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XR Lab to demo mixed
reality medical tech p.16

Circumventing electronic
OEM corrosion problems p.20

UofWaterloo develops
plastic semis p.23

Its impact on electronics OEM
PM 40065710 distribution channels p.12

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Component supply 12 BLOCKCHAIN
Its impact on the electronics OEM supply chain.

shortages could drive 14 Reverse Supply Chain Management
counterfeit use


Calgary CEM August
XR Lab to demo mixed reality medical tech.
18 New products
Electronics expands

Photos (this page, from top): tktktktkktktktktktktktktkkt

In every issue Circumventing electronic OEM corrosion problems.
7 NEWSWATCH 22 New products
U of Waterloo chemists develop flexible, sustainable
Cover photo: Tkktktktktktktk

Nest Hello video plastic semiconductors.

doorbell 24 New products


Miniature RF & Power Magnetics

for Wearable Technology
• Wirewound RF chip inductors as small as 0201 size
• Shielded power inductors as thin as 0.5 mm
• Coupled inductors as small as 2.2 x 1.5 mm for
LED display drivers
Learn more @
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Part supply pressure +

Canada’s information leader for
electronic engineers and designers

shortages=counterfeit use
JUNE / JULY 2018
Volume 40, Number4
EDITOR Stephen Law · (416) 510-5208
Sohail Kamal
It is an encour- challenges the industry faces due to luxury goods such as handbags
aging trend, if to component shortages, espe- and watches. However, with the
you are involved cially in passives such as MLCCs advent of new technologies, com- · (416) 510-5207
in the ecosystem and certain semiconductors. The bined with the high profits and
ACCOUNT MANAGER Joanna Malivoire
of this industry. ECIA’s component supplier perceived low risk from selling · direct 866-868-7089
Electronics is member community is working infringing goods, counterfeits ART DIRECTOR Lisa Zambri
infiltrating liter- on alleviating these issues. have become increasingly more
ally every facet Long lead times and allocation sophisticated and prevalent. CIRCULATION MANAGER Anita Madden
our tactile world. With the prog- conditions are expected to con- Products in every industry—from
ress and prevalence of emerging tinue throughout most of 2018, food to health care products to Tel: 416-442-5600 ext. 3596
technologies like IoT, robotics however. ECIA is concerned that electronics—now are being coun- ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Tracey Hanson
and Industry 4.0, electronic con- these conditions will force cus- terfeited.
nectedness has never been more tomers to consider alternative Automobile parts may make VICE PRESIDENT - EXECUTIVE PUBLISHER
evident than now. and unauthorized sources for vehicles unsafe, aircraft parts may Tim Dimopoulos
The rise of emerging technolo- these critical components in or- fail in flight, or electrical compo-
gies along with the need for com- der to meet their own production nents may catch fire. Average PRESIDENT & CEO Mike Fredericks
ponents in these designs has commitments. This is under- consumers are incapable of deter-
driven demand over the top. With standable, but increases the risk mining whether the goods they EP&T is published eight times per year by
the tech surge comes some chal- to the industry and the consumer purchase pose a risk or the nature ANNEX BUSINESS MEDIA
lenges, such as component short- that counterfeit components will of the risk. 111 Gordon Baker Road
ages as indicated by the get into the supply chain. The widespread availability of Suite 400
Electronic Components Industry The threat from IP theft has the Internet has contributed to Toronto, ON M2H 3R1
Tel (416) 442-5600
Association (ECIA) during my evolved. The increasing perpetra- the increasing threat. The Inter- Fax (416) 510-5134
recent visit to the Electronics tion of illegal and damaging acts net enables manufacturers to sell
Distribution Show (EDS) in Las of IP theft not only costs the glob- counterfeit products to custom- SUBSCRIPTION RATES
Vegas this May. al economy tens of billions of ers around the world and facili- Canada – $57.50 one year; $92.50 two years
ECIA issued a warning on the dollars per year, but it also de- tates counterfeiters who wish to USA – $101.00 per year
increasing threat of counterfeit prives individuals of their liveli- breach or avoid legitimate supply International – US$138.00 per year
Single copy – Canada $15
parts getting into the supply chain hoods, and poses a public safety chains for products. The impact
during periods of component and health threat. Counterfeit of the Internet is particularly
shortages. ECIA is tracking the goods traditionally were limited noticeable in the electronics in- Tel: 416-442-5600 ext. 3552
dustry. Fax: 416-510-6875 or 416-442-2191
Offenders are creating websites ISSN 0708-4366 (print)
HOW BLOCKCHAIN IMPACTS SUPPLY CHAIN that appear legitimate and deceiv- ISSN 1923-3701 (digital)
ing consumers into purchasing PUB. MAIL AGREEMENT NO. 40065710
Can’t go anywhere today without hearing the word Blockchain? counterfeit goods. Because of the Return undeliverable Canadian addresses
Well, EP&T has reached out to someone who can best explain its impact anonymity of the Internet and the to: EP&T Circulation Department,
111 Gordon Baker Rd. Suite 400, Toronto,
on the electronics supply chain in the coming years. ability of counterfeiters to dis- ON M2H 3R1
Blockchain is essentially a ledger technology that uses cryptography to guise the true nature of the goods
provide an authoritative record of secure transactions. By doing away with they offer online, consumers are
a trusted centralized middle man responsible for the hampered in their ability to make
ledger, blockchain allows for a “trustless trust.” The three rational choices.
primary transformative features are immutability, In an effort to safeguard your
transparency, and autonomy. designs, the ECIA encourages © 2018 EP&T. All rights reserved. Opinions
The key drivers for blockchain and Industry 4.0 are everyone to continue relying on expressed in this magazine are not necessarily
those of the editor or the publisher. No
automation, connectivity, and digitization. Couple that with authorized sales channel for elec- liability is assumed for errors or omissions or
greater intelligence through analytics and data rationaliza- tronics components and to re- validity of the claims in items reported. All
tion, and the implementation of smarter operations can port any counterfeit component advertising is subject to the publisher’s
approval. Such approval does not imply any
begin. Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and cyberphysical activity. endorsement of the products or services
systems represent the most popular realization of those key drivers. advertised. Publisher reserves the right to
refuse advertising that does not meet the
These findings are highlighted in a feature length (cover) article, by ABI standards of the publication. Occasionally,
Research’s Michela Menting, which can be found on pages 12-13 of this STEPHEN LAW EP&T will mail information on behalf of
edition. Don’t miss it! Editor industry-related groups whose products and
services we believe may be of interest to you. If you prefer not to receive this information,
please contact our circulation department.
Connect with EP&T magazine PRINTED IN CANADA


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Presents APEM


Electro Sonic, APEM’s valued partner… they know switches

AV Series Q Series TS Series

Toggle Switches Industrial Emergency Stops Rocker Switches


E-SONIC.COM | 1-800-56-SONIC

5 1 2018-06-01

Pursue Quality Products That Can Power Your Business

Within the electrical product design you are creating, you need a way to connect to the power source.
Interpower is the premier supplier of power system components worldwide and offers a wide selection of
power cords and cord sets for global use.

