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Airess Stewart

Support File for ELCC Standard 6

A building-level education leader applies knowledge that promotes the success of
every student by understanding, responding to, advocating for student learning,
and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context
through advocating for school students, families, and caregivers; acting to influence
local, district, state, and national decisions affecting student learning in a school
environment; and anticipating and assessing emerging trends and initiatives in
order to adapt school-based leadership strategies.

Standard Artifact/Activity Reflection Source

Element (Course)
6.1 Student Support Through MTSS, I have MTSS
6.2 Network created a subgroup
6.3 composed of all
(administrators, teachers,
parents, students and
various support staff) to
meet the non-academic
needs of students and their
families. This group will
align with the work of the
Strategic Planning School
and Community Relations
6.3 Elementary 3rd grade reading Literacy
Principals meeting legislation, IST planning, Coordinator
May planning next steps for Principals
6.2 Program I collaborated with a group EA747-Action
Evaluation to complete a program Research II
evaluation on Professional
Learning Communities in
an elementary school. This
evaluation gave me greater
insight on principal impact
on PLC’s, professional
learning essential for
implementation and the
impact on student
6.2 Bargaining Paper This assignment helped me EA742-
gain a greater Educational
understanding of the Law
bargaining process in
schools and important
issues to be considered.
6.2 Proposal A In this paper I reviewed the EA8820-
6.3 history of proposal A and School
the impact on the Business
educational system. I also Management
identified solutions to
improve the current
6.3 School Closure In this assignment I EA8820-
reviewed decision making School
involved in closing a school Business
and action steps to ensure a Management
successful transition for all
stakeholders- students,
families and staff.