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Iyan Sopiyan, NIM., 2017. Kyai Entrepreneurial Leadership In

Pesantren Al Ittifaq Regency Bandung (Study Studies of Kyai Entrepreneurial Attitude in
Pondok Pesantren Al Ittifaq Rancabali Kabupaten Bandung).
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Kyai, Pesantren
Pesantren as founding father of educational institutions in Indonesia has done a lot
of transformation. It is hoped that pesantren will survive and be superior in providing
educational services as the demand of the society. Kyai as a central figure is the main
character who has a strategic role in the development of pesantren. Kyai Entrepreneurial
leadership is one of the key in maintaining the existence of pesantren so that it can
survive and make the leading pesantren, creative, innovative in balancing the
development of the era.
This research aims to know about: (1) The existence of Al-Iitifaq Pesantren, (2)
Attitudes of Kyai Entrepreneurial Leadership in Al-Iitifaq Pesantren, (3) Dominant
Factors that support Kyai Entrepreneurial Leadership in Pondok Pesantren, (4)
Challenges and Obstacles in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Pondok Pesantren, (5)
Strategy Facing Challenges of Leadership Kyai Entrepreneurial at Pondok Pesantren.
This research uses qualitative approach. The research location chosen by Pondok
Pesantren Agribisnis Al Ittifaq Desa Alam Endah of Rancabali District of Bandung
Regency which is casuistic, is intended to describe the empirical reality from the natural
background based on the theory to be more specific, more detailed and deep. Data
collection is done through observation, interview and documentation study. The data
analysis is done by data reduction, data presentation, conclusion drawing and data
From the research result, it can be concluded that: (1) Pondok Pesantren Al Ittifaq able to
become a source of change and give positive impact to society around pesantren also able
to move society economy through agribusiness development, and transformation of
Pondok Pesantren, (2) Kyai Entrepreneurial attitude in Pesantren Al Ittifaq has an
important role in counterbalance the influence of changing times such as attitude: the
courage to take risks, predict the future, take advantage of opportunities and hard work.
(3) the development of pesantren agribusiness is supported by adequate natural resources,
many human resources and Kyai expertise in exploiting various opportunities, (4)
obstacles come from unhealthy market competition, price fluctuation, farmer culture (5)
this can be overcome by development kopontren as a container for financial guarantees
and soft loans for farmers.