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Project Giving intends to create an organization

on the Steemit platform which brings resources and
exposure to local initiatives around the world. Through
funding these projects, we will empower them to
make a positive change in their communities and
surrounding environment.


@tristanoliff | Canada/South Africa | Founder & Project Manager
@anna-mi | Russia | Content Creator
@dedicatedguy | Venezuela | Writer & Researcher
@golddeejay | Nigeria | Writer & Researcher
@imaginedragon | USA | Writer & Marketing
@kymio | Malaysia | Graphics & Visual Design
@mnallica | Turkey | Graphics & Visual Design
@raj808 | United Kingdom | Marketing & Content Creator
@travelling-two | Thailand | Writers & Marketing

Team organization & initiatial funding provided by

@SndBox as part of their 2018 #SndBoxQuest

Project Giving's primary motive as the Steem blockchain's first

NGO is to use the power of the Steemit platform as a tool to
provide meaningful assistance to people and projects who need
our help all around the world.

Project Giving's team finds non-profit initiatives either through

Steemit or online who are trying to create positive change in their
communities or surrounding environment. 

Project Giving's team then creates a personalized blog which

shares the story of these initiatives, how they improve the lives of
those around them, and how they would benefit from Steemit
based financial assistance. 

All author rewards from these posts are then donated to these
initiatives in order to facilitate genuine social development, all
thanks to the power of the Steemit community.

Therefore, through Project Giving, all Steemians from minnows to

whales, have the opportunity to use their influence on the Steemit
platform to improve the lives of people around the world who need
our help.

Through the sharing of these blogs, Project Giving also increases

exposure on global issues such as poverty, environmental threats
and inequality, while sharing the stories behind the people who
are trying to tackle them.
A unique model for creating social change.
Many people often want to help others around the world but don't
because it requires the sharing of credit card information and billing
addresses etc. 

However, thanks to the Steemit social media platform, people only need
to "like" an initiative blog post to genuinely help the lives of people in
need by raising funds through Project Giving.

The perfect advertisment for Steemit.

Project Giving is very much committed to being a part of the
promotional drive for steemit to gain mass adoption.

If Project Giving becomes a successful project, we believe it will be a

global advertisement about the social utility of the Steemit platform as
a tool for positive global change.

It will showcase both that Steemit is more than just a social media
platform, and that the Steemit community can come together to
improve the lives and social situations of others around the world.

Bringing new members to the platform.

Initiatives which we support will be encouraged to use the Project
Giving & Steemit logos on their media, giving Steemit increased
exposure and sign-ups.

Project Giving will also help introduce the projects which we support
which are not already on Steemit to the platform. This way, even after
we have helped their initiative with funding, they can continue to
showcase their development to the Steemit community.

We honestly believe that one of the ways that Steem can gain
attention from mainstream media in the future is through fully
accountable charitable initiatives like ours and we would like to invite
you along with us on this journey.
Step 1
SUMMARY 7-day post funding period ends.
Screenshot is taken of how much SBD
was made by the post.
Project Giving is committed to
operating under a very stringent Step 2
accountability process for all funds SBD is transferred to online wallet.
donated to the initiatives we Screenshot taken of SBD value converted
support. to BTC. (incl. fees paid)

Once a blog post we write about an Step 3

initiative we  sponsor reaches the 7- BTC value of donations taken offline to
day payout, Project Giving will record Project Giving Bank Account. Screenshot
(through screenshots) every step of taken of price transaction and price of
donation in fiat currency (CAD or USD).
the transfer process from the Steemit
platform to the bank account of the Step 4
initiative we are donating to. Full value of funds transferred to
(Full process is detailed across). initiatives around the world. This is done
either by international money transfer or
Every week, Project Giving will Western Union (preference of initiative).
compile an ACCOUNTABILITY POST Screenshots taken of transfer
which shares all these proof of documentation and fees.
transfers to the Steemit Community.
Step 5
Initiatives receive all donated funds
We believe this level of accountability (minus fees incured). They must send
is something unique to Steemit, and proof of receipt.
will safeguard against any
misappropriation of funds, thus giving Step 6
any project donor the knowledge Initiatives will send back report on how
that their vote/delegation is going to funds were used along with proof through
help the projects which they have receipts and photos. If funds are used
supported. well, initiative can apply for another blog.


Since we operate on Steemit, we hope that some of the initiatives we help
sponsor will exist and be found through the site.

In this case, the accountability will be easier as 2, 3 & 4 will instead take place
as a simple Steemit based transfer. Screenshots of transfer will exist as normal.
Our Team strongly believes that Project Giving, through
the Steem Blockchain and the help of the Steemian
community, can make a positive impact around the world.
However, to make this dream a reality, we need your help!

Sponsoship Recognition
All donations for Project Giving will Project Giving will have three tiers
come exclusively from Steemit for recognition of donations to the
upvotes, thus we will rely heavily on project.
accounts and communities with
large steem power delegation. Large Steemit communities which
sponsor us will receive space at the
Since we will likely be creating only bottom of our posts for their logo to
one initiative post per week, we are stand next to our initial sponsor
asking if you could donate one full @SndBox.
power vote per week to the causes
we are trying to support. Steemit users who donate $15 or
more to any of our initiative posts
100% of author rewards from our will be recognized, thanked and
initiative blog posts go directly to tagged in our weekly accountability
the cause. posts.

Simply by using your power to vote All users who vote $0.01 and above
on Steemit, you will have the will be recognized publicly once they
opportunity to change the lives of vote on 10, 25 & 50 posts as a
people around the world. thank you their consistent support.
YOKAENSO (Youth Kawakamo Environment Solutions) is a Community Based
Organization founded in Mwanza, Tanzania. This project was started by
Emmanuel Bujashi, a former street child turned social worker, to address
environmental conservation, food security and unemployment in his local
community. As of now, YOKAENSO has drafted the help of 12 youths to
volunteer with the project.

YOKAENSO seeks to help non-educated youth gain practical skills and

experience through engaging in income generating activity, while at the
same time, working to reduce the amount of waste in their local community.

This is done through a four step program. Step 1 is door to door collection of
plastic and organic waste which is done for a small, affordable fee.  This
reduces plastic waste and ensures it is recycled properly. Step 2 is the
distribution of paper bags to also reduce plastic waste. Step 3 uses the
organic waste collected to create high quality organic fertilizer (compost) to
start a community farm to increase local food security. Finally, step 4 is the
holding of community environmental solutions workshops by YOKAENSO to
improve local literacy on these issues.

        Project Giving's first Steemit fundraiser will be for this initiative.

Community workshop
Cart used by YOKAENSO One of YOKAENSO's youth
discussing environmental
for waste collection. volunteers during collection.
solutions to waste.