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Welcome to your funding challenge! The application form

you are about to read is based on the Arts Council England
funding process. Fill it out in your company as best as you
can, be concise, thorough and intelligent with your answers.
If you don’t know how to answer, use your resources wisely
and research, don’t assume you can ‘blag’ your way
through. Market yourself and make sure to sound like an
organised, professional theatre organisation with the perfect
plan to create a project worth investing money in.
Good luck and impress!

Sensitivity: Internal
Grants for the arts

Grants for the arts is our Lottery-funded grant programme for individuals, arts organisations and other people who use
the arts in their work. Grants are available for activities carried out over a set period and which engage people in England
in arts activities and help artists and arts organisations in England carry out their work.

The application form asks you a series of questions about different parts of your project including artistic quality, public
engagement, management and finance. This gives us information about you, the project you are applying for and your
budget. We will use the information you give us in your application form to decide whether we will offer you a grant.

Good luck with your application, we look forward to hearing from you.

Sensitivity: Internal
Applicant details
Applicant name: Edge Theatre.
Applicant type: Theatre company.
What is your organisation’s legal name? Edge Theatre.

Address Information
Address name or number: North Kent College – Miskin Theatre.
Street: Oakfield lane.
Town / city: Dartford.
Postcode: DA1 2JT
Main contact number: 07889361730.

Sensitivity: Internal
Your contact information
Main Primary contact
Contact type First name Last name Email
contact number

administrator/Stage Kia Clemens 07889861730

Management/Associate Clark Russell 07544058987

Alex Saddiqi 07479533545
Director m

Actor/Hair and
Makeup rebeccajobrien1@gmai
Rebecca O’Brien 07913790303
Casting director

Management/Set Sophie Croft 07500262155

Management/Prop Alana Dickson 07377695674

Sensitivity: Internal
Sensitivity: Internal
Basic details
Project information
Please give a concise description of the activity you are asking us to support.
No more than 1500 characters.

Our project involves performing to a target audience of age 16 and above within the Cockpit Theatre to showcase scenarios that occur in a
social setting, I.E a smoking area for our piece’s setting. Our main goal is to not treat the piece as a TIE but, if the audience feel that it is fit
to do so they can gain an education from it. We aim to get ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) involved with our idea. Our rehearsal
process will be over the course of a month and 11 days. We feel as though this will make our performance to a high standard, as we will be
able to fully explore the subject. We are doing this process to work collaboratively as a company, to explore different characters and
broaden our skill set, as well as to a deadline.

Sensitivity: Internal
Amount requested
Here we want you to tell us the amount you will be requesting from us, including any access costs. If you are deaf or disabled or experience learning
difficulties there may be extra costs relating to your own access needs that you will need to pay to help you manage your activity. For example, payment for a
sign language interpreter to help you manage your activity. To find out more about personal access costs please read the Expenditure section of the How to
apply guidance.

Please tell us the total amount you are requesting from us:

Activity dates
Please enter the start and end dates for your activity.
 You must allow enough time to plan
your activity and for us to process your application.
Activity start date:
Activity end date:

Artistic quality
Sensitivity: Internal
What is your proposed artistic activity, and what do you want to achieve by doing it?
No more than 1500 words.

We, Edge Theatre, are aspiring to perform a devised piece at the Cockpit Theatre as well as the Miskin Theatre. We highlight the effects of
people smoking and passive smoking by presenting situations in which smoking can be involved. We aim to depict the piece in a way, which
follows the life of a smoker and the pinnacle events throughout their life. An example of this is when our protagonist takes a pull of her first
cigarette and the events that pursue. The theme of our piece is realism to show the audience how smoking can affect people. Taking into
account the average age range of smokers, we want our pieces age bracket to be that of 16+, due to its adult ideology and relatability. We
wish to aim the piece towards people who smoke/are often around smokers, as we feel it will appeal to them and challenge their views.

After the show, we want to host a Q and A to discuss with the audience their opinions on smoking and how it has affected people around us
as well as gaining feedback for our piece for improvement incase we decided to take the project even further. This will help us gain better
knowledge on people’s views on the topic and we can see if we can incorporate this into our piece if we refine. We want the audience to
leave the performance inspired, with a broader understanding of the issues inside our piece. We aim to expand their thought process on
smoking in future, to hopefully make them realise that the social aspects of smoking has an effect on your health.

