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NEW 2018

The original XO series has been a great success. We decided that once we have the series well ac- Our contribution to celebrate Finland’s 100th anniversary on 06.12.2017. Sisu rods will replace our
cepted we will introduce some additional models which we have been working for the past two sea- long term favourite Extreme. Sisu is a four piece rod and comes in a triangular nylon tube. Sisu has
sons. So, here you are: a 9’ #5 XO rod with a bit softer (medium) action, a great 10’ #3 for mod- modern medium fast action. It has plenty of power, is light and feels sensitive.
ern nymphing techniques and the ultimate heavy streamer and single-hand salmon rod 9’6’’ #8.

features: “Sisu is a Finnish concept and cultural construct that is de- AFTM # Length Pcs Item code RRP
- Unsanded & unpainted blank for the best action scribed through a combination of various English terms includ-
AFTM # Length Pcs Item code RRP ing stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness 4 8’ 4 VSU4804 479
- Novel silica nano resin combined with a mix of and is held by Finns themselves to express their national char-
3 10’ 4 VXO4103 745 4 9’ 4 VSU4904 485
different carbon fibres acter. It is generally considered to not have a literal equivalent in
5 9’ 4 VXO4905M 745 - Finnish Curly Birch wooden insert English. 5 10’ 4 VSU4104 485
8 9’6’’ 4 VXO4968 745 - Up-locking precision machined aluminum reel seat 5 9’ 4 VSU4905 485
Sisu is a grim, gritty, white-knuckle form of courage that is typi-
- AAAA Portugese cork with rubber cork 6 9’ 4 VSU4906 485
cally presented in situations where success is against the odds. It
reinforcments expresses itself in taking action against the odds and displaying 7 9’6’’ 4 VSU4967 495
- Patented single leg REC nickel titanium alloy guides courage and resoluteness in the face of adversity, in other words,
XOFLYFISHING.COM - Titanium stripping guides from American Tackle Co. deciding on a course of action and then sticking to that deci-
- Supplied in a custom aluminium tube with en sion even despite repeated failures. It is in some ways similar to
equanimity, with the addition of a grim kind of stress manage-
graved metal end caps together with a cloth bag ment.”
Source: Wikipedia

Who wouldn’t love a scale pattern on his/her fly

reel? For that reason we introduced a new Kust
Magnun reel with a beautiful engraved scale pat-
tern on the other side of the reel. This greyish-
blue reel is best suited for lighter DH rods and
switch rods, but can be used for heavier single-
hand rods as well. It is a heavy-duty reel with a
robust frame, full body rim and powerful brake.

We introduce three additional models to complement Merisuola family: #6 for those ideal condi- Line # Weight Diameter Volume Capacity Item code RRP
tions when your favorite shallow flat is dead calm and you can see tails and backs everywhere, #7 8 - 10 229 g 105 mm 170 cm 3
WF9 + 200 m 30 lb backing / Floating DH + shoot- VRM3.5 269
specially designed for coastal seatrout fishing and a generic #9 workhorse especially suitable for ing head + running line +150 m 30 lb backing
pike/barracuda fishing everywhere where you can find those aggressive toothy critters.

- A natural unsanded and unpainted blank for the
best action
- Unique silica nano resin combined with a mix of
different carbon fibres
- A double nut up-locking precision machined alu
minum reel seat
- Patented REC nickel titanium stripping and snake SkinnyWater - 9’ #6 SeatroutSling - 9’ #7 PredatorSlayer - 9’ #9
guides When a stealthy approach is required or the size of the tar- As the nickname suggest, this rod is truly a generic tool
Especially designed for coastal seatrout fishing but suits
- Full wells handles with AAAA Portuguese cork get fish is not that big, this light and sensitive rod is the extremly well for bonefishing as well. for targeting various predatory species all over the world.
with rubber cork enforcement. right weapon. Strong enough to cast big heavy flies and subdue some
- Fighting butt size varies with rod weight and has a Antti Guttorm: “The #7 rod is the choice of most sea- serious toothy critters, but still light enough for constant
target species branded on the end cap of the FB Antti Guttorm: “This is the ideal weapon on calm days trout anglers across the Baltic and beyond. The 3 light- casting in search of that active fish.
- Supplied in a custom aluminum tube with en on skinny water. I was personally surprised on a trip to Ha- est rods in the Merisuola range are first and foremost de-
graved metal end caps together with a cloth bag waii, which is the home of some of the biggest bonefish in signed for bonefish and seatrout fishing. This rod is a true Antti Guttorm: “On top of being the lighter option as
- Tested all over the world by sailfish, tarpon, permit, the world, when my guide told me to use a six weight rod. catapult with surprising amount of strength in such a light a permit tool this is also the rod of choice for the bad boys
We saw +10lb bonefish in really skinny water and it was flat and sensitive rod. This is the rod that our seatrout crash test in the flats and Baltic. This is as home casting crab flies for
jacks, bonefish etc…
calm. That is when you need softer presentation no matter dummies have been praising all around. Try it and get ad- permit as it is with deceivers for barracuda or pike.”
what size the bones are. Of course this is ideal for smaller dicted.”
AFTM # Length Pcs Item code RRP sized bonefish found on many Caribbean destinations.
6 9’ 4 VMS4906 795 And a great choice also as a lighter seatrout rod.”
7 9’ 4 VMS4907 795
9 9’ 4 VMS4909 795


