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• Programmer analyst having more than seven+ years of experience in information technology. His
expertise lies in the analysis, design, development, implementation of distributed multi-threaded
and multi-processing applications using C, C++, Java, Rogue Wave, STL, Unix system Server
programming (Unix Internals), Design Patterns,IPC, Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting, Socket
programming, TCP/IP Sockets, XML, Oracle, in Unix (Sun Solaris, HPUX, HPUX-Itanium, Redhat
Linux), Windows/64 bit and REALOs environment. Also have knowledge of .NET framework and
• Experienced in Financial Domain and SS7 (TCAP, SCCP, ISUP, MTP3, MAP) GSM, IS41
Networks. He also has experience in working in ASN.1. He has excellent communication skills.
Also Studying Management from HARVARD University.

Operating System
Environment: UNIX, Solaris 5.8/5.6, HP-UX11.0, HPUX-Itanium, Windows NT,
Windows 2003 64 bit, Windows XP,HP Tandem(NSK)
Languages& Protocols: C, C++, STL, Java, PL/SQL, PRO*C, Perl, UNIX Scripts, TCP/IP,
UDP, XML, SNMP, Socket Programming.
Databases: Oracle 8i/9i, MS-Sql Server.
Software & Tools: Rational Rose, Clearcase, Clearquest, Purify, Code Coverage,
Quantify, Jbuilder, Sun Workshop, dbx, gdb, wdb, Apache,
RogueWave, CVS, Source Safe, Visual C++, Win32 SDK,
Sun/HPUX/AIX c/c++ compilers, gcc, gmake, nMake, clearmake,
Perforce, Doxygen.
GUI: Java, Visual C++, VB, MFC
Hardware: SUN SPARC, HP, Itanium Platforms.

Client Name Date - Present
Software Engineer
• Working on C++ for RoadRunner project, RoadRunner is an application which currently is the
main quoting and news provider for Fidelity's various web and customer facing systems
• Worked on C++ using smart pointers and various design patterns.
• Worked on memory leaks on the project
• Worked on C++ classes to implement quotes and news from Fidelity Market Data (FMD) using
reuters API (RFA, RV )
• Worked on perl templates which delivers content to site for customers to view quotes
and accounts information.
• Worked on optimizing the product so that it handles 160,000 ticks per second.
• Also did production support for Roadrunner as well other FEB (Fidelity EBusiness department)
• Used fortify for secure code review
• Upgrading Reuters API from RV network to RFA network.
• Helped in up gradation to Solaris 10 OS.
Environment: C++, Perl, UNIX Internals, Socket Programming, IPLANET (Sun Webserver),
Clearquest, Clearcase, Purify, Fortify.

Client Name, Location Date - Date

Programmer Analyst
• Involved in RCDR project in .NET C# and SQL-Server.
• Working On initiatives which would require the changes in various components of the system in
Unix/Windows Environment.
• Involved in projects involving C, C++, Java, .NET C# and SQL-Server.
• Analyzing Data in SQL-Server/Oracle.
• Rectifying Data using T-SQL/PL-SQL.
• Working On initiatives which would require the changes in various components of the system in
Unix/Windows Environment.
• Doing RCA(Root Cause of Analysis) by reviewing the code ,studying the log files.
• Interacting with other development teams for resolutions.
Sample Resumes CV
• Maintaining a good cycle time for closing of the problems by the worldwide clients.
• Worked on Reference Rate Utility component for modifications for new initiatives.
Environment: C/C++/Java, Unix Internals, Socket Programming, TCP/IP, Sun Solaris 9, Windows,
Oracle 8, SQL-Server.


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering, Bharathi Dasan University, India - 2002
Pursuing Microsoft Certification MCPD.
Microsoft Individual Excellence Award – Awarded for dedication to the job at Microsoft
Scientific Atlanta Team Excellence Award – Awarded for team work and customer satisfaction at
Scientific Atlanta