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Dear Student,

As you are aware of that the Institute has announced implementation of new syllabi for CA course under the new
scheme of education and training w.e.f. July 1st, 2017. Subsequent to the new syllabi of CA curriculum,
Advanced ITT course syllabi has been revised and renamed as AICITSS -Advanced Information Technology.
As a part of e-Initiative, the Board of Studies recorded Video Lectures on all topics of AICITSS - Advanced IT as
part of Curriculum. You are requested to kindly download the Video Lectures and soft copy of Study Material
which help you to understand the concept while attending the Course.

Study Material, Practice Manual & Video Lectures Link

AICITSS-Advanced Information Technology - Study Material
AICITSS-Advanced Information Technology – Practice Manual
AICITSS – Advanced Information Technology PPT
AICITSS-Advanced Information Technology – Video Lectures Given below

AICITSS -Advanced Information Technology


Unit-1 Auditing in an ERP Environment Link to Download

Chapter-1 Auditing in ERP Environment-Overview
Chapter-2 Information Technology General Controls (ITGCs)
Chapter-3 Automated Application Controls
Chapter-4 Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Accesses
Chapter-5 System-Generated Reports
Chapter-6 System implementation and Data Migration Review
Chapter-7 Non-Standard Journal Entries

Unit-2 Database Application Using MS-Access

Chapter-1 Advanced SQL Queries
Chapter 2 Designing Forms and Reports
Chapter-3 Building Criteria Expressions
Chapter-4 Macros and Switchboards
Unit-3 Advance Excel
Chapter-1 Working With XML
Chapter-2 Advances In Macros
Applied Financial Analysis And Forecasting
Financial Statements
Mathematical And Statistical Tools For Financial
Chapter-5 Application of MS-Excel

Unit-4 MS-Excel as Audit Tool

Chapter 1 Introduction to MS Excel as an Audit Tool
Chapter 2 Useful Functions for Auditing
Chapter 3 Formula Auditing
Chapter 4 Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

Unit-5 Enterprise Resource Planning

Chapter 1 ERP Overview
Chapter 2 ERP Implementation
ERP Control And Audit-Part-A
Chapter 3
ERP Control And Audit-Part-B
Chapter 4 E-Filing