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224 West Broad Street, Tamaqua, PA 18252 USA Phone (570) 668-1622
Faces of the World, Inc. is a registered 501 c3 Non-profit corporation.

25, May 2018

Dear Arma Museum,

This is a proposal and idea to create an exhibit that will bring the portrait painting
of Stephen Bennett to the Arma Museum. We propose that Arma Museum be the venue to
bring the colorful and stimulating work of Stephen Bennett to Bali.

It will be a portrait-painting project to create 20 large-scale portraits. Interaction

with the public and children is the most important goal of this project. Mr. Bennett had had
20 years of teaching experience with children. He is open to ideas to how best incorporate
the work of children in this project.

The project would take over one year to complete. We are proposing that the
project begin in 2019 and be completed a year later. The project would be funded by Faces
of the World, Inc., Stephen Bennett and sponsors. We are proposing that Arma Museum
provide the venue for the final exhibit and assist in any way that would be proper. Mr.
Bennett will be searching for sponsors to provide lodging and studio space to make the

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Stephen Bennett
Founder and Director of Faces of the World, Inc.

224 West Broad St. Tamaqua, PA 18252 Tel: 570 668 1622
Email: and

Portrait Painting Project
Stephen Bennett is an American portrait painter
who over the last 30 years has traveled to over 50
countries. He seeks out indigenous people to
capture their soulful faces with colorful paintings on
a grand scale. Young, old, joyful, and withered
faces populate these vibrant canvases, celebrating
a variety of ethnic strains. Bennett's mission is to
preserve and celebrate the world's diversity through
a unique style of painted realism. The focus of his
paintings is on the eyes that invite us to enter and
experience our common humanity. For he truly
believes we are all one people.

Stephen Bennett's mission is to study and paint portraits of people around

the world. He promotes social interaction and cultural exchange between the
diverse people he meets.

Stephen Bennett creates working partnerships with

local schools, churches and cultural organizations of
the host country, with each trip culminating in a
locally held public cultural and educational exhibition
of paintings of the local people.

Faces of the World, Inc. (FOTW) is an organization

dedicated to uniting humanity through art and
education. FOTW was begun in 1996 and
incorporated in 2005. The mission of FOTW is to
inspire and empower through teaching portrait
painting workshops to children. These workshops
combine education and
mentorship improving
confidence, skills and
providing an essential mode of expression. Stephen
Bennett and volunteers have taught portrait painting
workshops to over 10,000 children worldwide.

During his travels within the host country Stephen

Bennett works as an art teacher and art ambassador.
He conducts portrait-painting workshops to artists of all
ages. He makes himself available to those who are on
the path of artistic expression, creating friendships and
fellowship that leads to growth and community.
- Create 20 large-scale portraits.
- Unite the people of Bali and visitors through artistic expression and fellowship.
- Educate children and introduce the unique traditions of Bali to visitors.
- Inspire and stimulate local residents and children to become active in the arts and
become active cultural ambassadors.
- Increase awareness of the importance of the survival and sustainability of the
priceless Balinese culture.
- Empowerment of children and young artists by including them within the project.
- Culminate into a collaborative exhibition that is a celebration of spectacular world

"I hope that my portrait paintings will inspire, empower and preserve the cultural diversity
of the world." – Stephen Bennett


ARMA MUSEUM PROJECT will begin with

Stephen Bennett spending 12 months
creating 20 large-scale portraits, some 2-3
meters high, for exhibition. The exhibit will be
a collaborative event to promote local artistic
expressions and be venue for performances
and lectures. The final exhibit will take place
in an exhibit space at the ARMA MUSEUM.


No project is complete without collaboration. Stephen Bennett and Faces of the World, Inc. are
seeking partners and sponsors to realize ARMA MUSEUM PROJECT. In previous years Stephen
has worked with Presidents, Ministers, teachers, children, corporations, non-profit organizations,
local businesses, celebrities, cultural icons, artists, athletes and spiritual leaders. He will again
contact these same groups and create an alliance to promote the goals of all involved through
art. These collaborations will create a momentum and merging of ideas and solutions. Each
member will add an integral part to complete the whole. In the final exhibit all those involved will
benefit through the publicity and attention drawn by the project.