Our proven Big Daddy rods are a great choice features:

for casting the big, air resistant flies. Their pow- - Based on our Big Daddy rods
erful medium fast action is forgiving and pleas- - 9’ #9 & 8’8’’ #9
ant when casting but they have brutal power for - Medium fast action
- Four piece rods Kalu reels are real value for money. Their outlook is from our famous GT reel, just fattened up. They
fighting monster size pike. Black EVA handles are are machined die-cast reels which have eaten a sealed, smooth, drag system consisting of stainless
- Titanium Recoil line guides by REC
extremely comfortable when the weather turns steel and carbon discs. The one turn drag adjustment knob is fully machined. It can take more than
- Titanium stripping guides by American Tackle
nasty. To better serve fanatic pike anglers, Vision enough backing with a suitable fly line.
will introduced Big Daddy Ti rods. Earlier intro- - Yellow blanks with Big Daddy markings The new Kalu Big Daddy model can eat easily #10 Big Daddy fly line and 50 meters of 30lb backing,
duced 9’ #9 will be accompanied with a shorter - Black EVA handle which makes it a proper tool for big pike hunters.
8’8’’ powerhouse. These rods will be noticed eve-
rywhere due to their bold appearance. The line
guides are made of titanium for hard abuse on
AFTM # Length Pcs Item code RRP Line # Weight Diameter Volume Capacity Item code RRP
saltwater conditions. They come in a special fi-
breglass rod tube and with a rod cloth. Show your 9 8’8’’ 4 VBT4889 349 7-8 177 g 95 mm 107 cm 3
WF10 + 50M 30lb VKV78D 129
addiction and be proud of it. 9 9’ 4 VBT4909 349 7-8 Extra spool Kalu Big Daddy VKV78D-001 49
AFTM # Grams / grains Length Pcs Item code RRP
7 26-34g / Skagit 520gr 12’8’’ 4 VXO4127 995
8 30-38g / Skagit 580gr 13’6’’ 4 VXO4138 995
In 2016 we introduced a premium single hand The rods are extremely light, sensitive but still - Unsanded & unpainted blank for the
best action 9 34-42g / Skagit 650gr 14’4’’ 4 VXO4149 1095
rod series called XO. We worked many years to powerfull modern mid-action DH rods. with ex-
- Novel silica nano resin combined with 10 38-46g / Skagit 710gr 14’8’’ 4 VXO41510 1095
get every piece of the process optimized. After ceptionally fast recovery speed. They have the
the launch of those outstanding single-hand same major high-quality components as we have a mix of different carbon fibres
- Finnish Curly Birch wooden insert
rods we shifted our focus to do the same with in our single-hand XO rods, but they have obvi-
- Down-locking precision machined
double-hand rods. Most of our guys are fanatic ously some modifications needed for a DH rods. aluminum reel seat
salmon fishermen, so we had also a very per- Those include for example a secure, easy-to-use - AAAA Portugese cork with rubber cork
sonal interest to get it right. We have been test- reel seat for handling bigger and heavier salmon reinforcments
ing XO DH prototypes all over the globe and now reels and clear markings indicating suitable Ace - Patented single leg REC nickel titanium
when 2017 salmon season is pretty much closed shooting heads and Ace Skagit lines. They have alloy guides
in Scandinavia, we are ready to release the re- the same elegant rod tubes and cloths as the - Titanium stripping guides from
sults: four great rod models to cover the majority single-hand rods. They came with an expection- American Tackle Co.
of the situations a salmon fisherman is expected ally good customer care. So if you want to get a - Supplied in a custom aluminium tube
to face while fishing for anadromous fish species premium DH to last a life-time, a XO DH rod is with en graved metal end caps together
anywhere in the world. definitely a great choiche. XOFLYFISHING.COM with a cloth bag
- Designed and developed in Finland


Our full-scale single-hand rod series Onki nailed us to create very light yet powerfull rods. The rest
AFTM # Grams / grains Length Pcs Item code RRP
FEATURES: 6 20-26 g / Skagit 400 gr 11’ 4 VON4116 395
it. Since the launch in 2016 it has been a real of the components are of great quality as well. - Medium fast action 7 23-30 g / Skagit 460 gr 11’ 4 VON4117 395
success in every possible way. Now our mission These rods are in a great price range and when - Light and sensitive 8 26-34 g / Skagit 520 gr 11’ 4 VON4118 395
is to do the same with new ONKI DH and ONKI compared to proven Tool rods they have a bit - Four piece rods
8 30-38 g / Skagit 580 gr 13’ 4 VON4138 459
SWITCH rods. The quality of high-modulus Ko- softer action, especially in the case of SWITCH - High-modulus Korean graphite (40 tn)
rean graphite (40 tn) is something you normally rods. - Green olive blanks with graphite 9 34-42 g / Skagit 650 gr 14’ 4 VON4149 479
find only in more expensive rods and it enabled grey markings 10 38-46 g / Skagit 710 gr 15’ 4 VON41510 495
Glass Streamer
- 7’6” #6, 2 – piece.
- Chrome plated stainless steel snake guides &
chrome plated stainless steel stripping guide.
- Insect green blank
- Small cork full wells handle & small cork fight-
ing butt. Matt black aluminium reelseat with
glass fibre insert.
- Cloth bag & fibre glass rod tube.
- Weight: 112g

