color) H nged base maxim u rn
conduit projection %"

Kim Llghiing, lnc. 820 -7

Poles square aluminum poles

For arm mounted

fixtu res only
ft'[ w#+

Poles for 1, 2, or 4 arms Pole for 4 arms and Ordering lnlormation

one post top mount
Arm Pole Str€ngth Shaft Thick-
Arlansement He]sht Catelog No. Factor S ize ness

Same base pla n as at left

,*fl .ro'iBlSll?31
.t. a.
a PDI2.3125.1
t Ptt?.al?s.1 195 4" sq. .125

*14' PD14-3125 3" sq. .125

1 B8
potq-qtzs.t 165 4" sq. .125
PD14-4188-l 225 4" sq. .188
PD16-4125.1 i38 4" sq. .125
16'P016.4r88-1 1!0 4" sq. .188
PD16-5188-1 338 5" sq. .188
T,,!o PD10-3125.2 124 3" sq. .125 .J
*10'poto+tzsz 4,' 1?5
JiP PD10-4188,2
321 4"
sq. 188
P012.3125.2 9! 3" sq. .r25
P012.4125-2 192 4" sq. .r25
PD12 41982 ?6) 4" sq. .r 88
P012-5188-2 461 5" sq. .l88
*14' PD14 4125-2 I61 4" sq. .125
potq-qtaa-z 221 4" sq. .188
PD14 5188-2 390 5" sq. .188
PDt 6-4188"2 i90 sq. .188
16'P016.5r88,2 338 sq. .188
P016.6188-2 499
Folr $! PD10-4125,4 4" sq. .125

*10'PDlo-4rBB-4 4" sq.
:i" a$ PD10-5188.4 5" sq
PD12.4125 4 192 4" sq. .125
r P012-4188.4
Pol2 5i BB-4
sq. .188
PD12-6188-4 679 6" sq. .188
P0l4-4188-4 221 4" sq. 188

t q' iBifi3l88:X
li sq.
P0t 6,4188-4 .188
t o' iBiS:3133X
P0l6 66250-4 .250
PDl2T 4188-s 4" sq. .188
12' PDr2T-s1Ba s 5" sq. .188
PD12T-6188-5 6" sq. .l BB

P0l4T-4188-5 236 4" sq. IBB

rq't81XI31333 415 5" sq. .188
6r2 6" sq. .188
P0l4T 66250-5 969 6l's " sq. .250
PD16T.5188-5 356 5" sq. .1BB
16' ptt er stse-s 526 6" sq. .188
PD16T.66250 5 85' 6lt" sq. .250

ln pole ballast !\attages avallable for

center post top 1 xt!re {See 820.12 aid 13 )

;m .-Lt-
Same base and anchor
bolt detail as at left Strength Factor Pole strength factor must be equal to or
greater than the lu mlna re strength factor. Llsted pole
strength factors are for 85 l\,4 PH steady or 110 N,4PH
gusting w nds. For conversion factors to other wind
veloclties. see inside back cover of this catalog.

820-8 Kirn Liqhting. lnc.

flflni ffi

Construction Pole shall be square, non-tapered inside the pole top. The splice box shall be enclosed by an
extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5, f ully welded to a fixed aluminu.n cap, and allballasts are provided with anti-
or optional hinged cast alum in um base. For each vibration snubbers to prevent contact with the pole inner
luminaire. an extruded aluminum cleat shall be welded wall.
to the pole to support each arm mount. Base cover shall Wiring Poles are partially pre-wired at each arm location
be two-piece cast alum in u m and pole shall be furnished with leads and quick disconnect plugs for mating with
with a hand hole complete with cover secured by matching plugs in the arms.
countersunk stainless steel screws.
Grounding-One No. l0 pressure lug in base.
Tenon Pole Fitter (For f ive (5) lum inaire assem bly
only) Constructed of cast aluminum, lt shall be rigidly Finish The entire pole is clear anodized and then
t finished with a baked-on melamine modified acrylic
mounted to the pole top via an internal expansion wedge
I grip, and secured with a single concealed center bolt. enamel, applied over milspec 1532B acid wash primer.
Tenon shall provide splice access for the center lum inaire Anchorage-Poles shall be furnished with four (4) hot
only, and shall have no visible mounting hardware. dipped galvanized L hook anchor bolts and a rigid
Ballast For all catalog numbers except 85, a ballast shall pressed board templaie. Bolts shall have rolled threads
be mounted in the pole for the center luminaire only. and each shall be provided with one (1) nut, one (1)
Ballasts for catalog number 85 Square Cylinder fixtures washer and a zinc electro-plated levelino sh im.
shall be securely iastened to a cast aluminum splice box

*Optional Hinged Base Available

Base assembly shall be cast aluminurn equipped with a Add HB to pole catalog number. Example
self ocking slip hinge providing full90o lowering. For PD10-4125-4H B
mounting and lowering, the optional hinged base utilizes
the same anchor bolt specifications as for fixed base. For
features, see inside front cover of thrs cataloq.

