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Questioner Form to Survey to study the relationship between motivation and reward system

Industry: GCC
Date: March 2012

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Monetary Rewards
1 Rewarding the employees by increasing
their salary can increase their motivation
2 Monetary rewards are paid in terms of
profit sharing, which can increase
employee performance.
3 Monthly bonuses are provided to
employees, which are considered as a
token of their hard work.
4 Monetary rewards should be paid on the
basis of employee performance, which
can be measured by using performance
appraisal techniques.
5 If hardworking employees are paid more
bonuses than it can ultimately increase
the motivation among other employees to
work hard.

Non- Monetary Rewards

6 Employees perceive Non- Monetary

Rewards as a career opportunity to get a
strong position in the organisation.
7 Recognising the employees on the basis
of their efforts is vital to improving their

Created on 20 February 2012

8 Non-monetary rewards increase the
Competence of employees to work in an
effective manner.
9 The research shows that intrinsic factors
increase the self-accomplishment of an
10 Sharing compliments of customers with
employees can is considered as an
important non-monetary benefit, which
praises the employees.

The motivation of Executive level Employees

11 The motivation level of executives is

important for enhancing the current
performance of real estate firms.
12 Monetary rewards are vital to increase
the total productivity level of executives.
13 Non-monetary rewards improvise the
performance of employees and their
participation level in the organisation.
14 Rewards are not only important for lower
level employees but they are also vital for
high-level management staff.
15 Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are
significant to fulfil the needs of

Created on 20 February 2012