Glass Daddy
- 8’ #9, 2 – piece.
- Chrome plated stainless steel snake guides &
chrome plated stainless steel stripping guides.
- Yellow blank
- EVA full wells handle & EVA fighting butt. Matt
black aluminium reelseat with glass fibre insert.
- Cloth bag & fibre glass rod tube.
- Weight: 165g

Glass Salmon
- 12’ #8, 4 – piece.
- Chrome plated stainless steel snake guides &
chrome plated stainless steel stripping guides.
- Bone colour blank
- Cork handle. Olive green aluminium reelseat
with glass fibre insert.
- Cloth bag & fibre glass rod tube.
- Weight: 269g

With this new Glass rod family you can forget

the old, slow fibre glass rod feelings. These rods
combine nicely modern actions with glass fibre’s
endless stretch. They feel light in hand and in
real fishing situations too. They have remarkably All these rods perform best with short headed Line # Weight Length Pieces Color Name Item code RRP
power reserve for the situations where you need lines. Vibe 85 or Bottom Express is ideal choice
6 112 g 7’6’’ 2 Insect green Glass Streamer VGS2766 285
it and when playing a fish they feel like rubber for Glass Streamer, Big Daddy goes very well with
9 165 g 8’ 2 Yellow Glass Daddy VGS2809 285
shock absorbers keeping the fish hooked until Glass Daddy and Glass Salmon will surprise you
the picture & release. when rigged with Ace Skagit head. 8 269 g 12’ 4 Bone white Glass Salmon VGS4128 395

#89, #910

#34, #56, #78

When you manage to launch a premium fly rod We have worked our butts off to do a new XLV The family contains two designs: #3-4, #5-6
series which is received well by your fellow an- fly reel family. These modern looking reels have and #7-8 have a V-shape in the chassis. Heavier
glers, it is pretty obvious, that you want to do that a proper disc brake package, a real large-arbour #8-9 and #9-10 models have the Vision heraldic
also with your new fly reel. A premium reel re- Light large-arbour reel with a well tested brake desing and an EVA handle which provides a solid shape. One family, two designs.
quires a world-class brake, plenty of line capcity, design and super cool outlook is our new pre- grip even in wet conditions.
a light but still solid construction and last but miun product to complement nicely for example
definitely not least a unique design to separate our top of the line XO fly rods. 3-4 class reel is Line # Weight Diameter Volume Capacity Item code RRP
it clearly from all the other reels on the market. implemented with a adjustable click brake for 3-4 110 g 84 mm 67 cm 3
WF4+ 60 m 20 lb backing VLV34 209
Those were our main objectives when we set out needed lightness, where as #5-6 and #7-8 class 5-6 120 g 95 mm 74 cm3 WF6 + 50 m 20 lb backing VLV56 209
to do just that with our novel XO fly reels. reels have a proper disc brake. 7-8 135 g 105 mm 100 cm3 WF8 + 150 m 20 lb backing VLV78 219
Line # Weight Diameter Volume Capacity Item code RRP 8-9 160 g 109 mm 114 cm 3
WF9 + 150 m 30 lb backing VLV89 249
3-4 65 g 85 mm 55 cm3 WF4+ 50 m 20 lb backing VXOR34 269 9-10 175 g 109 mm 170 cm 3
WF10 + 150 m 30 lb backing VLV910 269
5-6 123 g 95 mm 80 cm 3
WF6 + 50 m 20 lb backing VXOR56 369 3-4 Extra spool XLV 34 VLV34-001 89
7-8 135 g 103 mm 95 cm 3
WF8 + 150 m 20 lb backing VXOR78 369 5-6 Extra spool XLV 56 VLV56-001 89
3-4 Extra spool XO 34 Click VXOR34-001 149 7-8 Extra spool XLV 78 VLV78-001 99
5-6 Extra spool XO 56 VXOR56-001 159 8-9 Extra spool XLV 89 VLV89-001 109
7-8 Extra spool XO 78 VXOR78-001 159 9-10 Extra spool XLV 910 VLV910-001 109
Nymphmaniac is designed especially for modern
nymph fishing techniques together with the best
Finnish competition angler Jarkko Suominen:

