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List of Punishments

Wrong doings Punishment given in Naraka

Stealing other's property including wife, children

Thamisra Thrashing with Gadha .
and belongings

Andhathamisra Post marital cheating between husband and wife Unconscious circulation in abyss

Destroying, spiliting other's family and their Spanking the Life organs with trident
belongings by Yama kinkaras

Brutally destroying other's property and family for A wild animal, Guru, tortures them
the sake of acquisition in various forms

Roasting in hot oil tank by yama

Kumbipaka Destroying innocent lives for food

Kalasuthira Torturing and putting elders & parents in starvation Same set of treatment in hell

Asipathira Abetting God and devolve from Dharma practises Torture by devils; results in fear

Punishing innocent people and accomplice Grinding under the sharp teeth of a
unlawful activiites animal resembling pig

Biting by wild animals; wild run over

Anthakoopa Torturing lives and inhumane activities
by animals

Santching other's property by force, gaining undue Roasting in agni kunda in inverted
Agnikunda advantage and unlawfully making best out of position with hands and legs ties
everything in the world under a stick

Unchaste people in physical contact with Physical hugging with fire spitting
unmatching people idols
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Kirumibhojana Selfish survival; eating other's work Insects are left intruding the body

Sanmali Unchaste relationships by kamukas Thrashing with gadha

Submerging in Vaitharini river where

Using official stature to attain undue advantge,
Vaitharani water is mixed with blood, urine and
acting against dharma

Shameless behaviour, mixing with unchaste Biting by poisonous insects and

women & leading the life without any motive animals

Spanking the Life organs with

Prayanyoga Torturing lives and killing them
arrows by Yama kinkaras

Pasusava All devatas are in cows; torturing those cows Slashing by canes

Gutting houses, torturing lives, poisoning lives,

Sarameyathana Torture by unknown wild animals
involving in massacre

Submerging and torturing in

Aveesi Giving false evidence

Paribathana Drinking and making others drink alcohol Drinking lava

Involving in bad activities and defaming elders and Torture the Life organs by unknown
living with selfish motives devils

Performing narametha yaga, eating non vegetarian

Rakshogana The same victims torture the hecklers
dishes and torturing soft animals

Killing innocent people, masterminding people, Unknown birds peck and torture with
committing suicide and doing nambike droha soola

Not doing any good, amassing wealth by wrong Stinging with nails and torturing with
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doings and stealing wealth hunger and thirst

Kunthasootha Not doing any good and always doing bad to others Stinging by insects like scorpio

Vadaroga Severrly torturing living beings Handcuffed and burnt in fire

Piravarthana Defaming guests and not treating them Torturing with hunger and thirst

Torturing wife and involving her in unchaste

Lalapakshuga Same set of treatment in hell

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