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B.Arch. Seventh Semester (C.B.S.

Construction Technology & Material - VII
P. Pages : 1 NRJ/KW/17/4814
Time : Three Hours *0393* Max. Marks : 100
Notes : 1. All questions carry marks as indicated.
2. Due credit will be given to neatness and adequate dimensions.
3. Assume suitable data whenever necessary.
4. Illustrate your answers whenever necessary with the help of neat sketches.
5. Que. 8 is compulsory.
6. Solve in all 5 questions.

1. a) Explain 'Space Structure" & Enumerate various types of space structure. 6

b) What are the different materials and sections used for space structure? Provide details of 12
Nodes. Any 4 types.

2. a) Explain with example single curvature shell structure and Double curvature shell 9

b) Explain the main difference between shell structure and skeleton structure. 9

3. Describe Ribbed Domes and explain how it is different from Lamella Dome. 18

4. a) Explain the importance of modular coordination in prefabrication with example. 6

b) Sketch details of 12
i) Precast column & foundation. ii) Column and Beam.
iii) Beam to Beam. iv) Beam & slab.

5. a) Explain principles of pres 9

tressing and how it benefits R.C.C. construction.

b) Explain in detail various methods of Prestressing. 9

6. Write short notes on any three. 18

i) Barrel vault. ii) Conoid.
iii) Folded plates. iv) Space deck system.
v) Various material for temporary structure and their basic characteristics.

7. Explain in Detail various types of cladding systems. & Explain the term "Structural
Glazing & fully describe its construction.

8. Design a suitable temporary structure for Navratri festival for Dandiya. The area of 28
Structure shall be 400 sqm. Preferable material would be steel.
Draw Roof level plans, two sections and 3 suitable details to explain the structure. Floor
level plans showing columns.
Plans – 1:50
Sections – 1:50
Details – 1:10

NRJ/KW/17/4814 1 P.T.O