“Nymphmaniac meets the requirements of the

most demanding anglers in a reasonable price
range. Everything on these rods are built with
the intended purpose in mind. These have been
designed to be as light and as easy to handle as
possible. The blank will stop like hitting a wall
without too much vibration when casting which
is extremely important to sustain a proper con-
tact and feel for light nymphs. New and mod- Solina will fill the void between Fisu and GT100
ern nymph rods have enough power in the tip outfit with a quality never seen before in this price
so hooking a fish is effortless but at the same range. As always everything starts with the line
time bend enough when a fish is making sudden which is our high quality and easy to cast Vibe 85.
movements when fighting it. Also fighting a big- The reel is our proven Kalu with matching colored
ger fish is not a problem with the power coming details with the rod. Solina set has a 4-piece rod
from the butt section of the rod. that was especially designed for this series. The
The perfect nymph fishing setup is complete with action is easy to cast for beginners but provides
a light reel and the Vision Ultra Light Nymph- power and sensitivity even for the more experi-
line.” enced fisherman.

AFTM # Length Pcs Item code RRP

3 10’ 4 VNY4103 345
4 10’ 4 VNY4104 345

Tane Sofarod is intened, as the name suggests,
to be used also indoors. Great for learning the ba-
sic principles of fly casting even while on sitting
on your sofa in front of a TV screen watching your
favorite fly fishing video.
The package inludes a miniature 4’ Tane fly rod
with a bulky fluorescent yarn. The yarn behaves features:
pretty much the same way as a fly line and gives - Well-balanced, easy-to-cast fly fishing outfit
you a valuable training also in situations where - Totally new 4-piece medium-action Solina rod
full length fly line is impractical. The package - Proven black Kalu reel with green details
inludes also two moundable target rings for ac- - Extremely popular easy-to-use Vibe 85 fly line
curacy practising. A great way to organise a fly - Suitable backing and 9’ tapered leader
fishing related game indoors with your family - Everything pre-spooled and ready for action
and friends. - Comes in a cordura tube with a reel pouch
- New price category for Vision outfits
VTA2400. Tane sofarod. RRP 79€
AFTM # Length Pcs Item code RRP
4 8’ 4 VSO4804 298
4 10’ 4 VSO4104 298
5 9’ 4 VSO4905 298
6 9’ 4 VSO4906 298
7 9’6’’ 4 VSO4967 298
New XO slow intermediate suites especially Big Mama is now available also as Intermediate Bottom Express is now available in 250 grain ver- Our number one selling line Vibe 85 just got bet-
coastal seatrout and general stillwater fishing. with a SINK 7 head in case you need to get really sion, which is best suited for rods in #7-8 classes. ter. We added the same coating as we have in our
XO is our most advanced flyline. It has our STD™ deep really fast or if you fish from fast drifting This line sinks like a stone ensuring you can al- Tane line. The new Vibe 85+ is now slicker and it
taper making it one of the easiest casting all boat and want to keep your fly deep. ways reach the very bottom. The rear part of the will stay that way even in warmer conditions. We
round fly lines. It also features varying hardness Big Mama is a perfect line for bulky and heavy head floats to avoid creating an angle with the didn´t touch the great taper. We also added line
coatings in different parts of the line; the head flies. The profile is a reverse compound taper running line. Sinking speed approximately 6-7 identification prints in the tip.
being softer allowing you to push arrow shaped with a short front taper to cut through wind. It has inches per second. Vibe 85+ has a 8,5 meter / 27,9 feet long head. It
tight loops and the runningline being harder a slick and supple coating which remains mem- is at its best in places with limited casting space
VBE250. Bottom Express 250gr
for carrying extra-long over hangs and ultimate ory free even in cold conditions. The low stretch and performs extremely well with switch and
RRP 79€
shootability. Due to XO's long rear taper and the core helps you to feel the takes and set the hook spey style casts. The low stretch core helps you to
fact that the line casts well no matter how much and also transfers casting energy better than tra- feel the takes and it also transfers casting energy
head is out we felt that the line doesn't have to ditional cores. The ready-made loops make it better than normal cores. The aggressive front
be two-toned. easy to attach the leader and backing. taper turns even heavier weighted nymphs and
streamers over with ease. The ready made loop
VBM9IS7. Big Mama 9IS7
- Small loops on both ends makes it easy to attach the leader.
RRP 89€
- Clear markings of the line weight near the tip
VKL3F - VKL8F. Vibe 85+ Float
- Head lenght 16 m. Total length 30 m
VKL5S3 - VKL8S3. Vibe 85+ Sink head
RRP 90€
New Big Mama leader family is made for active predator fly fishermen. You can choose your favorite
from three different options: Classic, Stealth and Wire. All models include a robust Mustad’s Fas-
tachTM clip for quick and easy fly change.


