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An individual behavior often connected to his or her expectations and may not
be based on the ‘actual or reality’. For a marketer also, understanding of the consumer
behavior is very important. The behavior of the consumer at the market place is
depending on what he thinks as a reality or on his expectation and knowledge about
the world around him. This expectation may be based on sensations from the outside
world which in turn may be influenced by past experience or learning, expectations,
fantasies beliefs, values, personality etc. Thus for having a letter understanding of
buying behavior of individual marketers must examine the importance of expectation
and its integration with the related concepts. This information will help him to device
marketing strategies and programmers, such as to help consumers to expect their
(firm’s) products or services positively.

It is very important for any company to know how the customers perceive their
products and/or services. It is customer’s expectation which influences the products
and services offered by the organization. If the organizations make an attempt to find
the customers expectation then, depending upon the feedback received, if required, it
can alter its product/s accordingly. In today’s competitive scenario understanding the
customer’s expectation has been receiving increasingly importance and it has became
one of the most important tasks for the successful organizations.

To be a successful marketer it is necessary to recognize the changing needs of the

customers and always be adaptive to tailor the product/s and/or services to satisfy
customers need more effectively and efficiently than the competitors to achieve
highest customers satisfaction ranking.
. Different customers have different experiences and expectations towards the brand,
understanding these differences and rendering what the customers need is very vital
for the survival and the growth of the organization.

. In this study an attempt is made to understand the customer expectations so that the
company can improve upon the areas where the customers do not have good
expectations by way of adopting various promotional tools.

Ascertaining customer’s expectation becomes very complicated. Lot of complications

are involved in ascertaining the expectation. It is very difficult to understand how the
customers perceive. So understanding the customer’s expectation helps to the
company to improve itself in many areas.

SPSS software and Graphical Representation are used for analysis:

By analyzing the all questions findings and suggestions are given. The study is
restricted to rural areas of wadi Gulbarga District.


“Customer Expectations towards ACC Cement”


Customer expectations set the bar for customer satisfaction which also affects
repurchase decisions and customer loyalty. If a customer feels like you did not deliver
a service that was expected, they won’t come back and buy from you again. On the
flip-side, if you deliver a service that exceeds customer expectations, you can bet they
will come back to buy again, and tell all their friends about the experience.

When customers have high expectations and the reality fall short, they will be
disappointed and will likely rate their experience as less than satisfying. For this
reason, luxury resort, for example, might receive a lower satisfaction rating than a
budget motel—even though its facilities and service would be deemed superior in
‘absolute’ terms.”


• To know the customer awareness towards Acc Cement.

• To evaluate the consumer preference towards Acc Cement.
• To study the image of the Acc Cement in customers.
• To understand the expectation about price towards Acc Cement.
• To measure consumer satisfaction.


 The data was collected from the respondents across all the ages, income
groups, occupation and gender.
 The total sample size for the study is 50. Out of 50 respondents 50 are ACC
Cement users and 50 are non users.
 The study involves ascertaining the customer perception towards various areas
such as price, product, satisfaction level, image of the brand.
 So the study tried to get the responses from almost all kinds of respondents.


The outcome of the research depends upon the data used and findings of the collects.

Primary Data

It is collected through

1. With the help of a questionnaire data was located from employees.

2. Interview with departments manager
3. Direct observation.

Secondary Data

It is extracted from

1. Company profile
2. Company magazines
3. Published books
4. Journals
5. Internet


Every research is carried under some boundaries and this research is not an exception.

The limitations of this research are:

 The opinion of the respondents may not represent the whole population.
 Due to the limitations of time, a larger respondent base could not be covered
and was limited to a sample size of 50 respondents.
 There might have been tendencies among the respondents to filter their
responses under the given conditions.
 The customer’s opinion might have been biased and may not represent the
whole population of the city.
 Most customers were busy and with their work.

Analysis of data obtained from the questionnaire was done on the assumption
that honest and correct information had been given by the respondents