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5-Groove Wedge and DR Phantom

according to ASTM E2737

Performance Evaluation and Long-Term-Stability Test

for DDA systems according to latest standards and
Digital Detector Array Performance Evaluation and Long-Term-Stability Tests
The standard ASTM E2737 describes the evaluation of DDA systems for industrial radiology. It is intended to ensure that the evalu-
ation of image quality, as far as this is influenced by the DDA system, meets the needs of users, and their customers, and enables
process control and long term stability of the DDA systems.
These tests are to monitor the system performance for degradation and to identify when action needs to be taken if the system
degrades by a certain level – i.e. influenced after repairs, hardware-/ software upgrades.

5-Groove Wedge
Simple to set-up and use universal test wedge according to ASTM E2737 - available in two versions. Selection shall base on the most
stringent material used in the application.

5-Groove Wedge 5-Groove Wedge

Heavy Metal Light Metal
made of stainless steel made of aluminum

Article no. 11 00170 Article no. 11 00171

DR Phantoms
These DR Phantoms are designed for special applications, but also proposed for monitoring DDA performance.

Duplex Plate Phantom DR Phantom TAM – Aviation

Described in ASTM E2737, Special design for Aerospace Industries –
but also for special inspection set-up dimensions, only. turbine blade inspection

Two flat plates made of the material used in the application Step wedges with 7 steps – acc. to TAM …
or of the most stringent material, and with the thickness IQI plaques acc. to TAM …/ ASTM E1742
suitable to the object to be inspected: made of the material used in the application or of the most
Bottom Plate stringent material i.e. Titanium and Inconel
Top Plate, half size of Bottom Plate Duplex Wire Type IQI - ASTM E2002/ ISO 19232-5
BAM snail

Adapter Plate
Article no. 11 00311

Duplex Plate Phantom - set-up


Duplex Wire Type IQI - ASTM E2002/ ISO 19232-5

Article no. 11 00155
DR Phantom TAM
Hole Type Indicator - ASTM E1025 or E1742 Article no. 11 00310
Article no. depending on size/ type

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