Classic model is made from our Wireline (35lb) Stealth model is made solely from our Space Wire model is 50 cm long piece of heavy-duty Perfectly balanced for salmon fishing. A long
tippet material and heavy duty fluorocarbon- fluorocarbon 0.90mm. It is ideal for those condi- wire (35lb) with a proper Mustad’s FastachTM clip heavy butt allows turnover of large salmon flies.
leader. They are attached with a tippet ring. This tions when the sea is calm and weather is sun- on the front end and a big loop on the rear end. it
makes it easy to change the wire tippet when ny and fish seem to be super spooky. The total is easy to attach the wire to your own leader.
Tippet dia. Butt dia. Strength Item code
needed. The overall length of the leader is a bit length of this leader is a bit over 2 m. It has a VBLW. Big Mama Wire 0.34mm 0.69mm 6,3kg 14lb VSL34
over 2 m. It has a Mustad’s FastachTM clip. loop on the rear end and sturdy Mustad’s Fas-
tachTM clip on the front end. 0.38mm 0.69mm 9,1kg 20lb VSL38
VBLC. Big Mama Classic
0.43mm 0.71mm 11,3kg 25lb VSL43
VBLS. Big Mama Stealth
This spool is THE backing for every big fish hunt-
er. 300 meters of super tough backing line with
50lb strength. A Vision innovation. This backing
is a quarter stronger, yet a quarter thinner than
ordinary Dacron backings. It is a combination of
strong Dyneema- fibers and Dacron. The mixture
is developed so that it won’t cut into itself. Comes
also in 28 and 36 lbs.
ITEM Color Length Strenght Item code
Dacspun blue/white 300m 50lb VB30050
Dacspun blue/white 2000m 50lb VB2050

EXTREME+ These PVC (robust and easy to keep clean) meas-
uring tapes are capable of measuring up to 138
The bigger one is 30 cm in width so you can put

cm, which should be enough for most of us. Dec- the fish right on top of it. It has an aluminum an-
orations based on our relevant (fish species & tar- gle attached to the start end to make sure that
get sizes) rod series: Abbo, Kust, (Big) Daddy and you’ll get the big fish measured easily and with-
(Big) Mama. Both tapes available now! out any (“unintended”) errors. Besides two snap
on buttons it has a useful wide and strong rubber
SMALL VERSION FOR EVERYBODY band to make sure that the rolled tape stays in a
The smaller tape is 6cm in width so it fits nicely nice package when not in use. This one is a must
into a small pocket (comes with a narrow Velcro- for everybody fishing from a boat.
Extreme tippet material has been in our reper- ITEM Dia. Length Strenght Item code type band for securing it) and is therefore easy to Dimensions 140cm * 30cm.
toire for ages because there is always a need for Extreme+ OX 50m VER0 carry with you regardless where you are fishing. VFM1. RRP 28€
slightly stiffer tippet, for example when fishing Extreme+ 1X 50m VER1 Dimensions 140cm * 6cm.
with big and heavy flies. However, this year we Extreme+ 2X 50m VER2
wanted to give it a proper face-lift and improve VFM2. RRP 12€
Extreme+ 3X 50m VER3
it to meet modern standards regarding mate-
Extreme+ 4X 50m VER4
rial and manufacturing processes. Hence, we are
Extreme+ 5X 50m VER5
proud to launch our new Extreme+ tippet mate-
rial, which is even better than the legendary Ex- Extreme+ 6X 50m VER6
treme. This flurocarbon coated monofilament Extreme+ 7X 50m VER7
family consists of 16 products from an extremely Extreme+ 8X 50m VER8
thin 8X all the way up to 0.50mm heavy-duty line Extreme+ O.30 50m VER30
suitable even for the biggest salmon in tough Extreme+ O.32 50m VER32
conditions. Extreme +, like all other Vision tippet Extreme+ O.35 50m VER35
materials, comes in colour coded, snap together Extreme+ O.38 50m VER38
& rotate spools. Extreme+ O.40 30m VER40
Extreme+ O.45 30m VER45
Extreme+ O.50 30m VER50
TANE net
Weight: 260g
Length (max): 66cm
Width (max): 33cm
Mesh depth (approx.): 43 cm
V9056. RRP 89€
TANE rubber net
Weight: 280g V5200N V5303N V5757N
Length (max): 60cm
Width (max): 30cm
Mesh depth (approx.): 30 cm

TANE NETS V9057. RRP 109€

A great looking duo of landing nets especially for wading fishermen. These fly fishing landing nets
are handsomely crafted from start to finish. The beautiful wooden chassis is finished with durable
varnish and the handle has a rotating brass eyelet for the safety cord. The bigger Tane net (V9056)
has deep soft catch-and-release net bag, good for bagging bigger fish, whereas the smaller Tane
rubber net (V9057) has rubberized catch-and-release net bag with kind of a flat bottom, especially
suitable for medium-size fish and for taking photos.


The Reel Bag has removable inner sections which
can all be adjusted to your differing needs. It has


spacious pockets for reels, spools, tackle boxes,
sunglasses, camera, binoculars and much more.
All your gear is kept safe and dry inside protec-
This bag is a real multi-purpose bag for the en-
tive outer cover. The bag is also equipped with a
thusiastic fly fisherman. It can be used as a spa-
double zipper and a comfortable handle.
cious reel bag, accommodating a big bunch of
VISION TRAVEL TUBE differently sized fly reels but thanks to its genius
This is a great tube for the destination angler who wants to carry several rods in one tube. These are Size 36 x 27 x 17 cm
inner wall system you can modify it as you like,
available in four different lengths; 82cm for 4-piece rods up to 10ft, 110cm for 3-piece rods up to 11ft, V5200N. Navy Blue
according to your needs. In addition to reels you
140cm for 4-piece DH rods up to 17ft and 160cm for 3-piece DH rods up to 15ft (each length is the RRP 59€
can make a supportive space for your digital SLR
maximum length for a rod part) and their inside diameter is 10cm. There is a carry on handle, adjust- or video camera. Or you can use it as a big fly ty-
able shoulder strap, address card pocket and protective end caps on both ends.


