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English Vocabulary Words - English Noun Adjective

Judul: English Vocabulary Words - English Noun Adjective Penulis: hari sutjiono Rating: 4.7
Deskripsi:Contoh Soal TOEFL - TOEIC dan Kunci Jawabannya

1. n. florist
(a) educator; teacher; trainer
(b) owner of a flower shop; person who makes flower arrangements
(c) separation; ridge between drainage areas; watershed
(d) sample; model; form; mold; decorative design
2. n. station
(a) standard against which something is measured; factor; discipline
(b) position; place where a person or thing is usually found; headquarters; broadcast
(c) temporary arrangement; in between period
(d) limit to which money may be withdrawn from the bank on credit
3. n. surface
(a) restriction; force; limitation; limit
(b) influence; effect; colliding of two bodies; touch
(c) diagram; chart
(d) exterior or upper boundary of a thing; external part or layer; outward appearance
4. n. dress code
(a) viewpoint, opinion; siting; locus; location; place; job
(b) netting attached to a woman's hat
(c) metal cord with sharp projecting points
(d) formally or socially imposed standards of attire
5.n. link
(a) way; route; course; section; piece
(b) connection; relation; association; one ring of a chain; ring
(c) exchange; transfer; device
(d) introduction; foreword; opening statement
6.n. fraction
(a) soldier of the three lowest military ranks
(b) product of the division of one number by another; part of a whole; segment;
fragment; quotient
(c) progress; modernization; promotion
(d) principle; basis; essential
7.n. surprise
(a) astonishment; something which startles or astonishes; unexpected event
(b) display; layout; clothing; menu
(c) drawing together; fold; pucker
(d) movement of vehicles or persons; trade; commerce; load of messages in a
communications network
8.adj. downward
(a) sublime; exalted; superior
(b) descending
(c) dangerous; risky; perilous
(d) identifiable; determinable; able to be distinguished
9. n. carpet
(a) counsel; guidance; specific information; hint
(b) the total amount of funds in circulation in a given country's economy
(c) slice; part; segment; creation; work
(d) rug; fabric floor covering
10.n. compatible
(a) building for indoor sports and exercise; fitness center
(b) opposition; act of fighting against; act of withstanding the effects of
(c) bother; disturbance; nuisance; discomfort
(d) piece of equipment which can be used with other machines without alternation

check you score 1.b 2.b 3.d 4.d 5.b 6.b 7.a 8.b 9.d 10.d

Games to Teach English Vocabulary - Adjective Noun Lists

Judul: Games to Teach English Vocabulary - Adjective Noun Lists Penulis: hari sutjiono
Rating: 4.7 Deskripsi:Contoh Soal TOEFL - TOEIC dan Kunci Jawabannya

1. adj. inventive
(a) creative; new; original
(b) of a smaller version or dimension
(c) comprising the best result ever attained
(d) spotted; speckled; composed of a series of small dashes (about a line)
2. adj. certain
(a) of a skilled occupation; working in one of the skilled occupations
(b) sure; definite; particular; specific
(c) plain; clear; visible; public; intentional; undisguised (Law)
(d) open to dispute; obscure; vague
3. adj. forward
(a) firm; faithful; persistent; unbending; adamant
(b) advanced; ahead; ready; brash; of the future; progressive
(c) entrusted to the care
(d) made or done immediately; paid at once; performed randomly
4. adj. fraudulent
(a) guilty; dishonest
(b) injurious; causing damage
(c) exact; not more and not less; meticulous; strict
(d) classified; confidential; clandestine; covert; hidden; latent
5. adj. close
(a) first; primary; innovative; creative; novel
(b) kind; good
(c) near; adjacent; careful
(d) doubtful; not reliable; ambiguous
6. adj. curious
(a) truthful; candid; frank
(b) judgmental; important; crucial; vital
(c) arbitrary; fickle; flexible
(d) inquisitive; desiring to know and understand; odd; strange; rare
7. n. dealer
(a) supplier; seller; merchant; agent; sales representative
(b) shopping center; pedestrian walkway; promenade
(c) action or instance in which the ball or puck is prevented from entering the goal
(d) inflection; verbal 'time'
8. adj. continuous
(a) pure; obvious; easy to understand; comprehensible
(b) quiet; tranquil; calm; motionless
(c) containing nothing; without people; without contents; hollow; meaningless
(d) successive; uninterrupted; permanent
9. adj. rear
(a) continuing; enduring; remaining for a long time; durable
(b) appropriate; fitting; well-timed; timely; proper; expedient
(c) back; hind
(d) honest; truthful; frank; straightforward; genuine; earnest
10. adj. intricate
(a) complex; complicated; involved; entangled
(b) in a manner which shuts out all others; solely; in a limited manner
(c) available on a regular basis; employed to handle merchandise or goods
(d) rational; reasonable; wise; judicious; cognizant; aware

check you score : 1.a 2.b 3.b 4.a 5.c 6.d 7.a 8.d 9.c 10.a

Vocabulary Words - Adverb Adjective Noun Verb Preffix Lists

Judul: Vocabulary Words - Adverb Adjective Noun Verb Preffix Lists Penulis: hari sutjiono
Rating: 4.7 Deskripsi:Contoh Soal TOEFL - TOEIC dan Kunci Jawabannya

