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Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist

20 May 2018 Solemnity of Pentecost Year B

Holy Spirit, Strengthen Us!

e live in a world torn by conflicting interests, jealousy, aggres-
siveness, and so many forms of enslavement. All this is the
consequence of SIN, from the first to the latest sin that has
darkened the horizon of mankind. Left to ourselves, we would have been
unable to overcome such destructive forces. That is why God promised
and sent the Holy Spirit, as the divine healing Power that can undo the
tragedies of division, mistrust, hatred, and death brought about by human
As we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit over the disciples
gathered in the Upper Room, let us open our hearts to Him so that we,
too, may share in their wonderful experience. May the Holy Spirit fashion
us to the likeness of Jesus and into a community characterized by mutual
acceptance, appreciation, solidarity, and love.

All – Lord, have mercy! of God, Son of the Father, you

P –Lord Jesus, you gave your take away the sins of the world,
Church the Holy Spirit to have mercy on us; you take away
the sins of the world, receive our
Entrance Antiphon lead her into the whole
prayer; you are seated at the
(To be recited only when no En- truth. Christ, have mercy!
right hand of the Father, have
trance Hymn is sung.) All – Christ, have mercy!
mercy on us. For you alone are
The Spirit of the Lord has P –Lord Jesus, you gave your the Holy One, you alone are the
filled the whole world and that Church the Holy Spirit to Lord, you alone are the Most
which contains all things un- be the source of forgiveness High, Jesus Christ, with the
derstands what is said. Alleluia! and sanctification. Lord, Holy Spirit, in the glory of God
have mercy! the Father. Amen!
Greeting All – Lord, have mercy!
P –May the love, grace, and P – May almighty God have Collect (Opening Prayer)
peace of the Holy Spirit be with mercy on us, forgive us our sins, P –O God, who by the mys-
you all! and bring us to everlasting life. tery of today’s great feast sanc-
All – And with your spirit! All – Amen! tify your whole Church in every
people and nation, pour out, we
Penitential Act Gloria pray, the gifts of the Holy Spirit
across the face of the earth and,
P –My brothers and sisters, let All – Glory to God in the high- with the divine grace that was at
us realize how much we need est, and on earth peace to peo- work when the Gospel was first
the Holy Spirit in our life and in ple of good will. We praise you, proclaimed, fill now once more
how many ways we have become we bless you, we adore you, the hearts of believers.
unworthy of His presence in us. we glorify you, we give you Through our Lord Jesus
(Pause) thanks for your great glory, Christ, your Son, who lives and
P –Lord Jesus, you gave the Lord God, heavenly King, O reigns with you in the unity of
Holy Spirit to your disciples God, almighty Father. the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever
to be their Teacher and Ad- Lord Jesus Christ, Only and ever.
vocate. Lord, have mercy! Begotten Son, Lord God, Lamb All – Amen!
Responsorial Psalm Ps 104 are one body, so also Christ.
For in one Spirit we were all
R –Lord, send out your Spirit, baptized into one body, wheth-
and renew the face of the er Jews or Greeks, slaves or
earth! free persons, and we were all
1st Reading Acts 2:1-11
The descent of the Holy R. M. Velez given to drink of one Spirit.
F Dm C F

    
Spirit on Pentecost Day fulfilled
 
The Word of the Lord!

the promise made by Jesus at

All – Thanks be to God!
the Last Supper and before he
ascended into heaven. From that Lord, send out your Spi-rit, Sequence
moment on, mankind started be- Come, Holy Spirit, come!
Bb C F

