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The hypothalamus links the nervous

and endocrine systems and controls
the pituitary gland.

Thyroid Gland
Pituitary Gland
This gland controls the
The pituitary gland controls other
release of energy from
endocrine glands and regulates growth,
food molecules inside cells.
blood pressure, and water balance.

Parathyroid Glands
Thymus Gland
These tiny glands regulate
Hormones from this gland
the amount of calcium
help the immune system
in the blood.
develop during childhood.

Pancreas Adrenal Glands

The pancreas produces These glands release several
the hormones insulin hormones. Adrenaline triggers
and glucagon, which the body‘s response to emergency
control the level of situations. Other hormones affect
glucose in the blood. salt and water balance in the
kidneys and sugar in the blood.

The testes release
the sex hormone
testosterone, which
controls changes
The ovaries release female sex
in a male’
hormones. Estrogen controls
and regulates sperm
changes in a female’s body.
Estrogen and progesterone
trigger egg development.

Female Male