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Component Integration

4 days

This course explores the OASyS DNA 7.5 configuration requirements for
telemetry, communications and historical data.

This course is intended for personnel who require a general understanding of
OASyS DNA to enable system configuration.

Learners should have familiarity with basic computer functionality and
terminology. Basic understanding of networks is helpful.
Component Integration

Course Content

1. Component Integration Outline

Outline of course.

2. System Overview
This module introduces basic SCADA architecture, terminologies, hardware components
and the network structure of OASyS DNA 7.5.

3. DistribuSyS Configuration
This module discusses the key concepts and inter-system communication strategies for
the DistribuSyS model.

4. NMC Navigation
This module introduces the basic capabilities of the Network Management Console

5. ezXOS
This module discusses the key concepts of ezXOS and introduces the user interface and
graphical features.

6. ADE (Advanced Database Editor)

This module introduces the Advanced Database Editor (ADE) used for configuring the
Realtime Database.

7. Database Configuration
This module introduces the Advanced Database Editor (ADE) and configuring user
security, authorities and permissions.

8. Alarms and Events

This module introduces the key concepts of the Event and Alarm SubSystems and
configuring of alarm suppression and limits.

9. Realtime Utilities
This module discusses SQL for Realtime Database access and various command line
utilities for accessing Realtime data.
Component Integration

Course Content

10. Historical Utilities

This module provides an overview of the Historical service, databases, and queries using

11. Trending
This module introduces the concepts of Global Trends and how to create and manage
the trends.

12. Appendix: DNA Swana

This module introduces the functionality of the protocol software analyzer (SWANA).

13. Appendix: Communication Management

This module examines alternate connection types and communication modes and
configuring modem related tables.

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