We are Your Power Source for Connection

It is essential to ensure the end user has the correct means of connecting to their local mains supply. It’s
also important to provide equipment that is easily adaptable to the needs of the consumers, without any
reconfiguration needed on their part. Interpower offers free technical support to assist you.

1-Week U.S. Manufacturing Lead-Time on Non-Stock Interpower® Products

• Same day shipments on in-stock Interpower products
• No minimum order or dollar requirements
• Lock in your price with blanket or scheduled orders
• Interpower manufactured cords are 100% tested
• Value-added options available
• Free technical support

Pursue quality products that can power your business. Contact Customer Service at
Interpower for assistance.

Order Online!
Business Hours: 7 a.m.–6 p.m. Central Time

INTERPOWER | P.O. Box 115 | 100 Interpower Ave | Oskaloosa, IA 52577 | Toll-Free Phone: (800) 662-2290 | Toll-Free Fax: (800) 645-5360 |

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2018-06-01 10:23

The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance
presented its annual CPES Innova-
tion Awards and its first Women in
FHE STEM Award recently at
CPES2018, a conference and trade
show exhibition for printable, flexible
and hybrid electronics.
“For 2018, we expanded The Inno-
vation Awards to put the spotlight on
diversity in science, technology, engi-
neering and mathematics (STEM), in
addition to the world-class innovation
in flexible and hybrid electronics
(FHE) that is coming out of the Ca-
nadian ecosystem,” said Peter Kallai,
president & CEO, intelliFLEX. “It
takes a team with diverse experiences
and abilities to create compelling new Innovation award winners: Aaron Willinsky (Array Marketing), Scott McMillian (XCo), Michelle Chretien
products and technologies that can (Sheridan College), Mark Baldwin (TUKU), James Lee (Jones Packaging), with intelliFLEX CEO Peter
succeed in global markets..” Kallai.
The winner of the first Women in
FHE STEM Award was Michelle software and app technologies cur- TECH SCALE-UPS

Chretien, director of the Centre for rently includes SIDD, a live-agent
Advanced Manufacturing and Design assisted AI platform, and Super- LAZARIDIS INSTITUTE TO
Technologies at Sheridan College. punch, an operations facing commu- ASSESS TECH FIRM’S
The winner of the CPES2018 New nication tool that emphasizes the READINESS TO SCALE
Product Innovation Award was employee experience. The Lazaridis Institute at Wilfrid
TUKU in partnership with Array “Brand leaders are searching for an Laurier University is investing in Ca-
Marketing. These two companies Software developers artificial intelligence strategy that is nadian technology through its flagship
partnered to create Array Lift to hired a tLaivly practical and will really work,” says Lazaridis Scale-Up Program. The
Learn & Tap to Learn, powered by Jeff Fettes, founder of Laivly and Institute has collaborated with scaling
TUKU’s digital content platform. co-founder of 24-7 Intouch. “We are experts to provide an opportunity for
The winner of the CPES2018 creating unique software that allows tech companies in 15 cities across
Commercialization Award was Jones customer service problems to be Canada to evaluate their potential to
Packaging, recognized for its work to solved more effectively and with more scale. Tech leaders, policy-makers,
integrate Thinfilm Electronics NFC personalization than ever before.” and media all point to the fact that
tags into folding cartons on high- Laivly has hired over 40 software scale-ups account for less than five per
speed production lines. cent of Canadian companies and yet
The winner of the Startup of the create more than 50% of all new jobs.
Year Award was XCo Tech, a globally Now in its third year, the Lazaridis
recognized XPS and BioAnalytics Scale-Up Program is designed to help
platforms collect and intelligently in- founders of tech companies overcome
terpret data to improve sport perfor- the challenges they face as they scale
mance, concussion assessment and their businesses for global competi-
chronic disease management. tion. The program addresses con-
straints to growth with a customized
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE developers, UX designers, and prod- approach, heavily oriented toward
uct managers over the past year with execution. After just one year, 100%
AI TECH CENTRE OPENS IN plans on hiring an additional 40 staff of the first cohort of 10 companies
24-7 Intouch, an award-winning glob-
al contact center outsourcer and
of New Jobs come
by the end of 2018. The company is
committed to making Winnipeg one
of the largest technology centers in
reported increased revenues; 90%
launched a new product or service,
increased exports and received exter-
technology firm, has announced a from Scale up firms Canada. nal financing.
new technology brand division called “Winnipeg and Canada has such a “Each year the Lazaridis Scale-Up
Photos: Mirna Chacín; Borealis AI

Laivly, which includes a centre in vast developer community and we are Program brings together 10 of Cana-
Winnipeg. looking for forward-thinking, talented da’s most promising tech companies
Dedicated to applying emerging people that are looking to grow and to work with global experts, grow their
technology including artificial intelli- help change the future of customer networks and prepare for their next
gence, machine learning and automa- service along with us,” says Kevin round of financing,” says Kim Mo-
tion in support of live customer Hnatiuk, senior director of R&D with rouney, managing director, Lazaridis
service, Laivly’s suite of proprietary Laivly. Institute.
@EPTmagazine June / July 2018 / EP&T 7

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The 2018 #BCTECH Summit man-
aged to break its attendance record
this past May, drawing an estimated
9,000 participants to nearly a dozen
conference-related events over three
days. 3,000 delegates connected with
over 270 exhibitors and watched more
than 200 speakers who highlighted
the transformations technology is
driving across all industries and its
impact on how we work, live and play.
“There is no better indication of the
robust and dynamic state of B.C.’s
tech industry than this event—which
has touched a record number of peo-
ple for a third straight year,” says 3,000 we already had a bold vision: we were QUANTUM COMPUTING
Shirley Vickers, president & CEO of Delegates convinced that optical fiber was the
Innovate BC, which delivered the connected with future of global communications net- TORONTO FIRM TO BUILD
event in partnership with the Govern- 270 exhibitors and works.” PHOTONIC QUANTUM
ment of B.C. “This summit is where watched 200 COMPUTER
industry meets innovation, and the speakers at ADDITIVES Xanadu, a Toronto-based quantum
significant involvement of technology #BCTECH Summit. technologies company, hopes to speed
leaders, investors, senior government ADDITIVE its development of a unique approach
officials, students, researchers and MANUFACTURING to quantum computing, following a
business executives in every industry POWERHOUSE FORMED recent a seed round of $9-million.
shows an unquenched thirst for inno- Canada has a new 3D design engi- Specializing in the design and inte-
vation and collaboration in this prov- neering and additive manufacturing gration of quantum silicon photonic
ince.” powerhouse now that Javelin Technol- chips into existing hardware to create
ogies and Cimetrix Solutions have full-stack quantum computing, Xana-
merged. The move is expected to du is creating one that is based on
boost service to the group’s 6,000 building quantum
customers involved with driving inno- photonic chips which
vation in multiple sectors of the Cana- will enable the cre-