coming the new people of God, And from your celestial home
characterized by harmony, soli-
darity, and brotherly love.       Shed a ray of light divine!
and re-new the face of the earth! Come, Father of the poor!
R – A proclamation from the Come, source of all our store!
Acts of the Apostles * Bless the Lord, O my soul! Come, within our bosoms shine!
When the time for Pente- O Lord, my God, you are great You, of comforters the best;
cost was fulfilled, the disciples indeed! How manifold are your You, the soul’s most welcome
were all in one place together. works, O Lord! The earth is guest;
And suddenly there came from full of your creatures. R. Sweet refreshment here below;
the sky a noise like a strong In our labor, rest most sweet;
driving wind, and it filled the * May the glory of the Lord
endure forever; may the Lord Grateful coolness in the heat;
entire house in which they Solace in the midst of woe.
be glad in his works! Pleasing
were. Then there appeared to
them tongues as of fire, which
to him be my theme; I will be O most blessed Light divine,
parted and came to rest on
glad in the Lord. R. Shine within these hearts
each of them. And they were of yours,
all filled with the Holy Spirit
* If you take away their And our inmost being fill!
breath, they perish and return
and began to speak in different to their dust. When you send Where you are not, we have
tongues, as the Spirit enabled forth your spirit, they are cre- naught,
them to proclaim. ated, and you renew the face of Nothing good in deed or thought,
Now there were devout the earth. R. Nothing free from taint of ill.
Jews from every nation un- Heal our wounds, our strength
der heaven staying in Jeru- 2nd Reading 1 Cor 12:3-7. renew;
salem. 12-13 On our dryness, pour your dew;
At this sound, they gath- The community of Corinth Wash the stains of guilt away.
ered in a large crowd, but they was plagued by divisions and
were confused because each rivalries. With fatherly concern, Bend the stubborn heart and will;
one heard them speaking in Paul exhorts them to be united in Melt the frozen, warm the chill;
his own language. They were the Holy Spirit, the one source of Guide the steps that go astray.
astounded, and in amazement all gifts. On the faithful, who adore
they asked, “Are not all these And confess you, evermore
R –A proclamation from the In your sevenfold gift descend.
people who are speaking Gal- First Letter of Paul to the
ileans? Then how does each Corinthians Give them virtue’s sure reward;
of us hear them in his native Give them your salvation, Lord;
language? We are Parthians, Brothers and sisters: Give them joys that never end.
Medes and Elamites, inhabit- No one can say, “Jesus Amen! Alleluia!
ants of Mesopotamia, Judea is Lord,” except by the Holy
and Cappadocia, Pontus and Spirit. There are different Gospel Acclamation
Asia, Phrygia and Pamphy- kinds of spiritual gifts but the
lia, Egypt and the districts of same Spirit; there are differ- All –Alleluia! Alleluia!
Libya near Cyrene, as well ent forms of service but the Come, Holy Spirit, fill the
as travelers from Rome, both same Lord; there are different hearts of your faithful and
Jews and converts to Juda- workings but the same God kindle in them the fire of
ism, Cretans and Arabs, yet who produces all of them in your love.
everyone. To each individual Alleluia! Alleluia!
we hear them speaking in our
the manifestation of the Spirit
own tongues of the mighty acts Gospel Jn 20:19-23
is given for some benefit.
of God.” St. John tells us that the
As a body is one, though
The Word of the Lord! it has many parts, and all the Holy Spirit was the first gift
All – Thanks be to God! parts of the body, though many, that the Risen Christ gave to his

20 May 2018
disciples on the very day of his kingdom will have no end.
resurrection. I believe in the Holy Spirit,
P –The Lord be with you! the Lord, the giver of life, who
All –And with your spirit! proceeds from the Father and
P – A proclamation from the the Son, who with the Father Preparation of the Gifts
holy Gospel according to and the Son is adored and glori-
P –Pray, brethren . . .
John fied, who has spoken through
All – May the Lord accept the
All – Glory to you, O Lord! the prophets.
sacrifice at your hands, for the
I believe in one, holy, cath-
On the evening of that praise and glory of his name,
olic and apostolic Church. I
first day of the week, when the confess one Baptism for the for our good and the good of all
doors were locked, where the forgiveness of sins and I look his holy Church.
disciples were for fear of the forward to the resurrection of
Jews, Jesus came and stood in the dead and the life of the world Prayer over the Offerings
their midst and said to them, to come. Amen! P –Grant, we pray, O Lord,
“Peace be with you.” When he that, as promised by your Son,
had said this, he showed them Prayer of the Faithful the Holy Spirit may reveal to
his hands and his side. The dis- P –Aware that we need the us more abundantly the hidden
ciples rejoiced when they saw Holy Spirit’s help to live up to mystery of this sacrifice and gra-
the Lord. the challenges of our Christian ciously lead us into all truth.
Jesus said to them again, commitment, we pray: Through Christ our Lord.
“Peace be with you. As the All – Amen!
Father has sent me, so I send All –Come, Holy Spirit, we
you.” And when he had said need you! Preface of Pentecost
this, he breathed on them and C –That the whole Catholic
said to them, “Receive the Holy P –The Lord be with you!
Church may be, at all times, an All –And with your spirit!
Spirit. Whose sins you forgive instrument of reconciliation and
are forgiven them, and whose P –Lift up your hearts!
a promoter of unity among all
sins you retain are retained.” All – We lift them up to the Lord!
peoples, let us pray! R.
P –Let us give thanks to the
The Gospel of the Lord! C – That the Holy Father and all Lord our God!
All – Praise to you, Lord Jesus the other leaders of the Church
Christ! All –It is right and just!
may constantly provide the faith- P –It is truly right and just,
ful with an inspiring leadership, our duty and our salvation, al-
Homily let us pray! R. ways and everywhere to give
Profession of Faith C –That all those engaged in you thanks, Lord, holy Father,
(Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed) the teaching profession may in- almighty and eternal God.
All –I believe in one God, the Fa- still authentic values in their stu- For, bringing your Paschal
ther almighty, maker of heaven dents, let us pray! R. Mystery to completion, you be-
and earth, of all things visible C –That all the civil leaders stowed the Holy Spirit today on
and invisible. throughout the world, especially those you made your adopted
I believe in one Lord Jesus in our country, may be guided children by uniting them to your
Christ, the Only Begotten Son solely by concern for the com- Only Begotten Son. This same
of God, born of the Father be- mon good, let us pray! R. Spirit, as the Church came to
fore all ages. God from God, birth, opened to all peoples the
C –That those among us who knowledge of God and brought
Light from Light, true God from are burdened with trials of what-
true God, begotten, not made, together the many languages of
ever kind may experience the the earth in profession of the one
consubstantial with the Father; healing and strengthening pres-
through him all things were faith.
ence of the Holy Spirit, let us Therefore, overcome with
made. For us men and for our pray! R.
salvation he came down from paschal joy, every land, every
heaven, (bow)* and by the Holy C –Let us pray in silence for our people exults in your praise and
Spirit was incarnate of the Vir- personal intentions. (Pause) even the heavenly Powers, with
gin Mary, and became man.* For Let us pray! R. the angelic hosts, sing together
our sake he was crucified under P –Spirit of life and holiness, the unending hymn of your glo-
Pontius Pilate, he suffered death guide our hearts into the way ry, as they acclaim:
and was buried, and rose again of love and service. May we be All – Holy, holy, holy Lord,
on the third day in accordance valid instruments in the building God of hosts. Heaven and
with the Scriptures. He ascended of the Kingdom where you live earth are full of your glory.
into heaven and is seated at the and reign with the Father and the Hosanna in the highest!
right hand of the Father. He will Lord Jesus, one God, for ever Blessed is he who comes in
come again in glory to judge and ever. the name of the Lord. Hosanna
the living and the dead and his All – Amen! in the highest!

