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2D Limit Equilibrium Slope Stability Analysis

Slide 5.0 is the most comprehensive slope stability analysis

software available, complete with sensitivity, probabilistic and
back analysis capabilities. This 2-D program combines an
attractive, easy to use CAD based graphical interface with a
wide range of modeling and data interpretation options that
enable you to perform analyses more thoroughly, more quickly.

Using Slide 5.0, you may determine the probability of failure and
reliability index for either the deterministic failure surface with
the smallest factor of safety, or for the entire slope. Sensitivity
capabilities allow you to easily determine the effect of any
parameter on the factor of safety. Determine which parameter
has the most effect and optimize your slope remediation based
on this knowledge.

Slide 5.0 is the only slope stability software to include built-in

steady-state unsaturated groundwater analysis capabilities
using the finite-element method. Calculate pore-pressures,
heads, discharge using geometry from your slope stability
analysis. Meshing is all automatic and done at the click of a
button. Pore pressures are seamlessly integrated into your
slope stability analysis.

Slide 5.0 easily models complex slope geometry. Draw the

interface as you would in any CAD or drawing program or
import a scanned image of your slope and digitize over it. Man-
made and natural slopes with complex layering, soil lenses, and
inclusions are easily modeled. Earth dams with complex core
and shell geometries are also easily modeled.

The simple to use editing tools provide a convenient method for

performing parametric studies. The graphical data interpreter
provides a rich set of tools for the convenient display of model
results. With Slide 5.0, you can very quickly and easily create a
model, perform a stability analysis, and interpret the results.