1. adv. Outside
(a) quite; sufficiently; fairly
(b) out of doors
(c) strenuously; with great effort; to the full extent; intently; to the extreme limit
(d) at first; in the first place; in a unique manner
2. adj. cheap
(a) coming or occurring after the usual or expected time; tardy; slow; delayed
(b) very great in numbers; huge; powerful
(c) satisfied; pleased
(d) opposite of expensive; inexpensive
3. n. message
(a) incorrect interpretation
(b) abstract; summary; concise report; instructions
(c) communication; information; announcement; note; memo; intimation
(d) plan; aim; goal; purpose
4. adj. top
(a) new; fresh; late; of late times
(b) ceremonious; conventional; according to custom; stiff; strict; symmetrical
(c) highest; prime; leading
(d) important; consequential; meaningful; having meaning; of a considerable amount
5. n. accomplishment
(a) inability to succeed; lack of success; lack; bankruptcy; downfall
(b) fulfillment; realization; attainment; achievement
(c) test; attempt; experiment; annoyance
(d) concentration; consideration; focus; care; acknowledgment; recognition
6. v. generate
(a) to make clear; to explain
(b) to create; to produce; to bring into being
(c) to accelerate; to cause to move quickly; to expedite; to further; to hurry
(d) to make resistant; to make impervious; to edit
7. n. character
(a) suitcases; cases and bags carried by travelers
(b) large craft made for navigation on water; boat; ship; container
(c) nature; disposition; attitude; figure; person; statement of qualities
(d) shared characteristic; common feature
8. v. emerge
(a) to shape with skill
(b) to say that something is not true; to refuse; to renounce
(c) to irritate; to infuriate; to enrage
(d) to appear; to come out; to be revealed
9. pref. counter
(a) related to by the remarriage of a parent and not by blood
(b) toward; at
(c) after; later; subsequent to
(d) against; opposed
10. v. measure
(a) to control; to govern; to manage; to adjust to a specific level or condition
(b) to interest; to amuse; to host
(c) to gauge; to quantify; to assess; to evaluate; to estimate
(d) to specialize in a certain field

check you score : 1.b 2.d 3.c 4.c 5.b 6.b 7.c 8.d 9.d 10.c
Word Vocabulary Games - Verb Noun Lists

Judul: Word Vocabulary Games - Verb Noun Lists Penulis: hari sutjiono Rating: 4.7
Deskripsi:Contoh Soal TOEFL - TOEIC dan Kunci Jawabannya

1. v. pocket
(a) to give; to contribute; to grant; to bestow
(b) to transfer control from governmental to individual powers
(c) to make a remark; to explain; to write an explanatory note
(d) to profit; to roll a ball into a hole (Billiards)
2. v. attach
(a) to fasten; to link to; to add; to ascribe to; to connect to
(b) to give out; to distribute; to ration; to set aside for a special purpose
(c) to delay; to obstruct; to hinder; to prevent; to thwart
(d) to label; to fine
3. v. subsidize
(a) to bore a hole; to practice; to train; to sow seeds in rows
(b) to provide financial assistance
(c) to deal in; to sell
(d) to save; to cut back; to be thrifty; to be frugal
4. v. get over
(a) to emphasize; to accentuate
(b) to cushion; to fill; to fill out; to walk; to go by foot
(c) to recover
(d) to prove; to verify; to confirm; to actualize
5. v. tour
(a) to keep in existence; to preserve; to support; to provide for
(b) to alter; to change; to fluctuate
(c) to sightsee; to voyage; to travel
(d) to display; to demonstrate; to bestow; to grant
6. v. prize
(a) to accompany someone; to appear; to advance; to succeed
(b) to reinforce; to bind together; to strengthen a connection
(c) to illustrate; to elucidate; to interpret; to describe; to define
(d) to appreciate; to esteem; to respect; to appraise; to assess worth
7. n. additive
(a) person who favors political and social reform
(b) supplement
(c) development; progress
(d) person who presides over court trials; arbiter; expert; critic
8. v. calendar
(a) to take away part of a whole; to remove; to deduct
(b) to cushion; to fill; to fill out; to walk; to go by foot
(c) to prepare a financial plan; to make financial arrangements
(d) to write down in a timetable; to register
9. v. stem
(a) to use as an introduction; to use as a foreword
(b) to invite; to speak loudly; to visit; to phone
(c) to arise; to come from; to originate; to stop; to check
(d) to measure; to evaluate; to determine; to estimate
10. v. major
(a) to leaf through a book; to surf Internet websites
(b) to place in particular situations
(c) to defend; to save from harm; to watch over; to guard
(d) to specialize in a certain field

check you score : 1.d 2.a 3.b 4.c 5.c 6.d 7.b 8.d 9.c 10.d