Stephen Bennett states: “As a young art student I did not awaken to the possibility of being an
artist until I met a real living and breathing adult professional artist.” One of the most powerful
effects of contact between adults and children is the ability to inspire dreams. Children see that
what they aspire to is possible when a role model comes into their lives. Mentorship is a vehicle
that will push a child to try harder and overcome hardship to reach their dreams. Stephen uses
his experience and success around the world to lift children up so they can believe in

(Bario Baseball and his Portrait) (Stephen Bennett and supermodel, Iman)


A face captured and painted on canvas has a powerful effect. Throughout history portraits
been used as powerful tools of symbolism. Think of the image of Jesus Christ, Che Guevara or
Mao. Portraits become icons and icons are unforgettable. Stephen Bennett strives to create
icons of the indigenous and local people he meets to give the community a sense of identity. As
locals of each community see their family member or cultural leader captured on such a large
scale it creates strong feelings of pride and wellbeing. Stephen has experienced this all over the
world. He creates portraits to document the world’s indigenous people as a record for future
generations. His portraits are made of the finest cotton archival canvas and hand made lightfast
pigments. They are crafted to last for many years to be enjoyed by and empower the
generations to come.


Following a tradition of portrait exhibits around the world in museums and cultural centers;
including the National Museums of Sarawak in Malaysia and the Republic of the Seychelles and
the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Stephen Bennett will host an exhibit of 20 or more
large scale portraits of the diverse people of the world. The exhibit will include portrait paintings
of local people as well as prominent artists, writers, athletes, and government officials from
Denmark who participate in this project.
“Smiling Barkhor Girl” –Tibet 2011 by Stephen Bennett

(With King Gustave and Queen Silvie of Sweden in Brunei) (Stephen Bennett, Dubai television)

Press, sponsors, cultural leaders, artists, celebrities, leading role models and the public are
invited to inaugurate the ARMA MUSEUM exhibition. Stephen’s subjects in his portrait paintings
will be invited as guests of honor and the featured highlight of the evening.
(James Gray Gallery 2008, Los Angeles)


This project will be partially funded by corporate, government, and non-

government organizations. Stephen Bennett is open to all sponsors and is
interested in creating working relationships where his work can be used to promote
the needs and causes of the sponsor. After 25 years of promotion, Bennett’s
images are powerful and recognizable icons.

Stephen Bennett’s images have been used to promote many products and causes
such as:

Nika Water:

United Nations Postal Administration:

-Stephen Bennett will give recognition on all

printed promotional materials including press,
posters, banners, Dura trans, social media,
invitations, t-shirts etc.

-This exhibit and project will generate significant

local and international press coverage and
subsequently the sponsors will be broadly

-Sponsors will be gifted with high-resolution

images of Stephen Bennett's paintings in
exchange for services and assistance.
-The sponsorship organization can choose to have Stephen Bennett paint a
complimentary portrait in exchange for funds or services donated to the project.
In the past Stephen Bennett has painted portraits of Presidents, Ministers,
Senators and Celebrities.

-Sponsors will be gifted the travel photographs made by Stephen Bennett during
the project in exchange for assistance.
(United Nations Postal Administration, Indigenous People Series Postage Stamps 2010, by Stephen Bennett)
Exhibit at the Venetian Hotel, Macao, China
Mandatory Budget: (estimated) Some costs and expenses can be gifted or
provided by hosts and sponsors.

Detail Approximate
Flight Round trip air/land from US to destination $2000
for Stephen Bennett
Visas and renewal for 6+ Stephen William Bennett $500
Insurance for artwork Damage and loss coverage $2000
Shipping of art supplies and Round trip air freight- sea freight will be a $1000
Paintings lover price
Transportation Total $4,500

Lodging and internal travel

Primary housing $4000
Land transport and travel $8000
Meals During travel $2000
Lodging and Travel Total $14,000

Studio space Large workshop to produce portraits $2000
Art assistant Art assistant and worker $1000
Woodshop materials Frames, Easels and painting supports $2000
Art supplies and photographic $8000
Gallery exhibit space for 2 $6000
month exhibit
Art-related Total $13,000

TOTAL $31,500
Previous projects and references:

May 2017 Group Exhibition: “Stephen Bennett, Faces”

Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen Cultural Center

November 2016 Solo exhibition: “Portraits”

Toledo, Ohio Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, Ohio, USA.