5G TEST dian economy. ation of – what it
Javelin Technologies, Oakville ON, hopes to be - the
EXFO HOSTS INNOVATION is a player in 3D design engineering, ‘world’s most power-
SUMMIT product data management, automa- ful computer.’
EXFO Inc. the network test, monitor-
ing and analytics experts, held its
DAY Recent scientific
breakthroughs have shown that the use
first-ever Innovation Summit last EXFO summit of photons —  particles of light — can
month in Lac-Beauport QC. The featured speakers be harnessed to perform extremely
event brought together 100 members from NASA, MIT and fast, incredibly complex computations,
of the EXFO team from offices on Amazon. making it possible to solve some of the
four continents, while attendees took world’s most pressing computational
part in several activities, including a problems.
hackathon. With a team of world-class experts
The three-day summit welcomed in quantum computing and hardware,
speakers from NASA, the Massachu- Xanadu is developing a photonic
setts Institute of Technology (MIT) quantum architecture that can help
and Amazon, focusing on the future of solve previously intractable problems
communications technology and pro- tion and additive manufacturing (in- in machine learning, chemistry, fi-
mote EXFO’s leadership with cus- dustrial 3D printing) in plastic and nance, sensing, and drug discovery.
tomers at the cutting edge like Apple, metal. Oshawa ON-based Cimetrix is The team’s mission is to achieve prac-
Google, and Amazon. According to a leader on additive manufacturing tical quantum supremacy by building
EXFO, many of the world’s major and laser scanning solutions for both quantum processors based on silicon
telecom operators use its test instru- industry and educational institutions. photonics, where fabrication is
ments and software to manage and Combining the two companies in a achieved using existing foundries,
monitor their communications net- unified team creates a new level of leading to significant cost and produc-
works. “The summit initiative is a service and support for Canada’s tion savings.
natural fit for our organization,” says most creative, from students and
EXFO CEO Philippe Morin. “When start-ups to the largest top-tier manu- Visit for the latest new products,
EXFO was founded over 30 years ago, facturers. news and industry events.

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 8 2018-06-01 12:32 PM EPT_M


EPT_May_Hammond.indd 1 9 2018-06-01
2018-03-06 12:32
Calgary CEM August
Electronics expands
Co-founder Peter Wilson shares his
insights on the firm’s recent move

The founders of August Electronics, a of having electronics built locally.

contract electronics manufacturer Often, start-ups think they have to go
(CEM) based in Calgary AB, recog- overseas for cost-effective manufac-
nized a problem: They were growing turing, which is really not the case.
out of two busy facilities that limited Internally, we are continually scruti-
its ability to manage operations effi- nizing and improving our processes,
ciently. The oil and gas boom pro- upgrading our equipment, and ex-
REDEL P & SP duced strong sales, but it also led to a panding our capacity to serve a diver-
plastic series tight real estate market. The CEM sified client base.

Self-latching plastic recognized that one large, unifying
connectors, space would help them reduce cost, Q: How do you differentiate from
sterilizable for upgrade equipment and expand ca- your competition?
medical applications. pacity. Then the oil bust occurred, and Mainly, we are more
the opportunity arose to seek out op- accommodating.
portunity in the rubble. West Tech We’re a one-stop
Report recently spoke with one of Au- shop, offering every-
gust’s founders, Peter Wilson, to ex- thing from consigned
Multi and mixed pound on the firm’s recent move to a circuit board assem-

contact connectors new world class facility and how it has bly, to full-turnkey with lots of me-
helped them prepare for the future. chanical assembly and direct
A large selection of mixed shipping to end users. August Elec-
contacts, multi coax
+ low voltage (LV), Q: What was the tronics focuses on being a strategic
coax + LV impetus for the partner that consults with customers
+ fibre optic. move to an 85,000 to understand their products, appli-
sq. Ft. space? cations, and business rationale.
Previously, we were
operating two facilities which was not Q: How does the new space set
New T series very efficient, but the abundance of you apart from others?
for harsh environments real estate during the downturn pre- We’re proud of having excellent shop
sented us with the exciting opportu- floor control and smooth workflow.
With an index protection nity of building a new facility from We have a lot of space, and that al-
of IP68, the LEMO T scratch. We applied what we had lows us to handle the diverse require-
series range are learned over the previous 25-years to ments of our customers, keep
small diameter create an efficient layout and work- everything tidy and organized, and
waterproof Push-Pull
flow that allows us to continue grow- still have room to grow. We can afford
multipole connectors.
ing - when the eventual economic to dedicate space to special process-
rebound takes place. So far it appears es, such as repair of abused oil-field
to be working out well. Since moving instrumentation and calibration of
Multipole low to our new facility, sales are up 60%. hazardous-gas detection equipment.
voltage connectors
Q: How has the oil & gas downturn Q: Moving can be risky. What sort
A large selection of affected the industry, and how are of challenges did you face?
Push-Pull connectors
you preparing for the future? We had 25-years of production expe-
from 2 to 114
contacts in IP 50 Alberta’s economy is still reeling and rience to rely on, so we knew pretty
and IP 68 it’s possible that the glory days of the much what we wanted. The main
oil and gas industry are over, which challenge was to get it built properly
has undoubtedly affected any CEM’s and on-time. Our best advice is to
with oil and gas customers. One of the have a clear vision, a great contractor,
benefits of a downturn in the oil and and visit the site every day.
LEMO Canada Inc. gas industry is that a lot of tech-savvy
T: 905-889-5678 individuals are now involved in start- Sohail Kamal is ups that span many industries. EP&T’s West Coast
Our future growth will depend on correspondent.
Contact your local partner on generating awareness of the benefits


EPT_June_Lemo.indd 1 2018-04-13 10:57 AM

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 10 2018-06-01 12:32 PM


device provides high availability

through pluggable relays and

function modules. Product portfolio
is available with screw connection in
addition to Push-in connection
technology. Pre-assembled modules

COILED, PC/CASE provide easy handling and start-up
MOUNT BATTERY due to modern wiring and potential
CONTACTS SLIP INTO distribution concept.
Coil spring contacts slide into
molded cases with no wire lead,
serving as direct placement onto a
pcb. Devices adjust to variations in LEMO
battery length and ensure low Range of 3K.93C.Y SMPTE 304M next
contact resistance and dependable generation version of firm’s indus-
connectivity. Manufactured from try-standard HD camera connectors
.024” (.61mm) thick, steel wire and
supplied with nickel plating, devices
are supplied in a positive contact
style (Cat. No 243 or 180) or negative
contact style (Cat. No 242 or 179).

