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NTK/KW/15 – 7801

Seventh Semester B. Arch. (CBS)

Paper – VII
Time : Three Hours ] [ Max. Marks : 100

N. B. : (1)All questions carry marks as indicated.

(2)Answer Five questions in all.
(3)Question No. 8 is compulsory.
(4)Due credit will be given to neatness and a
adequate dimensions.
(5) Assume suitable Data wherever necessary.
(6) Retain the construction lines.
(7) Illustrate your answers wherever necessary with
the help of neat sketches.

1. (a) What do you understand by the term space

structures ? Discuss the advantages and disa-
dvantages of space structures. 9
(b) Enlist various types of space structures and explain
in brief about single layer and double layer space
structures. 9

2. (a) What are shell structures ? Briefly explain ruled

surface shells and double curvatine shells. 10
(b) Describe salient features of hyperbolic paraboloid.

NTK/KW/15 – 7801 Contd.

3. (a) Explain Geodesic dome with emphasis on their
structural character. 9
(b) Explain with sketches the construction of skeleton
RIBBED dome with special emphasis on
connection. 9

4. (a) Describe 'Precast concrete construction' and with

reasons explain where you will recommend its
application. 8
(b) List out and explain various methods for
connection between precast columns and precast
beam, precast foundation and precast slab and
beams. 10

5. (a) What is prestressing ? Where it is used ? Explain

benefits of prestressing. Enumerate the 2-systems
of prestressing. 9
(b) Explain the methods of post-tensioning. 9

6. Write short notes on any Four :––

(1) Modular co-ordination.
(2) Joints in space frame.
(3) Materials used for temporary structures.
(4) Syncastic and anticlastic forms.
(5) Single curvature shells.
(6) Folded plate roof. 18

NTK/KW/15 – 7801 2 Contd.

7. (a) What is cladding in building ? What is its purpose
and what are materials used ? 8
(b) Explain with neat sketches design and construction
aspects of glazed curtain wall. 10

8. An Automobile Industry of India is organizing an

automobile expo to display the various 4-wheelers. For
this expo the organizers require a design for a totally
dismantleable pre-engineered steel structural system to
be designed on a module of 12.5 m x 12.m and of
suitable height. The flooring for this exhibition shall
also be of temporary nature and preferably made out
of suitable wood.
You are required to design this dismantleable steel
structure and flooring system (for one module). Draw
2 plans and a section at suitable scale so as to fully
explain the system and methodology of construction for
vertical supporting system and roofing supporting system.
Also draw following details to suitable scale :––
(i) Floor plan (scale 1:50) 5
(ii) Roof plan (scale 1:50) 5
(iii) Section (scale 1:50) 6
(iv) 3 Important Joinery Details (scale 1:20) 12

NTK/KW/15 – 7801 3 650