Solemnity of Pentecost (B)

Memorial Acclamation All –Lord, I am not worthy P –Bow your heads and pray
that you should enter under for God’s blessing. (Pause)
P –The mystery of faith!
my roof, but only say the word Today, the Holy Spirit has
All –We proclaim your Death,
O Lord, and profess your and my soul shall be healed. enriched you with the abun-
Resurrection until you dance of His gift. May He
come again! Communion Antiphon continue to guide and sanc-
(To be recited only when no Com- tify you all the days of your
munion Hymn is sung.) life.
They were all filled with the All – Amen!
Holy Spirit and spoke of the P –May that fire, which hovered
marvels of God. Alleluia! over the disciples as tongues
All – Our Father . . . of flame, burn out all evil
P –Deliver us, Lord . . . Prayer after Communion from your hearts and make
All –For the kingdom, the P –O God, who bestow heav- them glow with pure light.
power, and the glory are enly gifts upon your Church, All – Amen!
yours, now and for ever. safeguard, we pray, the grace you P –May God strengthen your
have given, that the gift of the faith in moments of doubt
Sign of Peace Holy Spirit poured out upon her and fulfill your hope of at-
may retain all its force and that taining eternal life with all
Breaking of the Bread this spiritual food may gain her His saints.
All – Lamb of God . . . abundance of eternal redemp- All – Amen!
tion. P –May almighty God bless
Communion Through Christ our Lord. you: the Father, and the
All – Amen! Son, and the Holy Spirit.
P –This is the Lord Jesus who
bestowed the Holy Spirit on his All – Amen!
disciples on the day he rose from P –Led by the Holy Spirit, go in
death. He is the Lamb of God the peace of Christ.
who takes away the sins of the Alleluia! Alleluia!
world. Blessed are those called P –The Lord be with you. All – Thanks be to God!
to the Supper of the Lamb. All –And with your spirit! Alleluia! Alleluia!

2,000 years of existence, in spite of all the limitations and

The Spirit That Unites and weaknesses that come to her from her “human compo-
Strengthens Us nent.” The Holy Spirit, present in her as her “soul,” is
the divine Power that keeps the Church alive, constantly

Jableesus freed us from sin through his passion, death and renews her, guides her into an ever greater appreciation
resurrection. Thanks to him, salvation is made avail- of the truths of revelation, sanctifies and strengthens her
and offered to all men. But this does not mean that against all dangers and oppositions.
we are all herded into heaven. Christ destroyed sin, but And so the mystery of the Incarnation continues – God
not our freedom. It is still possible that we say once again saving men through men, not just through the all-holy
“No!” to God. Jesus, but also through the ministry of frail and sinful
As long as we live on earth, sin remains a “possible people, sanctified and strengthened by the Spirit of love,
accident” caused by a number of reasons. The main ones unity, and holiness.
of which are the devil’s temptations, the negative influ- We will never be able to fully appreciate the impor-
ence of the environment in which we live, and especially tance of the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church and
the moral weakness of our wounded nature. Experience in each of us. Without him, the Church would be just
shows that sin remains a sad reality to this very day, both a human institution, destined to perish like all other
in ourselves and around us. institutions, empires and civilizations. But the Church will
Jesus knew it would be so. That is why he repeat- last until the end of time only because the Lord of Life
edly promised and eventually gave the Holy Spirit to the animates her.
Church that she might continue his healing mission in the Thanks to the presence of the Spirit, the gift of salva-
power of the Source of all unity, solidarity and holiness. tion and all other gifts of the Risen Christ are channelled
Thus, Jesus completed his redemptive work by to men especially through those sacred acts that we call
commissioning the Church to carry on with the struggle “sacraments.” In particular, the forgiving love of God
against all that divides mankind, all that makes us selfish, becomes a reality for us, today, through the sacrament
proud, aggressive and oppressive. of Reconciliation which enables us to rise after every
And this is what the Church has been doing in her fall, purified and strengthened by God’s forgiving love.

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