D-SUB FILTER delivers reduced weight and

CONNECTORS PROTECT improved internal design, while
FROM LIQUID INGRESS reducing both transport and cable
CONEC termination costs. Product has been
IP67 D-SUB CONEC SlimCon filter engineered to be more tolerant of
connectors integrate one low-pass operator variations and therefore
filter per contact, protecting against performance can be more easily
optimized during the termination

ingress of liquids and foreign
substances, while shielding against
FREQUENCY Built in 2-3 Days
high-frequency conducted interfer- APPLICATIONS
ence. Designed with one-piece zinc COILCRAFT
die-cast housing, devices come with
integrated C filter and EMC sealing.
XEL50xx Family of high-perfor-
mance, molded power inductors
No Minimum Orders
Device’s panel cut-out corresponds provide low dc resistance and
to that of other standard D-SUB ultra-low ac losses, improving power
connectors and the required converter efficiency at high frequen-
mounting area is reduced by 48% to
52% compared to a standard device.
cies (2 to 5+ MHz) and high ripple
current. Devices measure 5.28 x 5.48 Contact Us Today! mm
with a
SCREW CONNECTION height 1-866-849-3911 |
RIFLINE complete industrial relay mm.
system allows installer to execute all
standard relay applications, as the

@EPTmagazine June / July 2018 / EP&T 11

EPT_JuneJuly_Protocase.indd 1 2018-05-17 9:35 AM

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 11 2018-06-01 12:32 PM


stands to impact
the supply chain
within the
electronics OEM
At its core, blockchain is a theft, the counterfeiting and cloning of
public ledger technology products, especially in electronics, that
that uses distributed con- is increasingly common in contract
sensus and cryptography to manufacturing and all along the supply
provide an authoritative record of se- chain.
cure transactions. The technology is
disruptive in that it eliminates central- Blockchain provides visibility
ization, which uses a trusted third end-to-end to all parties The blockchain would provide an open, secure and
party. As such, blockchain threatens to As a transparent ledger, blockchain immutable ledger from which electronics OEMs could more
disrupt the centralized architecture can provide visibility end-to-end to all effectively optimize and streamline processes.
that underlies the brunt of many trans- parties involved in that supply chain,
actions today. This new trustless trust from a product design perspective
model can provide a number of advan- (silicon IP), all the way through to its
tages, including transparency and au- final form and delivery post-market
tomation, facilitating processes in (IoT device). As the various partici-
many applications. pants in a supply chain engage with the
Within the electronics manufactur- product, their actions are logged and
ing and supply chain environment, recorded. When certain conditions are
blockchain will be able to offer some met, smart contracts can allow access
significant advantages. Business logic to the designs to the right contract
can be programmed through smart manufacturer, provision the device
contracts, and contractual agreements with the authorized service provider,
can be automatically executed peer to authenticate the legitimate buyer, etc.
peer or machine to machine. Smart There is a clear audit trail and trace-
contracts can therefore be programmed ability of the device.
to do many things: tie-in identities, The ability to provide transparent
release funds, communicate informa- information on identity and owner-
tion, record and embed data, track and ship, with smart contracts that can
monitor goods, delivery secure ser- trigger authorization, authentication
vices; all this in a pre-programmed, and access control is highly beneficial
self-executing, autonomous manner. for electronics OEMs to provide for
With contract manufacturing on the secure manufacturing and lifecycle
rise and new players in tech fields tar- device management.
geting the industry, the logistics are Digital product memory could be
becoming more complex. This more tied into the hardware of the device, in
crowded supply chain means that there a secure element for example, such as
is less visibility end-to-end and increas- smartcard, trusted platform module,
ing issues with accountability and au- hardware security module or other se-
diting. Participants can only see so far, cure hardware. Smart contracts could
either up or down stream. And there is then leverage connectivity to facilitate
of course the continuing issue with IP secure provisioning, onboarding and

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 12 2018-06-01 12:32 PM

For OEMs, a big question will be
around cost – what is it going to cost
to implement and deploy, what is it
going to replace that has already
been paid for

growing market opportunity for IoT

devices, but many of those will be re-
source constrained. How will those
devices fare with a growing ledger and
increasing number of smart contracts
that they may need to host?
And of course, as a nascent technol-
ogy, there are a lot of unknowns – smart
contracts and decentralized autono-
mous organizations have been hacked
in the past.There are a lot of fraudulent
ICOs currently ongoing and even
where they are legitimate, they exist in
a grey regulatory area.
How will blockchain affect data re-
tention / deletion regulation? And
what about data protection and privacy
laws. There is often a good reason data
isn’t shared among all participants.
Maybe this is where the cryptography
features of the block can provide some
security, but to what extent?
All of these questions will have to be
management, enabling trusted post The thing about blockchain is that it addressed. Beyond that, there could
market services OTA such as patching, doesn’t need substantial investment or still be resistance to adoption. It can
updating and versioning, etc. change to integrate it, at least within take one country like the U.S. or China
The blockchain would provide an the electronics industry. The infra- to block it, and the market might not
open (to relevant parties), secure and structure for lifecycle device manage- take off. Despite this, blockchain has
immutable ledger from which elec- ment is already largely in place, through certainly come a long way since the
tronics OEMs could more effectively the expanding IoT ecosystem. The 2008 whitepaper.
optimize and streamline processes and blockchain can simply provide better Currently, the market is in the mid-
maybe even add new value to opera- visibility into the infrastructure, and dle of a first movers phase for block-
tions. But most importantly, integrat- more strictly define authorization and chain 2.0 – with a lot of ongoing pilots,
ing with the blockchain through secure access control policies to legitimate PoCs and beta testing. Most likely,
hardware could make it more difficult users. And it can also potentially aid in commercialization will take place in
for counterfeiting and IP theft. tracking down the threat vectors in the 3-5 years for the industrial manufac-
Despite the potential advantages, supply chain where cloning and IP turing and the supply chain industry.
blockchain is still a nascent technology. theft tend to occur most often. But, there is a lot of opportunity in
The key here is trustless trust and the electronics space that could answer
breaking down barriers that have Lifecycle device management many current unresolved issues. OEMs
formed around centralized systems. There are also scale and energy con- will need to be able to positively ascer-
But blockchain probably won’t stick in sumption issues with the blockchain. tain that blockchain can solve their
areas that are controlled end-to-end by With the decreasing cost of cloud supply chain issues around transparen-
one entity or where there is already storage, this is less of an issue, but it is cy and IP theft before diving in head-
trust in the process. Blockchain for the important to consider that there may first.
sake of blockchain is not a good busi- well be hundreds of participant nodes,
ness model. each with a copy of the ledger that can
For OEMs, a big question will be only grow in size over time, and may
around cost – what is it going to cost to have real-time requirements as well
implement and deploy, what is it going (immediate synchronized replication
to replace that has already been paid across all nodes may not be possible
for, and what kind of resources are with devices that may only connect
needed to keep it running. Most im- infrequently). How fast can this be
portantly, will blockchain address the done? Will all nodes have the band-
ongoing issues in the electronics man- width? Will all devices be required to a
ufacturing space, and in particular full copy of the ledger on the hardware?
around IP theft and cloning. Lifecycle device management is a
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Reverse supply chain management