Catalog No. Description
Baked Enamel (standard)
BL-E B lack
DB.E Dark Bronze (resem bles
313 Duranodicc' in coior)
MB-E lvledium Bronze (resembles
31 2 Duranodic.r in color)

Anchor Boli Data

Shaft size

Bolt circle
diameter ah" 11" 11" 121/2" 141/2"
Anchor bolt
projection 21/2" 21/z'' 23/i ' 2%' ' 3''
Base size 9" sq. 10" sq. 11" sq. 12" sq. 14" sq.
Cond u t opening
(d a) 21,t2" 3" 4" 4"
H inged base
cond u it
projection ,Aa" 7/a"

Klm Light ng, lnc. 820-9

Poles reclangular laminated wood poles

For sing le post top fixtures on ly ffi

Conslruclion Shall shal be dlrect b!rial lype iabrrcaied from struclura lam naled
Do_rd,F o sou r'.P|e oot6. dt oa p d\ru 6 l ,drao r " 0 b..opl(o.qoio-
oneio oe' 'lo p o.e5 lr""r-r-r, dr'o-ot o AWPA
Sl"no"ro. 8bo d'..:illrp -1 'd^ la rllpnol a'a^a
twenty year warranty irom dal€ oi p!rchase againsl ia l!re to carrv des gn loads due

to decay
or nsect altack
s;clions Shal be reclangllar f al s ded or l_1" secl on wilh one groove on each
Tenon Pole Filter Conslructed ofcast alumin!m, I shalbe rgdv mounted lothe
l+r:3" pol-. dl lh ldg , p^< dno sn" o a",e o s I ng "-d ,o .e "' e
rin'sh Coo"^ oieo \4o' aPna,k,',o'a\oidbero roohoapdo s|id'd
I I Firrure mounr s des A nalLrra !nsta ned iin sh s a so available ior lobsile sta nrng onlv For frxtlres
,oe... ,- < <oa.r',eo. tp o bF s pd'n i -ar.h q o".pd e-"n r
^h€re "no I -re l. \n, loelil ed. lelo ^r
v\he'e a-o i I \ 5ro. -pld I .lu a .o-po P r'
^r ^
be Dark Bronz€ Baked En;me (DB-E)

Ordering lnlormation
Po r Strefglh Shalt Tota Blr a Racewal Rrerav
l",or' E. l"Pr D'o /'
8' Pw8t.3x34 3'r3t's" 106 26" 16' l'sq
10' 26- 16" l"sq
12' 16"

14'9" Pwr5r.45x5
20' 50"
Dot". rF qh ' oo g'polarlld lhe ur '" -
' Strenath Factor ",ror u\'boaq-d
q. litn o, fo o \'r:on'd'lot'Ioolhe po r" soo -soebd ''o o'oi L !

Add sufl xes to pole catalog n!mber
Qross Seclions Suriace Treatrne.l
s Standard f al SM Smoolh D aned

sT Srr ared {verlical

Optional Ballast Box

Sha be one piece casl al!minum. aloy 356 wilh bitlm nous painl on beow grade
porlons Balast and spice comparlments are separaled by a double wal, aird al
,o.F qd rpr' jloa n6ope16 Bo... pa4 eoii pa(l's e ern drrng no_
"rtsoo o"r'- o-.Flrincsr rrnq o talo o .oldp "'o- lhorgrI'ps ''
Slandard cond!tlappng s two ri NPT and one i',' N P T in botlon Oplona
lapp nqs are ava lab e n bottom or sides. Box siaclorylestedwthl0ps inlerfal
a; oreasure wh le tota v subrnerqe{i n water Volume of spl ce comparlrnenl s 30 cub c
inches and al ba lasls are conslanl waxage autolranslormers. H P F. ior 20"F
srarl nq. D!rnq nstalalon. conduil enlres should be sealed wth FIV (bv othe.s) to
mainla n a c ea.. dry spl ce comparlment
lpeml ng Shrllig

93 082 080
75 watt
Mercury Vapot 93 0.4r 0 40

.100 li8 Li5 r oo

watt ll8 060 058
Mercury vapor ll8 052 050
r 18 f45 043

175 wart 205 180

illtri ',13 205 090
Mercury vapor IB 113 ,19 205
0 90
205 075 071

250 watr I3:i3? 11! 285 145

Mercurv vapor IB;33 i1? 285285 108

tzs watt 2r0 tl0

IB;3,t liF 2i0 1.04
0 52
Metalic Haride lB 13: t19

Ordering Example
{ + {+

820 - 10 K m Llghtinq, lnc.

