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This one is the summary about the last film that I have watched.

The film that I have watched was Gladiator. I had watched a film a thousand times before
because it is my favorite film. I love the main actor, Russell Crowe.

The film begins when Maximo Decimo Meridio (Gladiator), a soldier that works for the
emperor of Rome, wins a battle. Due to that fact, the emperor, called Marco Aurelio, wants to
talk with him. He is very happy and very proud of him, so he wants Maximo to be the next
emperor of the Rome Empire. The problem is that his biological son, Comodo, wants to be the
emperor as well.

Comodo is jealous of Maximo, so he decides to kill his father and Maximo to be the new
Emperor of the Rome Empire.

Maximo loses his wife and son because Comodo order to kill them. Due to that, Maximo
abandones the army and becomes a gladiator. Step by step, Maximo takes the chance to be
the best gladiator of the Rome Empire and thanks to that he gets the challenge to confront
face to face with Comodo.

The fight takes place in the Rome Coliseum and both of them die, giving Maximo the
opportunity to run into his death relatives again.