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Process observation and visual control systems

Solution packages for biogas production

Remote monitoring with Ex-cameras, and all components

for producers and operators of biogas plants
Process observation

System solutions for controlling biogas processes

The safety regulations stipulated by - Lumiglas Ex-luminaire approved to Further data for the
professional farming associations EC production sample test VISULEX Ex-camera system:
require, amongst other things, that certificate Signal transmission by two-wire
any sight glass fittings and electri- 2G EEx dII C T4/T6 method up to 500 m
cally operated processes for the pro- (zones 1 & 2) - Cable 3 x 2 x 0.56 mm2
duction of biogas are gas-tight and - For further information please ask - Power supply
explosion-protected. for data sheet 07.25 - Camera control
- Video signal
You can benefit from Papenmeier’s - Lumiglas disc wiper mechanism
long experience in the manufacture - Lumiglas spray device Control unit:
of electrical plant that meets the - Motorised drive for Lumiglas wiper - Cabinet suitable for up to six
highest demands on Ex protection. (Ex version is in progress) cameras
- For further information please ask - Video server with 100/1000 Mb/s
Because of the safety factor,the for data sheets 09.03, 02.01 and ethernet interface (optional)
popular VISULEX Ex-camera system, 02.03 - TCP/IP logger
part of the Lumiglas range, is ideal - Resolution 752 x 582 pixels
for use in this sector. - Lumiglas sight glass unit, made of - Light sensitivity 0.1 Lux
steel or synthetic resin, as carrier - Picture transmission in quality
The remotely operated camera base; if required the unit can PAL video format
transmits data for visual control or also be used for direct visual - Zoom and focus adjustment
analysis from any desired position. inspection. - For further info please ask for
Remote-controlled disc wipers with The system package is installed on data sheet 07.79.
a spray nozzle ensure an unhinde- the fermenter either by mounting
red view. it on the Lumiglas sight glass unit LumiCam camera control software -
or at a point of your preference. Zoom, focus, aperture, shutter, gain,
The Lumiglas system package for - For further information please ask preset positions, date and time as
biogas production comprises: for data sheet 01.01. well as image storage
- VISULEX Ex video camera techno-
logy; Sony colour camera 1/4” CCD
- Zoom lens 4.6 - 46 degrees
- Focal length 4.2 to 42 mm
- Light sensitivity 0.1 Lux

Equipped with:
- Lumiglas VISULEX Ex housing
approved to EC type examination
II 2G EEx dII C T4/T6
(zones 1 & 2)
- For further information, please ask
for data sheet 07.75
Process observation

Photo: Biogas e. V.

For plant operators, there are two

alternative solutions for incorpora-
ting the Lumiglas system.

Small package solution for

local observation:
Optional provision by the
operator of:
- Video monitor for direct process Large package solution Small package solution
- One-off use of a notebook with
Lumicam software for setting
the basic camera functions

Large package solution for

global observation:
Optional provision by the
operator of:
- Commercial type PC incl. monitor
- Internet access (DSL or similar)
- Remote monitoring software
(e. g. “pcAnywere”)
Having the ability to continuously Lumiglas solution packages provide That’s reason enough for us to look
observe biogas production processes the plant operator with the ideal forward to hearing from you so that
has become increasingly important solution for observing and docu- we can work out the optimum solu-
to plant operators. The resulting menting the entire gas production tion to your specific problem.
need is met by Lumiglas products – process – from fermentation to bio-
from Papenmeier, specialists in the gas formation – and, if necessary, to Please contact your local Lumiglas
field of Ex-protected cameras and link it to subsidiary processes from a agency or get in touch with our
luminaires, and the associated com- single command position. in-house technical expert direct:
ponents they have developed for An additional advantage is that this
this purpose. can be done either from a point Udo Glittenberg
close to the plant or from anywhere F. H. Papenmeier, Germany
in the world. Tel.: +49 2304 205-182
The standard solution meets most
requirements. But, as you yourself
know, a standard solution is only as
good as its individual adaptation.
Member of the
Biogas e. V.
The German Biogas Association

Subject to change without prior notice.

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