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GRADES 1 to 12 School Sta.

Ana Senior High School Grade Level 11

DAILY LESSON LOG Teacher Mary Jane Chiu Learning Area Personality Development
First Semester/Week 4
Teaching Dates and Time Refer to Schedule Quarter 1st

Session 7 and 8

I. Objectives
A. Content Standards Developmental Stages in Middle and Late Adolescence
B. Performance Standards make a list of ways to become responsible adolescents prepared for adult life

C. Learning Competencies
and Objectives
3.1 classifiy various developmental tasks according to
(With LC Codes) developmental stage EsP-PD11/12DS-Ic-3.1

3.2 evaluate one’s development in comparison with persons of the EsP-PD11/12DS-Id-3.2

same age group

II. Content Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions covering the topics of:
1. Classify various development task according to developmental stage
2. Evaluate ones development in comparison with persons of the same age and a group
3. List ways on how to become a responsible adolescent

III. Learning Resources

2. Learners Material Pages Personality Development
3. Textbook Pages Personality Development
Ricardo Rubio Santos
First Edition, 2016
4. Additional Materials None
from Learning Resource
Portal (LR)
5. Other Learning None

IV. Procedures
a. Reviewing Previous The The Teachers ask the following questions?
Lesson or Presenting 1. What d you know about adolescence
the New Lesson
b. Establishing a purpose The Teacher Will Introduce the following;
for the lesson First Day
1. What behavior usually characterizes the adolescent stage of development?
2. Eriksons 8 stages pf personality development
3. Identity vs. role confusion
4. Adolescence and social behavior
Second Day
1. Skills and tasks appropriate for middle and late adolecent

c. Presenting examples of The Teacher introduces the following terms

the new lesson First Day
1. Adolescence

Second Day
1. Maturation
2. Social responsibility

d. Discussing new Stages of development

concepts and practicing
new skills 1
e. Discussing new Adolescent development
concepts and practicing
new skills 2
F. Developing Mastery Answer Page 51 of the Book; Explain Part
( Leads to Formative)
G. Finding Practical application Let the student watch the video adolescent brain.
of concepts and skills in daily What did you learn from the video?
living Do you agree with what the presenter said? Why?
H. Making Generalizations and Refer to Page 51, Elaborate
abstraction about the lesson
I .Evaluating Learning Evaluate page 51
J. Additional Activities for
application or remediation
V. Remarks
VI. Reflection Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself Is true power.

Prepared By: Checked by:

Mary Jane E. Chiu,LPT Abram John C. Alontaga,LPT
Teacher III Arts and Designs Coordinator,T III