Non-tapered ffi ffi
Poles fti ft1
rectangular laminaled wood potes

For arm mounted rixtures onry ltl llLl

S pecif ications
Construction-Shaft shall be direct burial type, fabricated frorn
structural laminated Douglas Flr or Southern Pine. Pole shall be pressure
treated with 0.5 lbs. pentachlorophenol per cubic foot by the Cellono
process. Treatment shall conform to AWPA Standard C28-69. Shaft shall
be lurn shed with an internaL raceway and the top shall be covered by an
aluminum cap. Pole shall carry a twenty year warranty frorn date of
purchase against failure to carry design loads due to decay or insect
Arm Mounts Extruded alurninur. cleats welded to aluminum plates
shall be furnished for field mounting to the pole shaft. Plates shall be
finished to match the luminaire arms and when installed, the arms shall
cover and conceal the cleats.
Cross Sections-Shall be rectangular llat sided in all shaft sizes. An "H"
section is available for 4111' x 5" shaft sizes only.
Finish-GoLden Pine or Mocha Pine stains are available f or smooth
planed or striated sides. A natural unstained flnish is also available for
jobsite staining only.

Ordering lnformation
Race Race-
Arm Pole Strength Sh!ft Total Burial way way
Afiangement Height Cztalog No. Factor Slze Length Delth DeDth Size
0n€ 10' Ptllo.3x34.i 122 3"x33/a" 12'6"2'6" 1'6" 1" sq.
12' Pwi2.3x4i.r 149 3"x41/a" 15'9"3'9" l'6" 1" sq.
14'9" pwts-qsxsl zst 4Y2" t5" I9'9"5'0" 2'A" 3it"x2\4"
10' Pwlo-4lxl-z 477 41/2"x5" 12'6"2'6" l'6" 3/4"\214"
ii;:ffi 12' P.w12.4sxs.2 37i, 4Y,"x5" 15'9" 39 16 \t' t2
14'9" pwts.qsxs.z zat 4Yz"x5" 19'9" 5'0" 2'A" 1i"y2r/4''
* Slrength Factor-Pole strength factor must be eq ual to or greater than
the luminaire strength factor. Listed pole strength factors are for 85 l\,4pH
steady or '1 10 Nl PH gusting winds. For conversion factors to other wind
veloclties, see inside back cover of the cataloo

Add suffixes to pole catalog number
Cross Sections Surface Treatment Stains
S Standard flat SM Smooth planed G Golden Pine. Light
sided staln slrnilar to
oak flooring color

H H section ST Striated (vertical M Mocha Pine. Dark

with grooves, grooves) stain sim ilar to
available for waln ut color
4%" x 5" shaft
size on ly
N Natural unstained
finish for lobsite
stain ing

Ordering Example

oor'" ,"'"'-"{'u--'
+ ++

Kim Light ng, lnc 820-1l

ln-Pole Ballasts Mercury Vapor

Mercuryvapor y;iltY*
For Line Line Operaiing Starting
Type Watts N,4ounting Volts Cat. No. Watts Amps Amps
cwA-HPF tr& 75 -3"O.D. 12O BMV-200 95 0.82 0.75

Posl-Lrne I
or 2oB BMV-201 95 0.48 0.45
3" sq z4o BMV-202 95 0.41
I 0.36
ffi 277 BMv-203 95 0.35
cwA-HPF e 100 -3" o.D. 120 BMV-210 122 1.10 0.85
| 3i"o 277
3,3 SHy.ill 123 33i
BMV-213 122 0.50
5 0.40
cwA-HPF E 175 '3" O.D. 120 BMV-220 215 1.80 1.s0

t'osl-Lrne I
or 2oB BMV-221 215 1.05 1.oo
3" sq' 240 BMv-222 21s 0.90
I 0.85
fr 277 BMV-223 215 0.80
cwA-HPF tr8 25O -3" O.D. 12O BMV-230 300 2.60 1.80
| 3i"o i2:, BHY:lll IBB ll3
BMV-233 3oo 1.15
E 277 o.8o

CWA-HPF Constant Wattage Autotransformer, high power C
factor (90% or better), 20'F. starting.