Our innovative wader bag is combined with a car
ing bag when travelling. The soft divider gives
extra protection when the bag is closed and its
numerous zipper pockets keep your small acces-
Two new versions feature a reel pouch so you can Code Item Length RRP seat cover which can be also used when changing sories in order and easily accessible. The mould-
have your fishing kit ready to go all the time. The VTT82Y Vision Travel Tube 82 82 cm 49 into waders. The mesh made top enables your ed bottom part is waterproof up to the rivets and
reel pouch is padded to protect your reel from im- wet waders and shoes to dry while stored in the stiches, so it can easily be left on the bottom of
VTT110Y Vision Travel Tube 110 110 cm 49
pacts. Both have a carry on handle and an address bag. your boat.
VTT140Y Vision Travel Tube 140 140 cm 59
card pocket. The 74cm model is for 4-piece rod up
VTT160Y Vision Travel Tube 140 160 cm 59
to 9ft + fly reel and the 95cm model is for 3-piece Size: 45 x 30 x 32 cm Size 46 x 32 x 18 cm
VTTR74Y Vision rod&reel tube 74 74 cm 34 V5757N. Navy Blue
rods up to 9ft + fly reel. The zippers are strong and V5303N. Navy Blue
original YKKs. VTTR95Y Vision rod&reel tube 95 95 cm 34 RRP 59€ RRP 79€
The interest towards fly fishing for non-salmonids WHAT IS REQUIRED?
species in Europe has increased considerably When fishing for a big pike with a hard mouth you
during the last decade or so and the main focus need a special hook. It needs to be strong and
has clearly been on the northern pike. Vision has extremely sharp. In order to tie really big and
been extremely active in this field and obtained bulky flies when needed, the hook needs to have
an excellent position on these constantly grow-
ing markets with its pike related product families
aptly named as Big Daddy and Big Mama. Both
a proper gap. When fishing in brackish water (the
Baltic Sea) you need to consider corrosion relat-
ed issues as well. As releasing trophy-size pikes
Remarkably lightweight and extremely strong to connect the pliers to the accompanying sheath
families include fly rods and fly lines specially is recommendable for various reasons, having a ergonomic CNC machined aluminum pliers with or to your belt. The sheath has a multi-functional
designed for pike fishermen. Additionally, one micro-size barb in your hook is not only good for spring-loaded straight Teflon coated stainless clip (rotates and locks) for easy attachment for
can equip one’s rods with appropriately colored penetration but for releasing or de-barbing as steel jaws and replaceable tungsten carbide cut- example to a belt or to a chest pack with a de-
Vision fly reels, tie in some serious wire as the well. To bear all the above in mind, it was easy ters for all sorts of fishing activities, both in fresh- sired orientation.
terminal tackle and unhook the fish with proper to conclude that Partridge of Redditch had the water and saltwater conditions. This versatile
pliers while wearing some cool pike inspired ap- knowledge and the designs to implement our vi- tool will remove a hook, cut a wire or a heavy flu- Length 17 cm. Weight 101 grams.
parel. The hooks will further complement our sion. As a result we are very happy and very proud orocarbon tippet and de-barb most of the hooks V9009. Big Mama Pliers
pike related repertoire and introduce two special to introduce the solid green-colored Big Dad- used in fishing. Stretchable curled safety lanyard RRP 69€
hooks for targeting those wild toothy critters of dy and the extra-strong red-colored Big Mama
the North. The names for these hooks are, sur- hooks especially for all of us who love to fish for
prise surprise, Big Daddy and Big Mama. In order the fast-and-furious northern pike.

to get it right from the start, we did this in collab-
oration with one of the best fly hook companies
there is, Partridge of Redditch.

- Wide gap, micro-barbed, strong predator hook
- Wide gap, micro-barbed, heavy weight,
Small tool, which is perfect for cutting wires and
for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater X-Strong predator hook for all freshwater, thick fluorocarbon tippets. Can be used for safe
applications. estuary and saltwater applications. de-barbing of fly hooks and attaching split shots
- Straight-Eye, Green Nickel Finish. - Straight-Eye, Red Nickle Finish. to your leader. Comes with a handy holster.
- Chemically sharpened. - Chemically sharpened.
- Sizes: #1/0, #2/0, #4/0. - Sizes: #2/0, #4/0, #6/0. Overall length 4.1’’ / 10.5 cm.
- Package: 10 Hooks. - Package: 10 Hooks. V9039. Kakadu Cutter & De-barber
- Made in Japan. - Made in Japan RRP 35€
GILLIE WADERS Gillie wader is made from a soft and comfortable
materials. The lower part’s thicker material comes
up all the way to your waist so it makes this wad-
er strong. The upper part is extended up to your
armpits so this wader is ideal for the ones who like
deep wading. The front pocket is made from light-
weight and stretchable fabric. This wader comes
with a waterproof, clear TPU pocket which is re-
movable. This pocket has two places where it can
be attached based on your own needs; it can be
inside the wader like traditional flip pocket or it
can be placed inside the big front pocket. In both
positions there is strong velcro for easy and quick
attachment. In addition to the velcro there are two
securing strings with hooks to secure the pocket in
case you keep something valuable in it.