April/May 2015 Group Exhibition: “Stephen Bennett, Artist in Residence”

Tahiti, French Polynesia Le Meridien Tahiti, Punaaui, French Polynesia

May/June 2014 Solo Exhibition: Level 3 Rotunda “Faces of Light”

Macao, China Venetian Macao, Macao SAR, China

November 2013 Group Exhibition: Art San Diego, “Collide”

San Diego, California Balboa Park Activity Center, San Diego, CA

November/December 2012 Solo Exhibition: ”Stephen Bennett, Artist in Residence”

New York, New York Barrow Street Nursery, Greenwich House, NYC, USA

September 2012 Solo exhibition: “Papua New Guinea to Tibet”

Toledo, Ohio The Wolfe Gallery, Toledo, Ohio, USA.

December/March 2011 Solo exhibition: “Faces of the World”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Atlantis Hotel, The Palm Jumeriah, Dubai, UAE

October/November 2010 Solo exhibition: “World Portraits & the UN Postage Stamps”.
New York, New York 1133 Avenue of Americas/Durst Organization, New York, NY, USA.

December 2009 Solo exhibition: Selected Portraits from “Uniting Humanity”.

Dubai , United Arab Emirates The Arch Gallery, Repton School, Dubai, UAE.

January 2009 Solo exhibition: “Uniting through Faces ”.

New York, New York United Nations, New York, NY. USA.

October 2008 Solo exhibition: “The Africa Prize, Women of Achievement, ”.

New York, New York Sponsored by The Hunger Project. New York, USA.

October 2008 Solo exhibition: “South East Asia and Back ”.

Toledo, Ohio Wolfe Gallery, Toledo Ohio. USA.

September 2008 Group show, “Between Worlds: PTSD and Other Effects of War”
Davis, CA Chancellor’s International House, Davis, CA. USA.

July 2008 Solo show, “Friends and Family: Portraits”

Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff Art Gallery, CA. USA.

May 2008 Solo exhibition: “Kinship”

New York, New York 4 Times Square/Durst Organization, New York, NY. USA.

March/April 2008 Solo exhibition: “Kinship”

Brooklyn, New York Lobby Gallery/Durst Organization, 1155 Ave. of Americas, New York, NY.

March 2008 Solo exhibition: “Face Out”

Brooklyn, New York Elliman Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. USA.

November 2007 Solo exhibition: “Face to Face, Uniting Humanity”

Santa Monica, CA James Grey Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. USA.

August 2007 Solo exhibition: “Into Their Eyes”

Brooklyn, New York Planet Thailand, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. USA.

July 2007 Group Show: “Indigenous Exhibit”

New York, New York United Nations Headquarters, New York. USA.

July 2006 Solo exhibition: “Portraits of My World”

Kuching, Malaysia Sarawak Museum, Kuching, East Malaysia.

May 2006 Solo exhibition: “Portraits of the World”

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Empire Hotel and Country Club, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

April 2004 Solo exhibition: “Portraits of Australia and Namibia”

Toledo, Ohio The Wolfe Gallery, Toledo, Ohio, USA.

February 2004 Solo exhibition: “Portraits of the World”

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Empire Hotel and Country Club, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

December 2002 Solo exhibition: “Portraits”

New York. New York South Street Seaport Mall Gallery, New York, USA.

July 2002 Solo exhibition: “Portraits of Tanzania, Namibia and the Seychelles”
Arusha, Tanzania Cultural Heritage Centre Gallery, Arusha, Tanzania, Africa.

October 2001 Solo exhibition: “Portraits of Tanzania and the Seychelles”

Toledo, Ohio The Wolfe Gallery, Toledo, Ohio, USA.

June 2001 Solo exhibition: “Portraits of Tanzania and Seychelles”

Mahé, Seychelles National Art Gallery, Mahé, Seychelles.

October 2000 Solo exhibition: “The Treasures of Polynesia”

Toledo, Ohio 20 North Gallery, Toledo, Ohio, USA.

July 2000 Solo exhibition: “The Treasures of Polynesia”

Papeete, Tahiti City Hall Gallery, Papeete, French Polynesia.