Sensitivity: Internal
On this screen we ask you to give us some more details about the audience(s) your activity is aimed at.

By 'audience' we mean people who are going to experience your activity as viewers, listeners or readers but are not actively involved in the activity.

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at any particular age group of audience. YES

Tick the age group(s) that you expect to be significantly represented among audience. N/A

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at any identified ethnic groups as audiences. N/A

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at disabled people as audience. N/A

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at individuals or groups with a particular sexual orientation
identity as audience.

Tick the categories of sexual orientation identity that you expect to be significantly represented among N/A

Sensitivity: Internal
audiences .

Tick here if your activity is specifically aimed at either male, female or ‘trans* Audiences. N/A

Target Audience: (Age range)

Any aim at different sexual orientation: (please circle)


Gay or Bisexual


Age Range:


There is no primal aim to gender/sexual orientation.

Sensitivity: Internal
The Finance section will ask you to complete a budget for your activity, and to answer some questions about how you will
manage your budget.

Key things to remember about budgets:

- Your budget has to balance (your income needs to be the same as your expenditure)

- We expect you to find at least 10% of the total cost of your activity from other sources.

- We need to be able to see how you have worked your figures out, so please break them down clearly.

- Your budget should be for the total cost of the activity you are applying to do.
 It is important to remember that the
spending (expenditure) and income for your activity should match.

Sensitivity: Internal
Expected or
Income heading Description Amount

Please use full pounds only and no pence (for example, '£1,167').
 Please check your figures carefully. If you do not fill in
this section correctly, we cannot process your application.

On this page you should enter all the cash and ‘in kind’ income for your activity.

The details about each item of income that you add will be shown in the list at the bottom of the page. You should make
sure that you show how your figures have been calculated in the 'Description' field, for example:

Ticket sales (7 dates @ 60% of 100 capacity x £8 ticket price) £3,360

You should enter all your cash income on this page, as well as any Support in kind you will receive.

Sensitivity: Internal
From the Arts Council Funding we will require £51. This will cover
costs for our props (20 pack cigarettes), costume (men’s black jeans,
Arts Council Funding Expected
black aprons and fish net tights), lighting (mini torches) and our £60

The Miskin Theatre are giving us £15 to go towards our venue hire,
Miskin Theatre the Cockpit charge £1 per minute of performance and we will be Confirmed
performing for 15 minutes. £15

The details about each item of expenditure that you add will be shown in the list at the bottom of the page. You should

Sensitivity: Internal
Expenditure heading Description Amount

make sure that you show how your figures have been calculated in the 'Description' field. For example, you should show
the number of days and the daily rate for any fees shown.

Sensitivity: Internal
Props 20 pack of cigarettes x 1

Costume Men’s Black jeans x 1 + £3 Black apron x 4 + £2 Fish net tights x 4


Lighting £1 Mini torches x 6


Venue Hire – Cock pit £1 per minute x 15 minutes


Contingency 20% of £90 maximum Arts Council Funding


Total Amount

Support in kind

Sensitivity: Internal
Please use this page to explain your support in kind in more detail, if necessary:
No more than 600 words.

Rehearsal space hire = £1540 – Support in kind from Miskin Theatre.

Grant administrator wages = £462 – Support in kind from working for free.
Actors wages = £3850 – Support in kind from working for free.
Sound = £300 – Support in kind from Miskin Theatre.
Venue Hire at Miskin Theatre (auditorium) = £750 – Support in kind from Miskin Theatre.
Posters = £9 – Support in kind from North Kent College.
Costume: White shirts x 6 = £38 – Support in kind from actors.
Men’s black jeans x 1= £8 – Support in kind from actors.
Black plimsolls x 6 = £48 – Support in kind from actors.
Black pencil skirt x 4 = £20 – Support in kind from actors.
Set materials: Fold up plastic chairs x 4 = £30 – Support in kind from Miskin Theatre.
Props: 5 pack of lighters x 1 = £1 – Support in kind from actors.
Travels expenses: 16+ oyster card x 5 = £30 – Support in kind from actors.
18+ oyster card x 1 + £12 – Support in kind from actors.

Total support in kind amount = £7098.

Sensitivity: Internal
Sensitivity: Internal