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Psalm 23:6

Presence of the Shepherd

“Shall follow me all the days of my life”

The first and the last line of the song are the most important. - Follow (Hb. Radaf) – run after, track, as a hunter track his prey, to pursue
They are the most quotable and remembered. - Suggests that the Good Shepherd is relentless I His care and love for His sheep
- God is pursuing His followers with the truth of His goodness and stedfast love,
“As long as you hit the first and last note right, it will leave a positive impression.” all the days of their lives
- God will continue to give us his goodness and mercy because He is our
“The Lord is my shepherd” shepherd
“Surely goodness and mercy”
Romans 8:28
Tonight, we will hear how this hymn end with a positive note.
Lamentations 3:23

“Surely” “And I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever”
David conclude his psalm with the highest note of confidence to His Shepherd. - This should not be understood that the author is a priest or a Levite
As the Lord has been his shepherd, so He will continue to guide his sheep until the end - This pertains to the lasting relationship and fellowship of the Shepherd to his
David has the assurance that His shepherd is present and will be present. flock
- This is a desire from someone who followed God, experienced His goodness
and mercy, is to dwell in the presence of the Lord
“Goodness and Mercy” (steadfast love) - House of the Lord - temple
- Who do you think of when we say good and merciful - Church – fellowship with believers
- This is not a sentimental/emotional statement that all things will be good for
him in the future Psalm 27:4
- This psalm is not cornered with an idea of a problem-free journey of life
- Rather, an expression of faith in the future grace of the Lord, expression of trust
in the active presence of the Lord in the midst of problems and tensions along Jesus is the door
- He is saying that the character of God will be his pervasive reality and decisive John 10:7, 9, 11, 14
influence of his life

Psalm 100:5 (Read Psalm 100) The lasting presence of the Shepherd should encourage us to give our dependence and
Psalm 34:8 confidence in Him.
Psalm 25:6-7