August 1999 Solo exhibition: “A Portrait of the Americas”

Toledo, Ohio 20 North Gallery, Toledo, Ohio, USA.

March 1999 Solo exhibition: “The Portrait Painter”

Cancun, Mexico The Contemporary Gallery, Plaza Kulkulcan, Cancun, Mexico

February 1998 Solo exhibition: “In the Light of the Yucatan”

Cancun, Mexico 100 % Natural Restaurant, Cancun, Mexico.

April 1997 Exhibition with Denis Thuleau: “Women in Film”

New York, New York Benefit exhibition for AMFAR, Puck Building Gallery

December 1996 Solo portrait exhibition: “The Spirit of Panama”

Panama City, Panama Atlapa Convention Center, Panama, Republic of Panama.

November 1996 Group show: “Portraits of Panama”

Panama City, Panama Bernheim Gallery, Panama, Republic of Panama.

May 1996 Group exhibition for National Museum of Women in the Arts
New York, New York The Puck Building Gallery, New York, USA.

March 1996 Solo portrait exhibition: “L'habitation”

St-Martin Le Meridien, St. Martin, French West Indies.

September 1995 Six Murals for American Express at the World Financial Center:
New York, New York “Portrait of New York”
October 1994 Two man show: “Denis Thuleau and Stephen Bennett”
Paris, France Procrear, Theater-Galerie: Le Lavoir Moderne Parisien.

May 1994 Solo portrait exhibition: “Flower Self-Portraits”

Olympia, Oregon Wild Thyme Farm Gallery

March 1994 Solo portrait exhibition: “My Friends”

Isla Mujeres, Mexico Casa de Cultura

June 1993 Group exhibition: “Salon Show”

New York, New York Annie Heron Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

July 1992 Solo exhibition: “Most Wanted,” Mixed Media Works,

New York, New York Smitco Gallery

Michelle Pfeiffer, American, Academy Award Nominated Actor

Sharon Stone, Academy Award Nominated Actor
Barbara Hershey, Academy Award Nominated Actor
Iman, International Supermodel
Ruben Blades, Actor
President of the Republic of Panama, Ernesto Perez Balladares, Panama
American Ambassador to Panama, William Hughes, Panama
Marie Trintignant, Actress, Paris, France
U.S. Federal Court Judge, Nicholas J. Walinski, Toledo, Ohio
Tom Brokaw, National Television Anchorman, New York
Senator Arlen Spector, U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania
Queen Sylvia of Buganda Queen of Buganda/Uganda
Victor Espinoza, Jockey, Triple Crown Winner of 2015, San Diego
Kent Desormeaux, Jockey Hall of Fame
Gary Stevens, Jockey Hall of Fame

George Strait, Hall of Fame, Grammy Winning, Country & Western singer, Texas;
Drew Brees, Quarterback, National Football League, 2010 Super Bowl Winning
New Orleans Saints
Victor Espinoza, Jockey, Triple Crown Winner of 2015
President Fidel Castro, Havana, Cuba
Republic of Seychelles National Collection

Book, "El Spiritu de Panama" INAC Publications : Panama, 1997
United Nations Stamps 2009 Indigenous Peoples : Part One
United Nations Stamps 2010 Indigenous Peoples : Part Two
United Nations Stamps 2012 Indigenous Peoples: Part Three
American Artist Magazine ''Risk + Reward'' September, 2008
OF NOTE Magazine :
L’Artiste Magazine ‘’Stephen Bennett‘’, September, 2013
Time Out - Hong Kong 2014
Featured in : ‘PAINTING IN ACRYLICS ; The Indispensable Guide’,
By Lorena Kloosterboer.

1982 Schenectady County Community College, Major: Fine Art
1983 Russell Sage College, Major: Fine Art
1984 State University of New York at New Paltz, Major: Fine Art
Art Apprentice 1985 to 1988 to the Artist Mihai Popa, New York City

Born in Amsterdam, New York on August 6, 1961. Studio in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.
E-mail: Stephen Bennett:
Whatsap: +6281239645452
Skype: theportraitpaitner
Facebook: Stephen Bennett Portrait Painter

Thank you for your interest and kind consideration,

Stephen Bennett

Faces of the World Inc.