"With 3" O.D. round poles, wire splices must be

located in the pole, above and below ballast.

820 - t2 Kim Lighting, lnc.

ln-Pole Ballasts Metallic Halide
High Pressure Sodium

Metallic Halide Minimum

Po le Slze
For ln Pole Line Lin e Operaiing Starting
Type N,4ounting Volts Cat. No. Watts Amps Amps
CWA-HPF 175 5" O.D. 120 BMH-3OO 210 '1
.80 0.90
Core and or 208 BMH-301 210 1 .O4
coil on 5" sq BMH-302 210 0.90 0.45
m ou nting 244
strap 277 BMH-303 210 0.78 0.39
CWA-HPF 250 5" O.D. with 120 BMH-310 aot 2.50 '1.60
Core and .125 wall 208 BMH-311 ta, 1 .44 0.9 2
coil on only.
m ou ntin g 240 BMH-312 1 .25 0.80
strap 5" sq. 277 BMH-313 292 '1.08 069

CWA-HPF Constant Wattage Autotransformer, high power
factor (90% or better), 20'F. starting.

High Pressure Sodium Minimum

Pole Size
For ln-Pole Line Line Operating Starting
Type Watts l\lounting Volts Cat. No. Watts Amps Amps
-3" O.D 120 BH S.400 97 0.89 1.05
or 2AB BH S-40't 97 0.51 0.58
3" sq. o.44
n70 -3" O.D
s7 0.38
HR-HPF 100 120 BHS-410 1.25 1.3s
B or 208 BHS-4r1 0.72 0.73
3" sq. 240 BHS-412 136 0.62 0.66
277 BHS-413 136 0.54 0.63
LAG-HPF 150 5" O.D. 120 BHS-420 1BB 1.65 2.00
Core and 55 volt or 208 BHS-421 1BB 1.00 'I .15
collon lamp 5" sq. 240 BHS-422 188 0.90 1.00
strap '// / BHS-423 188 0.80 0.85
HR-HPF 150 5" O.D. 120 BHS-430 lBB 1.65 2.00
Core and 100 volt or 208 BHS-431 '188 0.95 1 .15
coil on lamp 5" sq.
mo u ntin g 240 BHS-432 188 0.83 1.00
strap 277 BHS-433 1BB 0.72 0.85
B 250 5" O.D.
5" sq. 240 BHS-442 1.40 1.90
t-l 277 BHS-443 306 1 .20 1.60

HR-HPF High Reactance, high power factor (90% or
better), 20'F.starting.
LAG-HPF Lag Circuit, high power factor (90% or better),
20"F. starting.

-With 3" O.D. round poles, wire spl ces must be

located in the pole, above and below ballast.

Kim Liqhtinq, lnc. 820 - 13

For Single Fixtures
Proportion Aid

18" d a.

These random pole and luminaire comb nations wilL aid n selecting
5" O.D. the desired pole height proportional to the lum naire size.
lf proportions are critcal, your own scale drawings should be
constructed to assure personal satisfactlon.

18" dia.

22" d a.

18" x 34"
4" sq. Ellipsold

18" d a.
18" dia. 16" sq 3%" O.D.
WTC Cube Pole 29'da.
Trad tionai
Lum na re
3" sq. Po e 14,, x 26" 8 sq.

lx;:' (\.
Cy nder

Proportion Aid For Multiple Fixtures

These randorn po e and lurnina re comb nations wil ad in seLectng
the desired pole height proportional to the lumina re size.
f proportions are critical, your own scale drawings should be
constructed to assure personal satisfact on.

22 d a. Spheres
20 sq. Cubes


18'd a.
20'Arrns Spheres
5 0 D.
x I8" Rlsers
18" d a.

'' O.D. x 18" 394" O. D. x 18"

5" O.D

Wind Map Pole Strength Factor

Pole strength factor conversions To convert any pole strength factor frorn the standard 85 m.p.h.
steady wind capacity to one that more closely conforms to the jobsite
locat on, use the above wind map and the following chart:

N.4 u t ply pole

Wind rnap .Gusting w

nd strength factor
steady wind equlvalent by
60 m.p.h. 78 m.p.h. 2.OO
70 m.p.h. 91 m. p. h. 1.43
80 m.p.h. 104 m.p.h. 'I.t I
85 m.p.h. 110 m.p.h. r.00
90 m.p.h. 117 m.p.h. 0.83
100 m.p.h. 130 m.p.h. 0.67
110 m.p.h. 143 m.p.h. 0.56
'156 rn. p. h.

'l 20 m.p.h. 0.48
'Standard 1.3 gust factor used.