An environmentally & commercially sustaining practice

Today’s accelerated A good RSCM partnership

pace of innovation in will allow the device OEM to
the enterprise and the focus on what they do best — de-
consumer domains is resulting in signing innovative products and
an unprecedented proliferation getting them out the door —
of technological devices. Con- while also delivering a return
currently, there is also a shrink- service that their customers de-
ing inventory of the raw materials mand and fulfilling compliance
required to make them. This obligations.
bottleneck of raw materials is
becoming a crisis on a global The Circular Economy
scale and represents the require- There are limited processes for
ment for manufacturers to inno- OEMs, historically speaking,
vate their logistics and supply when it comes to dealing with
chain processes. post-consumer and industrial
Traditionally, electronics and recycling of electronic devices;
high-tech manufacturers have none of them are environmental-
used conventional recycling ly sustaining, including selling to
methods as a means to dispose of less developed markets to recov-
end-of-life technology. These er value and minimize e-waste
methods are called cradle-to- and recycling to recover raw
grave or down-cycling where the materials where possible.
process degrades the quality of A comprehensive, closed-loop recycling approach reduces the demands Closed-loop RSCM reduces
materials over time, eventually for raw materials used to make electronic components. the carbon footprint of manufac-
resulting in waste. This process, turing through the recovery, re-
while effective for returning use and remanufacturing (3R) of
technology to its raw material Management (RSCM), OEM’s is broken or defective, the whole end-of-life technology and its
state, is environmentally taxing can harvest parts and compo- thing has to be taken back. components. The 3R approach
and can be a burden on a compa- nents from these obsolete assets On average, the typical lifes- can reconcile consumer demand
ny’s bottom line. and excess inventory and inject pan of a mobile device can vary and the shrinking inventory of
A comprehensive, closed-loop them into the manufacturing between three to five years. Con- materials needed to meet it by
recycling approach reduces the networks of new products—elim- sumers, however, choose to linking reverse supply chains
demands for raw materials to inating waste reducing manufac- change or upgrade their products with forward supply networks.
produce a new product by using turing costs. after using them for a year and a Transferable components can be
cradle-to-cradle or reusable ma- The strength of an effective half, even if the devices are still re-programmed so that they can
terials harvested from end-of-life and profitable RSCM program highly functional. This has led to have a second life in alternative
assets/surplus inventory and lies in the depth of its engineer- a significant increase in product applications. Remanufactured
strategically introducing them ing expertise. Engineers must trade-ins and aftermarket/third parts can either go back into the
into the forward supply chain. consider the aftermarket value party refurbishing businesses. OEM’s original forward logistics
for devices, the primary market When it comes to properly supply chain or it can be sold or
How Tech is Adapting value for component parts such managing a reverse supply chain remarketed in another market.
OEMs are releasing new prod- as screens, switches, and chips, or reverse logistic service for de- The key to the popularity of
ucts at a faster rate than any as well as the recycling value of vices, it’s important to note that these programs among consum-
other time in history and older metals, and extract the usable most device manufacturers are ers is that they give credit for old
models are subsequently reach- elements for repurpose through smaller OEMs, perhaps even devices that can be applied to
ing the end of their life quicker. a partner network. Remaining start-ups, and it’s costly for man- new ones. If an OEM offers an
On average, between five and non-usable parts are disposed of ufacturers of this size to design incentivized program, owners of
seven percent of the typical via highly regulated, compliant and deploy their own RSCM mobile phones that are about to
OEMs’ annual shipment volume systems. programs. It is neither economi- become obsolete can trade their
becomes obsolete before it is cal nor efficient for small OEMs phone in for credit toward the
sold or reaches the consumer. Reverse Logistics in a to build their own reverse logistic new model. In fact, the volume is
Recycling and re-use have be- Device-Driven World network. It is strongly suggested 10 to 20 times higher than that
come strategic decisions at the Because devices are so highly that smaller OEMs partner with experienced by programs that do
earliest stage of product develop- integrated — not your traditional established RSCM providers not offer an incentive.
ment and at the highest levels of PC or laptop — they are very and leverage their knowledge, These programs benefit the
the corporate organization. small and difficult, if not impos- experience and existing om- OEM in several significant ways.
Through Reverse Supply Chain sible, to take apart. If the device ni-channel take back platforms. First, it helps focus the

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 14 2018-06-01 12:32 PM

consumer’s attention on devices repairs and other uses, providing older-generation product, there according to the same standards,
offered by that particular manu- a level of protection against the would be little to no financial re- while also complying with local
facturer, rather than competi- fluctuation of global markets. covery, depending on the precious laws and regulations. One of the
tors. If a consumer can apply the This strategy could turn reverse metal commodities market. But if best ways to achieve both goals is
value of the phone he’s using to- logistics or reverse supply chain an SSD is harvested and reused, to engage with an RSCM service
day toward the phone he wants into a profit center; it represents it’s a gain of about $20 U.S. provider that has global coverage
to use tomorrow, he is far less real money savings. The parts and facilities that maintain the
likely to check out what other harvested from older-generation Finding a RSCM Partner same service standard for quali-
vendors are offerings. Second, an devices have already been paid Enabling standardized service in ty, security and compliance to
incentivized take-back program for, and don’t need to be paid for the U.S. and markets around the the extent that both platform
serves as a great way to prevent again. Simply pay for the service globe is critical for OEMs. They development and management
second-hand devices from being to harvest them out of the device. need to ensure the products capability are as strong as its
sold into the emerging markets If a company were to smelt the moving through the reverse sup- technical processing capability
that are strategically important entire motherboard from an ply chain are handled and treated worldwide.
for the OEM. Skillfully executed
take-back programs help keep
devices out of the unofficial

channels that often cannibalize
new products and markets.
The world’s leading technolo-
gy brands win business by pro-
viding their customers with a
brand experience that extends
beyond hardware, UX and sup- dESIgN SOLuTIONS
port, and also extends to what
happens once the product needs
to be replaced and recycled.
Well-planned RSCM programs
provide confidence to the brands
and the consumer the product
will be taken care of in the most
responsible way possible and
valuable components will not
simply be destroyed or sent to
landfill, but re-used in a progres-
sive and intelligent way.
Strong RSCM programs en-
able all companies to deepen
their customer relationships,
strengthen their organizational
and culture initiatives, maintain
the highest levels of compliance
and turn a profit. It’s a win-win
for the brand, the customer and
the environment.

