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Nefertiti Discover the Century

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[Nefertiti Discover the Century]


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[The project was completed after 1600 working days. In the final stages, the results of the new

discoveries were reviewed and described as a long and arduous journey to prove the entire

project in order to present it in its simplest form. Where a new burial site for the 18th Dynasty is

discovered, far from what is known as the current Valley of the Kings, on the site of the history

of Egyptian civilization, and the Discover of Queen Nefertiti tomb's, and linguistic updates to the

Amarna language. A large portion of the search phase has been completed in the entire paper's


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[[From long study in the history of the Family 18. There is information that may be useful for the

tomb of Queen Nefertiti, the real history in a comprehensive study of the history of the New

Kingdom, leads us to know a lot about that family, there are some anomalies identified in the

provisions of the family, which was dropped some kings, princes and important in that era.

Requires professional work to reveal the latest developments and important events for all


There is much evidence to suggest that she is the second royal wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten,

her name is a directory in the writings of Amarna and means: "Her unparalleled or unique. She is

the spirit of Atom". And she bore another surname when she was a mediator on the throne.

Interpretation to Her Name’s in recent times It was: (Neferneferuaten Nefertiti - "Nfr nfrw itn

Nfr.t") this is also incorrect. Some Historians of ancient Egypt and Egyptologists believe

that Nefertiti ruled briefly as Neferneferuaten after her husband's death and before the accession

of Tutankhamun, although this identification is Wrong Certainly also.

Where the study leads us to the foundations of the history of the 18th Dynasty, how moved the

throne and established that strong kingdom, from the first kings and princes these Dynasty, when

Akhenaton ordered the construction of his temple in Tel Amarna, specifically in the middle of

the rule of the strain. The study project was based on a sound reading of the ancient Egyptian

language, interspersed with great graphic models of new evidence in the history of the dynasty,

and a set of evidence achieved permeates the work in all its aspects. An action plan is to uncover

the burial site of Queen Nefertiti, interspersed with realistic evidences, geophysical surveys and

pottery samples, and samples of pottery and limestone, which contains some of the Hymns of

belonging to the queen during its judgment as a mediator on the throne.]

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