- Lightweight 4 – layer construction
- Waterproof and breathable F4 fabric
- A large pocket stretchable pocket in front
- Special fully waterproof transparent inside
pocket attached with velcro strips
- Matching color belt and braces with
brown/white details
- D-rigs & accessory loops
- Built-in gravel guards
- Neoprene feet with left and right side design
- Drying loops Our new Tossu wading boots included some serious product development and investments to pro-
duction. We wanted to develop a shoe with more rigid structure to support one’s foot in all possible
conditions. Tossu has a totally new and unique moulded EVA midsole. The construction of this boot
is done in a manner, which secures the upper part to the lower part extremely well due to both glu-
ing and sewing the pieces together. The construction also enables easy, solid and safe attachment
of Vision studs. It provides good ankle support and the front rubber bumber gives great protection
against rocks. Availabe both with felt sole and new brown Gummi sole with improved grip.

Item Sizes Item code RRP

Regular S - XXL V8600-S V8600-XXL 359
FEATURES: Item Sizes Item code RRP
Long ML - LL V8600-S - V8600-XXL 359
- New moulded midsole
King MK - LK V8600-MK - V8600-LK 359 Tossu felt 6 - 14 V2085 129
- Very rigid overall design
Short MS - LS V8600 -MS - V8600-LS 359 - Available with black felt and Gummi soles Tossu Gummi 6 - 14 V2086 169


For season 2018 we updated our Subzero pants
by changing the color and lifting the waist a bit
higher to provide more warmth to your lower
Casual looking highly breathable PrimaLoft®
pants. We chose 40g PrimaLoft® Sport Insu-
lation because we felt this provided the best
warmth to breathability ratio when you use these
under your waders. Very comfortable against the
skin or with our First Skin underwear when you
need a bit of extra layering for those cold early
season days.
Our new 80g Subzero PrimaLoft® jacket is in FEATURES: FEATURES:
our opinion the best all-around Primaloft jacket. - 25 denier polyester rip stop shell fabric with - 30 denier nylon rip stop shell fabric with
It has a fixed ergonomic hood. A great jacket for DWR treatment DWR/ Cire/ light coating treatment
any outdoor activities when the temperature is - Lightweight 80 g PrimaLoft® Sport insulation - Lightweight 40g PrimaLoft® Sport Insulation
not ridiculously low. This new 80g version has a provides excellent warmth and compressibility provides excellent warmth and compressibility
soft outer layer, in total 4 zipper pockets and the - One chest pocket on the outside and one inside. - Highly breathable and quick drying
color is elegant smoke (slate blue). - Two hand pockets with zippers - Casual look and cut
- Adjustable hem seal out wind and trap warmth - 2 hand pockets in front and 2 back pockets
This jacket is equally suitable to be held under
- Fixed ergonomic hood for maximum protection
a wading jacket for insulation as it is to be held
as the outer layer. It is highly wind resistant and
can be packed in a very small space. In case of
getting wet they dry quicker than a down jacket
or fleece. Polyester rip stop shell fabric provides
additional water and wind protection. These jack-
ets have a full length center front zipper. Elasti-
cized cuffs and an adjustable hem seal out wind Item Sizes Item code RRP Item Sizes Item code RRP
and trap warmth. Subzero jacket XS - XXXL V3350 169 Subzero pants S - XXXL V3667 115


VWF20. Curve. Brown lenses VWF21. Aslak. Brown lenses

RRP 49€ RRP 49€


Manufacturer Pure Waste Ltd.
Made of recycled materials.

Willa beanies are all made of 100% Bluesign
approved merino wool with the best available
Schoeller yarns and are handcrafted in Europe.
Subzero beanies are warm enough for the cold-
est possible conditions. They include an anti-itch
headband for those who are sensitive even to the
finest merino wool. The headband is made of
technical highly breathable and light polycolon
yarn. On top of being itch free it also ensures that
moisture is transferred to the outer merino wool.
The wool has the wonderful effect of insulating
well even when wet. One size fits most heads.

