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March (DATE)
To: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

I, , a citizen of Canada was born on , resident of , I hereby, would like to verify my purpose to invite
Mr. to visit me in Canada for a period of time starting on

I am requesting to consider Mr. application for a visitor's visa for the following reasons.

During their stay in Canada, will live with me and my family in our home, which we have possession
of and where we live. I vow to provide lodging, board and to pay for all expenses incurred during
their visit to Canada and I vow to be legally responsible for them.

I hold enough funds to bear all the expenses mentioned in this. I have been working at . I undertake
to make sure that do not remain in Canada further than the period allowed for their stay and that
they will return to as stated by the conditions of their visitor's visa.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
To Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

My name is XXXXXXX, a Canadian citizen, born on XXXXXXX, and currently residing at

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. My cellular contact number is XXXXXXXXXXXX. I'm currently
working as an electrician with XXXXXX, for over 2 years. I am currently living alone. Please
see attached birth certificate photocopy.

My purpose for writing this invitation letter is to invite XXXXXXXXX, my wife who is a citizen
of Vietnam, to come to Canada for the purpose of visiting me, and also to travel to
Vancouver and a few other towns, together. She was born on XXXXXXXXXXX in Ho Chi Minh
City, Vietnam. Her current address is XXXXXXXXXX Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her phone
number is XXXXXXXXX. Please see the enclosed documents showing her parents owning
the home at the above address, her entire family having lived at the home, and her birth
certificate showing the names of her parents. Our proposed length of stay is 3 weeks, from
August 29 to September 21, 2014.

I would like you to consider XXXXXXXXXXXX's visitor visa application for the following

XXXXXXXXX was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is currently working as a
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. She has lived at her current address for almost her entire life. Her
parents, eldest sister, brother-in-law, two nieces, sister-in-law, and herself are currently
living at this address. Her second sister (XXXXXXXX) and brother (XXXXXXXXXX) also lived
at her current address for a large majority of their lives, but moved out in 2013 and 2008,
respectively. Please see IMM5645 for their current addresses. XXXX also has many relatives
living in Vietnam as well, but has no family members or relatives residing in Canada, with
the exception of myself. Therefore, XXXXX's family ties in Vietnam are very strong, and has
a compelling tie to return to Vietnam.

Her employment history includes being a XXXXXXXXXX for almost 2 years, and is currently
a XXXXXXXXXXXXX. At her current job, she earns on average, around XXXXXXXXXXXX a
month, which is 5 to 7 times greater than the average salary of a Vietnamese worker, and
can support herself comfortably, hence she is able to gather more than enough funds for
her stay in Canada.

XXXXXXXXX has an extensive travel history, having been to USA under a student visa, twice
to Singapore, China, and Malaysia. She also does not have any criminal record in Vietnam or
in the USA, please see attached criminal record checks.

XXXXXXX and I got married on Dec 30, 2013, and had our marriage registered a couple
weeks later, in Vietnam. I have visited XXXXXXXX twice in total, each visit being 2 months
each, in length. However, XXXXXXXX has never been to Canada before, and we have talked
about her coming to Canada to not only visit me and my family, but also to travel around to
explore a little bit of Canadian culture. More importantly, I want her to visit me so that she
can see what it would feel like to live here, to live in her future house, and what her lifestyle
would become in the future. I feel it is only fair that after having visited her twice already, I
would like for her to visit me at least once. She currently has a permanent residence
application ongoing, with me being the sponsor. However, this does not mean she intends
to overstay her visa. XXXXXXXXX understands this and only wants to get this visitor visa to
be with me, not to use it to stay here illegally. Also, XXXXXXXXX does not plan on working,
or seek work while on this visa, nor do anything else that would violate the terms of the
visitor visa.

Attached to this application are plans for our upcoming trip to Europe. We plan to spend
half the trip living in Paris with a friend who will let us stay with him without expenses.
Combined with both our incomes, we can easily afford this trip, and will absolutely go,
pending any unexpected changes to our plans. Because of this planned trip, this shows
XXXXXXX has no plans to stay in Canada on her visitor visa.

During XXXXX's stay in Canada, she will live with me in my home in Edmonton, therefore
she will have no living expenses. See attached mortgage document showing proof of
ownership. I will also be the one driving her around the city, so she will have no
transportation expenses. While I'm going to work on the weekdays, she will remain in my
house until I return home, after which we will go out and hang out together. This way, I will
still be earning an income and supporting both of us while she is here. I'm a 4th year
electrician earning about XXXXXXXXX a year, working at my current company for over 2
years, and I also have a healthy bank balance. On weekends, we plan to take trips to Sylvan
Lake and Lake Louise (see Purpose of Visit document). All food, entertainment, and other
miscellaneous expenses will be taken care of by me. XXXXXXXX will still bring lots of funds
into Canada, but they will not be used at all, and will only serve as a backup source of funds.

