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Advisor Correspondence

Date Advisor Contact method Information discussed

10/18/17 Kleinman email advisorship and research topic
11/9/17 Kleinman email research resources, advisorship commitments, research topic
11/12/17 Kleinman email scheduling an interview
11/13/17 Kleinman phone research with DMT and eating disorders
11/15/17 Kierr email advisorship and research topic
11/15/17 Schelleschi email advisorship, scheduling interview and RICA visit
11/16/17 Kierr email scheduling an interview
11/18/17 Kierr facetime research with DMT and eating disorders, ideas for research project
11/18/17 Kierr email sending resumé for advisorship
11/20/17 Schelleschi email scheduling a visit to RICA
11/22/17 Schelleschi text directions to RICA institue
11/22/17 Schelleschi face-to-face tour of RICA insitute and discussion about DMT methods
11/28/17 Kierr email edits and revisions to outline
11/30/17 Kierr email survey questions design drafts
12/5/17 Kierr email revising full sentence outline, discussion of importation about DMT research
12/6/17 Schelleschi email sending outline for revision and research dates for advisorship
12/10/17 Kleinman email scheudling a second interview
12/10/17 Kleinman phone interview about DMT and eating disorders, clarifying specifics about DMT
12/12/17 Klienman email recieivng photos and quotes
12/14/17 Schelleschi email edits and revisions for outline
12/20/17 Kierr email happy holidays and revisions to intoduction
1/4/18 Schelleschi email happy holidays and revisions to second elevated outline
1/8/18 Kierr email revisions and discussion about full sentence outline
1/13/18 Kierr email/ google drive editing full sentence outline
1/14/18 Schelleschi email edits to bullet outline
2/4/18 Kierr email edits to full paper, project ideas
2/22/18 Schelleschi email edits to final paper
3/4/18 Kierr email update on all project advancement, project idea, full research paper, project checklist
3/8/18 Kierr email first survey draft for research project
3/12/18 email revising and finalizing surveys for data collection, distributing survey
Kierr/ Kleinman
3/15/18 email updates on survey responses, instructions for submission to ADTA journal
Kierr/ Kleinman
3/28/18 email update for final responses for data collection
Kierr/ Kleinman
4/2/18 Kleinman email scheduling face-to-face meeting
4/11/18 Kleinman text confirming meeting for the weekend
4/13/18 Kleinman face-to-face meeting other DMT researchers, discussion of research project and progress, discussion about further DMT research
4/16/18 Kleinman email summary of research to create a post about reseach project for ADTA website
5/13/18 Kleinman email question about submission to AJDT and NJHSS, and about copyright for interview pictures
5/17/18 Kleinman email question about number of therapists that received the data surveys

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