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General chat related to the game (please post bug reports on the forum)


Noeq - Today at 7:17 PM
it stops at loading account information
Akitos - Today at 7:17 PM
rip game
just started my stream cmonnn
Noeq - Today at 7:18 PM
seems like something went badly wrong somewhere
Fyrst - Today at 7:18 PM
same issue it had late last night during NA peak
Roshkatul - Today at 7:18 PM
NA and peak in the same sentence LUL
Marchombre - Today at 7:18 PM
Maybe it's same bug than yesterday. Then, they can't really do anything...
DankDick4 - Today at 7:18 PM
I just drank a ton of coffee and the servers do this, what do I do now
Roshkatul - Today at 7:18 PM
foliesseer - Today at 7:19 PM
is it strange I always tend to sleep after I drank coffee?
DamienRidge - Today at 7:19 PM
I do too
foliesseer - Today at 7:19 PM
thanks for not making me feel weird
DamienRidge - Today at 7:19 PM
Lisk - Today at 7:19 PM
I am looking into it - it's not directly in our control
foliesseer - Today at 7:19 PM
DankDick4 - Today at 7:20 PM
best be gettin that worker off his comment and changin that to a mole bluhd gmfu
foliesseer - Today at 7:20 PM
I already gave him a mole
Akitos - Today at 7:20 PM
@Lisk is it the playfab servers again?
Lisk - Today at 7:21 PM
foliesseer - Today at 7:21 PM
rip servers ??
Shady - Today at 7:24 PM
rip servers?
not working for me either
DamienRidge - Today at 7:25 PM
not even reports on playfab site
sucks for devs
EpvpDani - Today at 7:26 PM
yeah they're slow with updating their status, its already mostly resolved until
they update it lol
DamienRidge - Today at 7:26 PM
Lisk - Today at 7:28 PM

also have submitted a support ticket via email


Jqob - Today at 7:29 PM

time to switch servers lul
Shady - Today at 7:31 PM
@Lisk what adventages has using playfab over for eg. aws?
Lisk - Today at 7:31 PM
that is like comparing apples to oranges
PlayFab uses AWS
Sakuragi - Today at 7:33 PM
ohh that's why I can't log in
CireX - Today at 7:34 PM
same here
iConstantine - Today at 7:38 PM
Kick em in the balls. Akitos is about to swap games.
DamienRidge - Today at 7:38 PM
Here's a kick from Canada
Shady - Today at 7:45 PM
didn't know that
Lisk - Today at 7:47 PM
yeah PlayFab is a backend as a service, so it would manage things like player
profiles, statistics, leaderboards, virtual currency, things like that
alternative is to either 1) use a different backend as a service, or 2) write your
own backend from scratch
EpvpDani - Today at 7:48 PM
so when you gonna start?
Lisk - Today at 7:48 PM
as an update to the current issue:

punk - Today at 7:48 PM

something something you can make it sexier if you create your own backend ;p
Lisk - Today at 7:48 PM
that is their CEO