No More Parts Shortages

As with the tragic tsunami that
hit Thailand in 2004, there can
be drastic disruptions to the
global supply chain. In the case
of the Thailand disaster, the en-
Design Solutions at your fingertips! Contact us for over 70 years of
tire global supply of hard drives
“in-house” design application and engineering expertise in:
was disrupted for several months.
Supply chain disruptions are • Stamping • maChining • aSSembly • injeCtion molDing
very costly to an OEM, and even our team is just an email or phone call away.
an entire market.
Imagine if OEMs instead had It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts
programs in place for harvesting ®
components from older genera-
E L E C T R O N I C S C O R P.
tions of devices. With a process
where the device is properly • • (516) 328-7500 • (800) 221-5510
de-manufactured, harvested
components — such as hard
drives — can be reused and re-
purposed as a back-up supply for
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5/18/18 15
11:52 AM
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EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 15 2018-06-01 12:32 PM


XR Lab to demo emerging

healthcare technologies
Demo studio leverages mixed reality & emerging technologies to inspire
healthcare solutions

A demo studio lever- international partners, clinical

aging mixed realities and research facilities, scientists,
and other emerging innovators and entrepreneurs,
exponential technolo- work together in partnership to
gies to inspire future healthcare accelerate the implementation of
collaborations has opened in technologies and solutions.
Surrey BC. Officially launched as www.healthandtechnologydis-
XR LAB, the facility is located
within the District’s HealthTech
Innovation HUB in Surrey. About Conquer Experience:
The new dedicated XR LAB Conquer Experience is a digital
offers a fully equipped virtual simulation company focused on
reality workspace where compa- delivering ‘Education as an Ex-
nies can get access to mixed real- perience’. With deep expertise in
ity demo opportunities, shared
spaces and facilities, workshops
and programs and a whole suite
ADVERTISER UX, VR and simulation gaming,
the company has created the
Experience Platform that brings
of business services as part of learning to life.
the HealthTech Innovation
HUB’s amenity offerings. The “Digital simulation
facility is a result of a collabora-
tion between the Health and FULL PAGE training solution
helps clinicians learn
Technology District, together XR Labs provides a fully equipped virtual reality medical workspace. surgical instruments”
with Conquer Experience and
Stambol Studios. The award winning product
Users of the XR LAB have the XR LAB and the resources at the a variety of industries, including PeriopSim (www.periopsim.
opportunity to co-locate with HealthTech Innovation HUB healthcare. We look forward to com) is built on the Experience
innovative thought leaders at the will help advance health-tech in- creating applications that will Platform, available on the iPad,
District, to build and inspire cre- novations and further the suc- further innovate the health and HTC VIVE and Windows Mixed
ative health and wellness collab- cesses of companies within the wellness space utilizing various Reality headset and has been
orations and encourage the District.” exponential technologies.” used in over 200 North American
cross-pollination of for- Building upon Conquer Expe- The XR LAB complements Hospitals, saving dollars and
ward-thinking ideas that bring rience and Stambol Studios’ BC- the Health and Technology Dis- improving patient safety from
real world healthcare solutions to built virtual reality successes, the trict’s unique ecosystem that day one.
patients everywhere. XR LAB attracts businesses, en- supports the collaboration, ex- PeriopSim digital simulation
trepreneurs and emerging start- perimentation and innovation in training solution serves clinicians
“This demo studio ups to use the highly specialized health and wellness experiences who need to learn surgical instru-
lab will help equipment within the LAB to that will have profound impacts ments, passing technique, sharps
advance health- build mixed realities in the areas in the future of health care ser- safety, sterile technique and pro-
tech innovations” of health and wellness and be- vices, delivery, training and most cedures. The product enables
yond as BC builds and commer- importantly, experiences. surgical staff to practice safely
cializes disruptive global before surgery.
“The new XR LAB is a new solutions in health. About the Health and
venture and a natural fit for Con- “We are pleased to partner Technology District: About Stambol Studios:
quer as we rebrand and transition with the Health and Technology The Health and Technology Dis- Stambol is a creative technology
into new markets leveraging our District and Conquer Experience trict is one of BC’s most rapidly studio specializing in highly im-
core virtual reality strengths and to showcase our mixed reality growing health-tech sectors lo- mersive content and interactive
successes,” says Angela Robert, technologies and applications cated in Surrey’s emerging inno- applications for architecture &
CEO and co-founder of Conquer related to the District,” says vation ecosystem. It is located real estate marketing, enterprise
Experience, formerly Conquer Dogu Taskiran, CEO of Stambol directly across from Surrey Me- and brand engagement applica-
Mobile. “BC is at the forefront of Studios. “Immersive mixed real- morial Hospital, one of Canada’s tions through Virtual Reality and
innovative technologies and Sur- ity technologies can provide cre- busiest hospitals where a collab- Augmented Reality.
rey has a rapidly growing health ative solutions and bring to life orative cluster of multinational
and technology presence. The various environments that benefit and star t-up companies,

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 16 2018-06-01 12:32 PM EPT_M | 1 800 463 9725
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Voted #1 by United Business Media

Industry’s First Catalog

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BEO-3000M ac-dc switching power TRACO POWER ON SEMICONDUCTOR
supply series saves space in medical TIM 2 and TIM 2 SM family of medical Model KAE-08152 Interline Transfer
devices and medical computer 2 Watt dc-dc converters in compact Electron Multiplying CCD (IT‑EMCCD)
systems. The 3x5” open frame unit is image sensor targets extreme
available with precisely regulated dc low-light applications such as
HYBRID ACTIVE single output voltages of 12V, 24V, medical and scientific imaging.
OPTICAL CABLE 36V or 48V, which can be fine-tuned Device shares the same 8.8 megapix-
SUPPORTS UP TO in the range of ±5%. A 5V standby el resolution and 4/3 optical format
12.5GBPS AND 3.3V and a 12V fan output is also available. as existing KAE-08151, but incorpo-
HIROSE ELECTRIC Robust products deliver reliable rates an enhanced pixel design that
BF4-IFC Series high-speed, intra-fa- 24/7 continuous operation with an doubles Quantum Efficiency for
cility fiber cable (IFC) assembly output power of 250 watts fanless or DIP 16 or SMD 16 package measures near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths
system supports bidirection optical 300 watts with 10 CFM airflow. Units 0.95 x 0.57 x 0.40”. TIM 2 series is such as 850nm – an enhancement
transmission of 6.25Gbps and provide a suitable for healthcare products. which can be
unidirection up to 12.5Gbps high Both product families consist of 32 critical in
(6.25Gbps x 2ch). Product integrates efficiency models offering inputs of 4.5~12 / applications
the BF4M Series active optical of up to 9~18 / 18~36 / 36~75Vin and outputs such as
connector into a rugged circular 94%, a of 3.3 / 5 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 24 / ±12 / ±15 surveillance,
shell with a superior push-pull standby Vout. Devices provide reinforced microscopy,
design for quick and easy mating/ power insulation with high isolation of and ophthal-
unmating operation. Cable assembly consumption of less than 0.3 W and 5,000Vacrms (250Vacrms working mology.
provides built-in E/O on the Tx an operating temperature range of voltage) and low leakage of less than Product is fully
(transmit) end and an O/E on the Rx -40°C to +70°C. 2uA. All models are certified to IEC/ drop-in compatible with the existing
(receiver) end. EN/ES 60601-1 3rd Edition. device, simplifying adoption.