V2948. Daddy. RRP 45€

V2949. Black. RRP 45 €

GRAND SLAM T-SHIRT Finland) book. If you catch an Atlantic salmon,

NECK GAITER A classical T-shirt for a fisherman. Features fish- brown trout and a grayling in one day you have
Willa Subzero Neck Gaiter is made out of 100% ing art by a Finnish artist Sakke Yrjölä (see sak- completed the Scandinavian Grand Slam. Not
Bluesign approved merino wool with the best, who just recently (2015) co-au- an easy task by any means. Manufacturer Pure
available Schoeller yarns and is handcrafted in thored an impressive Suomen kalat (The Fish of Waste Ltd from recycled materials.
Europe. Neck Gaiter is warm enough for the cold-
est possible conditions when pulled up. Ideal for
normal conditions when rolled down. The wool Item Sizes Color Item nr. RRP
has the wonderfull effect of insulating well even Save the Natives t-shirt S - XXL Dark olive V3015 29
when wet. One size fits all. Grand Slam t-shirt S - XXL Light Grey V3013 29
Natives cap S/M Charcoal V2802 29
V2950. Burnt Orange. RRP 45€ Kamo cap S/M Camo Green V2801 29

VSF7. Pikku-Musta tube

VSF11. Sunray Shadow tube - variation

High quality flies by great salmon Anglers.

These are the ones they use a lot and these flies
have worked for years.
VSFB. Top Salmon Flies- book

VSF8. Frances - variation tube

MIKI ÄIKÄS VSF10. Lady Caroline tube

VSF4. Banana fly tube

VSF12. Weedlander tube VSF9-6. Ake #6 - variation

VSF1. Monkey hair tube
VSF9-10. Ake #10 - variation

VSF5. Usual Light tube


VSF2-4. Black Doctor #4 - variation

VSF13. Willie Gun tube VSF14-8. J.G.Shrimp #8

VSF3-6. Ally´s Shrimp #6
VSF3-10. Ally´s Shrimp #10 VSF6. Usual dark tube

VSF15. The Missile tube

VSF19. Kursk


VSF20. Rubberleg Frances tube Our popular waterproof Aqua fly box family got
three new members for season 2017: Aqua Salt,
VSF16. Amse tube Aqua Big Mama and Aqua Big Daddy. This time
we introduced some big ones, which are espe-
cially suitable for saltwater and pike fishing.

AQUA Salt. Waterproof fly box perfect for flies

with hooks. Foams on both sides.

Dimensions: 230 x 175 x 53mm

VSF21-4. Pompero #4
V138. Aqua Salt.
VSF21-8. Pompero #8
VSF17-6. The Podolsky Fly #6 AQUA Big Mama. Big waterproof fly box per-
fect for big flies (including poppers) with hooks.
Foams on both sides.

Dimensions: 350 x 230 x 59mm.

V139. Aqua Big Mama.

AQUA Big Daddy. Large transparent waterproof

fly box perfect for big tube flies. No foam.

VSF18-4. Cascade #4 VSF22. Black Muddler Hitch Dimensions: 350 x 230 x 86mm.
VSF18-8. Cascade #8 V140. Aqua Big Daddy.
New great looking fly rod trio for the Keeper bränd. Käddis is a Finnish nick-
name for a special fly pattern imitaiing caddisflies (sedgeflies) and Peto stands
for beast in Finnish.


Käddis Peto
With the same stealthy look as the Peto has these Simply put, this beast is made to tame the big-
rods are aimed for more traditional river fishing gest pike. It is an easy casting all-rounder for
for trout & grayling. 9ft 4 – piece rods with sensi- pike fishing and has plenty of power to cast the
tive but powerful blanks will handle all normal big & bulky pike flies to the horizon. This 9ft #9
fishing situations. Cigar shaped cork handle with – weight 3 – piece rod comes with protective Cor-
nice wooden insert reelseat gives these rods a dura tube which has segments for each piece.
dash of classical look. Käddis rods are built using Stealthy carbon look with orange trimmings
Stunning looking Keeper ALU diecast reels with some orange machined parts. These two affordable the high quality Pacific Bay Aero stripping guides make this rod look cool. Its full EVA handle out-
black reels have a reliable, smooth and easily adjustable disc drag. The large arbour provides fast re- and hard chrome snake guides and they come performs the old fashioned cork handle in this
trieve speed and holds plenty of backing. Changing from left to right hand retrieve couldn’t be easier. with protective Cordura tube which has segments kind of rod in all aspects; it’s more comfortable
Soft polyurethane handle gives you the best grip even when wet. Comes with a black reel pouch. for each piece. in cold, it gives you better feel to the blank, offers
Made in Korea. Spare spool not available. better grip and it lasts longer. Peto is built using
the high quality Pacific Bay Aero stripping guides
Line # Weight Brake type Material Capacity Item code RRP and hard chrome snake guides.
4-6 177 g Disc drag Aluminium WF6F + 60m 20lb KLP46 129 Line # Weight Length Pieces Name Item code RRP
7-9 188 g Disc drag Aluminium WF8F + 150m 30lb KLP79 129 5 81g 9’ 4 Käddis #5 KAD4905 149
6 87g 9’ 4 Käddis #6 KAD4906 149
KEEPERFLYFISHING.COM KEEPERFLYFISHING.COM 9 142g 9’ 3 Peto #9 KPE3909 159 @Viljami Huhtala


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