I've purchased for XXXXXXX , travel insurance (see attached proof) for the duration of her

trip, a $150,000 policy, the maximum coverage available. Therefore, neither Canadian
taxpayers nor myself will need to bear any unexpected medical costs for her.

As mentioned before, XXXXXXXX plans to stay from August 29 to September 21, 2014. She
will initially land in Vancouver, where I will meet her. We both plan on staying in Vancouver
for the long weekend, and then return to Edmonton together. After 3 weeks, XXXXXXXXX
will board a plane back to Ho Chi Minh City. If she is unable to get a visitor visa in time to
buy plane tickets before August 29, we will just take the Vancouver trip on whatever future
date she will arrive here, and take our weekend trips on a future date after that.

Having considered XXXXXXX's travel history, strong family ties back in Vietnam, lack of
criminal record, well paying and genuine occupation, detailed plans while in Canada,
detailed plans of a future trip away from Canada, healthy amount of funds for her stay, proof
of travel insurance, as well as my job and assets, I sincerely request that you could grant
XXXXXXX a visitor visa into Canada.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
To Whom It May Concern,

My name is XXXXXXXXXX from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and I'm the wife of XXXXXXXXXX,
my husband who is living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm writing this letter in the hopes
of demonstrating why I would like to apply for a visitor visa to Canada. My main purpose of
applying for a visitor visa is to visit and spend time with my husband. He has visited me
twice already in Vietnam, for the past two years, and in both visits, he has stayed for 2
months each time. It was very difficult for him to have to take so many unpaid months off
work to visit me each time, so therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to spend time
with him in Canada.

I would like to stay in Canada for three weeks, starting from August 29 to September 21 of
this year. My husband and I plan to have me living in his home in Edmonton, Alberta, where
he will take care of all expenses, including mortgage, utilities, food, living expenses, and
entertainment. He is a 4th year electrician with a salary of about XXXXXXXXXX a year with a
healthy bank balance, no debts, and no dependents. On weekdays, he will continue to go to
work while I stay at his house, so that he will continue to have an income during my stay. On
weekends, we plan on taking a weekend trip to Vancouver together, a trip to Lake Louise,
and a trip to Sylvan Lake with my husband‘s family. Vancouver trip expenses will be
covered by my husband, while the Lake Louise and Sylvan Lake trips are only a few hours
drive (see attached document “Plans While in Canada”). My husband will be my only source
of transportation, so I will not have to spend on taxis or public transit. He will also buy me
private health insurance during my stay. Any extra funds that I'm bringing to Canada will
likely only be used as a last resort, as my husband has a good job and salary, and will take
care of all expenses.

My travel history includes trips to Singapore (twice), China, Malaysia, and the United States
(had a valid student visa for a year). My family ties include my husband in Canada, and my
father, mother, two older sisters, two brother-in-laws, two nieces, and relatives living in Ho
Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I've lived with my immediate family my entire life in the very same
house they are living in now, so my family ties back in Vietnam are still very strong.

I understand that I currently have a family class permanent residence application ongoing
with my husband, but this does not mean I plan to overstay my visitor visa and not return
home. I've lived in Vietnam almost my entire life, I have virtually all of my friends and
immediate family living there, my family ties are strong back home, and I will absolutely
return home before my visa expires. My permanent resident application will likely take a
long time to complete, and I don't want to be apart from my husband too often, therefore I
only ask that I be given a chance to visit and spend time with him. I do not wish to ruin my
permanent resident application by overstaying, this will only keep me and my husband apart
longer, so you can be sure that I will absolutely leave Canada before my visa expires. Last,
but not least, I have absolutely no intention of working during my stay, not only would that
be a violation of the terms of my visa, but there is no need anyway as my husband is taking
care of all my expenses.
To show my further intention of not overstaying my visitor visa, I’ve attached another
document (“Plans for trip to Europe in December 2014 “) that shows our detailed plans for
our planned month-long trip to Europe this December. We haven’t bought any flight tickets
or booked any hotels yet for this trip, as it is 6 months away, I still have yet to be approved
for a Schengen visa, and we may decide to change our destinations in the future.

I hope this letter will help convince you of my genuine desire to visit my husband and
leaving Canada at the end of my stay. Thank you very much for your time.