Powering your
industrial applications
Murata applies world-leading innovation to deliver products with the highest
performance, reliability, and functionality for industrial applications.
Some of our newer innovations include:

1W DC-DC converter Supercapacitors MEMS sensors

• Substrate embedded transformer • High power (low ESR) supercaps • Shock sensors
in a compact, slim package
• Low profile • Accelerometers
• DMT series for general
• UL60950 recognition pending applications • Inclinometers
• ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 pending • DMF series for high-power • Gyro Sensors
• 3kVDC isolation applications
• DMH series – ultra-thin for
portable devices

For information on these products and a multitude of

solutions for industrial equipment, visit


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EPT_JuneJuly_TDKLambda.indd19 1 2018-06-01

Circumventing electronic
VCI molecules are so small
that they do not interfere with the
performance of electronics. Ad-

OEM corrosion headaches

ditionally, the same vapor pres-
sure that allows VCIs to fill an
enclosed space and form a pro-
tective molecular layer on the
surfaces allows the VCI protec-
JULIE HOLMQUIST, CORTEC CORP. tive layer to naturally leave the
metal surfaces after the molecules
are no longer trapped in an en-
closed space. This makes protec-
Avoiding corrosion on placed. downtime, and shortened service tion both clean and dry without
manufactured com- Regardless of the final result, life. A smaller investment in cor- the need for a special coating.
ponents is in the best the frequent debate over discol- rosion protection now can pay off Another advantage of VCI
interest of electronic oration alone makes one thing in the future with long term sav- over traditional electronics pro-
OEMs for several reasons: main- clear: avoiding corrosion is a ings from extended equipment tection is its ability to travel
taining good customer relations, customer priority that will help service life and less downtime. through the air by vapor pressure
reducing material waste, and OEMs avoid tense discussions and form a protective layer in the
ensuring optimum performance and strained relationships with Advantages of VCI small crevasses and contours of
of equipment and electrical con- clients. Technology for Electronics intricate electronics, protecting
trols. Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Another reason to prevent There are multiple ways to im- spaces that might be easily missed
(VCI) technology can play an corrosion is simply to avoid ma- plement corrosion protection when using a traditional coating.
important role in circumventing terial waste. Zhang also noted strategies at an electronics OEM. VCI can also enhance the perfor-
electronics corrosion and the that freshly etched copper pcbs One intriguing technology with mance of electronics and electri-
headaches that follow. are especially vulnerable to cor- important properties for elec- cals by reducing the buildup of
rosion and need to be re-etched tronics components (particularly corrosion products and reducing
Importance of Corrosion if they oxidize. Re-etching can those that can be stored in an electronic noise.
Protection only be done so many times until enclosed space) is VCI, or Vola-
A prime example of the impor- the copper is no longer thick tile Corrosion Inhibitor, technol- Adapting VCI to Practical
tance of corrosion protection is enough to meet pcb require- ogy. Formats
the reaction of customers to ments and must be scrapped. VCI technology can be made VCI technology is available in
simple discoloration on OEM This wastes valuable materials from organic corrosion inhibitors many practical forms to adapt to
electronic components. Custom- and production time. that have a moderate to high va- different OEM situations and
ers are very sensitive to product A third reason for corrosion por pressure.This vapor pressure budgets. An especially important
abnormalities that increase the protection is found in the pro- allows VCI molecules to subli- form is VCI packaging materials
risk of corrosion and component duction equipment itself. Certain mate, or vaporize, from a source for use in temporary storage or
failure down the road. areas of electronics production, material (e.g., a powder) into the shipment.
After more than 20 years in the such as wet process rooms, pro- air. The VCI vapors spread out, An example of how VCI pack-
electronics industry, Jay Zhang, duce especially corrosive envi- naturally travelling toward areas aging can be used during the
who now provides corrosion ronments. Corroded equipment of lower concentration according manufacturing process is the
solutions as technical sales man- electricals and electronic controls to Fick’s law of diffusion. temporary storage of pcbs. Of-
ager at Cortec Corp., recognizes result in more repairs, more When VCI molecules are placed ten, freshly etched pcbs must sit
how customers can be disturbed inside an en- overnight or longer before mov-
by discoloration on circuit boards closed space, ing to the next stage in the man-
received. they eventually ufacturing process. During this
“I often see the customers and reach a level of time the pcbs can be layered with
the suppliers debate or argue equilibrium, at VCI coated paper between the
what level of discoloration is ac- which point they boards to protect against copper
ceptable and what’s causing that are attracted to oxidation. Other partially fin-
and what actually is the material metal surfaces ished electronic components can
on the surface of the metal that inside the space. also be interleaved with VCI pa-
shows a different color,” said They condense per as they are stacked in work
Zhang. there and form bins to await additional work and
He explained that discolor- an invisible layer transport from work station to
ation theoretically comes from of protection on work station. VCI paper can be
foreign material (sometimes only the metal surfac- combined with ESD properties
moisture that has dried on the es. The layer is to protect sensitive components
metal surface), which may or hydrophobic and from static discharge.
may not eventually cause the protects the sur- During shipment, fluctuating
basic metal of the circuit board to face of the metal temperatures and humidity can
deteriorate. Zhang said this will from interacting cause moisture buildup, one of
depend on the chemical compo- with corrosive the main causes of concern for
VCI molecules (brand name, VpCI) diffuse and form
sition of the foreign material and elements such as corrosion inside packaged elec-
a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces
the ultimate environment in moisture and tronics. This is commonly ad-
inside an enclosed space.
which the component will be chlorides. dressed by adding desiccant to

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 20 2018-06-01 12:32 PM

the package to absorb the mois- technology has a unique compat- invisible layer of protection that It adds an extra measure of safe-
ture. However, depending on the ibility with electronics due to its does not need to be manually ty for electronic goods in tempo-
shipping environment, this is not small particle size and its cleaned off the surface before rary in-process storage or
always sufficient. VCI provides component use. shipment. It is also a practical
an added safeguard against goods consideration for electrical and
being returned with corrosion VCI ESD film electronic controls supporting
claims. This extra protection can packaging adds the electronics manufacturing
be easily added by throwing an extra measure process, helping to provide
pouches of VCI combined with of protection smoother services and extend
desiccant into an electronics against the service life of assets.
package, or by wrapping the en- electronics being
tire electronic in VCI paper or returned for
film with ESD protection. corrosion claims. Visit for the latest new
Cortec Image products, news and industry events.
Cutting Corrosion
Maintenance Costs
VCI technology can also be a
very useful strategy for electrical
boxes and controls anywhere in
an OEM plant, but especially for
controls located in highly corro-
sive environments like the wet
process room.VCI emitters work
in the standard VCI fashion
when placed inside a control
box: VCI molecules diffuse and
form an invisible protective layer
on metal components. A very
thin coating that contains VCI
and also provides protection
through direct contact with the
coating can also be sprayed on
control panels.
Protecting electronic and elec-
trical controls in these ways will
reduce maintenance costs and
downtime by decreasing the fre-
quency of failure and the need to
replace electrical contacts,
switches, and relays.

Corrosion protection is an im-
portant strategy for electronic
OEMs in terms of fostering good
customer relationships, avoiding
raw material waste, and extend-
ing equipment service life. VCI

UniStrip 2300
Strip Wires and Jacketed Cables with Ease

The UniStrip 2300 stripping machine strips a wide variety of wires and jacketed cables. It’s
fully programmable and doesn’t require any mechanical adjustments when processing
different wire sizes and types. This innovative machine combines precision mechanics,
short cycle times, and user-friendliness for increased productivity. With features such as
networking capability, program back-up to USB, and illuminated work area, the versatility
of the UniStrip 2300 sets the standard for benchtop wire stripping.
Replacing normal desiccant with
combination VCI/desiccant
pouches is an easy way to 905.827.1166
enhance corrosion protection of To Be Precise.
electronics. Cortec Image.

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EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 21 2018-06-01 12:32 PM


ROBOTIC the programming process by

SOLDERING SYSTEM integrating system controls through
REDUCES RISK, an easy to use interface.
Metcal CV Robotic Soldering INTRODUCES NEXT GEN
System reduces risk and VISUAL INSPECTION
increases productivity by VISION ENGINEERING
combining firm’s patented CV EVO Cam II next-generation digital
technology with a new Smart microscope is suitable for close measurement and Wi-Fi image
Interface System. Product the next solder joint in the program inspection and recording of high transfer - all supported by a 30:1
reduces unnecessary dwell time by after a good joint is formed. The resolution images, providing user optical zoom and a maximum
signalling to the system to move to Smart Interface System simplifies customizable overlays, on-board magnification in excess of 3,600x.
High definition images can be
captured and stored directly to a USB
memory stick. When connected to a
PC, images and video can be easily
captured, stored and shared. A Wi-Fi
dongle even allows direct sharing
with PCs, laptops, tablet computers
and smartphones. Simple on-screen
measurement can be performed
with the aid of virtual calipers and
scalable grids. Unit provides optical
42 Thousand Servers. magnification range of 1.7x - 300x
and a maximum magnification

21 Megawatts of Power. including digital zoom 3600x.

Zero Margin of Error. METAL EMBOSSING

PES400 Metal Embossing Machine is
four times faster than firm’s previous
model. Unit provides expanded
marker plate and cable tie compati-
bility along with two available font
sizes (3mm and 5mm). Product
exceeds the maximum amount of
characters of competitive products
and the 3mm font size up to 25

characters fits on one line and up to

75 characters on a plate. Unit is
compatible with all marker plates
and tags of the previous model. It
handles smaller and larger plates
and tags and offers new 3-up and
4up marker plate configurations.
When you’re managing a data center that draws more power than a small city, you can’t
Featuring a sturdy, heavy- duty
afford a meltdown. At Positronic, we build high reliability, power-efficient connectors.
But our true call is to provide certainty. Rock solid, mission-critical performance
design for use in harsh environ-
upon which you can bank life and limb, family and fortune. We consider it an honor. ments, product has an improved
We consider it an inviolable trust. external hopper design.
Visit for the latest new
products, news and industry events.
SoC_Technican_9X12.indd 1 26/1/18 10:04 AM
EPT_June_PositronicIsland.indd 1 2018-05-31 1:49 PM

EPT_JUNEJULY2018_LAZ.indd 22 2018-06-01 12:32 PM


Cheaper and easier methods

discovered in making plastic
University of Waterloo chemists make a breakthrough in developing flexible
and sustainable plastic semis at a lower cost

Cheap, flexible and of the most studied classes of Shirakawa in the late 1970s,
sustainable plastic conjugated polymers that have eventually earning them the No-
semiconductors will been used to make lightweight, bel Prize in Chemistry in 2000.
soon be a reality thanks low- cost electronics such as solar Researchers and engineers
to a breakthrough by chemists at cells, LED displays, and chemi- quickly discovered several new
the University of Waterloo.  cal and biochemical sensors. polymer classes with plenty of
Professor Derek Schipper and Dehydration is a common commercial applications, includ-
his team at Waterloo have devel- method to make polymers, a ing a semiconducting version of
oped a way to make conjugated chain of repeating molecules or the material; but progress has
polymers, plastics that conduct monomers that link up like a stalled in reaching markets in
electricity like metals, using a train. large part because conjugated
simple dehydration reaction the polymers are so hard to make.
only byproduct of which is water. Bio Building Blocks The multi-step reactions often
“Nature has been using this Nature uses the dehydration re- Model of a molecular structure involve expensive catalysts and
reaction for billions of years and action to make complex sugars that has undergone the produce environmentally harm-
industry more than a hundred,” from glucose, as well as proteins dehydration process. ful waste products. 
said Schipper, a professor of and other biological building Schipper and his team are con-
Chemistry and a Canada Re- blocks, such as cellulose. Plastics streamline the entire process tinuing to perfect the technique,
search Chair in Organic Material manufacturers use it to make from discovery of new derivatives while also working on developing
Synthesis. “It’s one of the cheap- everything from nylon to polyes- to commercial product develop- dehydration synthesis methods
est and most environmentally ter, cheaply and in mind-bog- ment. Better still, the reaction for other classes of conjugated
friendly reactions for producing gling bulk. proceeds relatively fast and at polymers. The results of their re-
plastics.” “Synthesis has been a room temperature.” search so far appeared recently in
Schipper and his team have long-standing problem in this Conjugated polymers were the journal Chemistry – A Euro-
successfully applied this reaction field,” said Schipper. “A dehydra- first discovered by Alan Heeger, pean Journal.
to create poly(hetero)arenes, one tion method such as ours will Alan McDonald, and Hideki

DIN 41 612 connectors -

Your solution for today and tomorrow.

Market Leader. Broadest Range. Adding Variants.

■ With 40 years of development, HARTING’s market leading connectors offer solutions for today. ■ Rugged shell housings address the most demanding applications.
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density sub-micron technology. The

tamper resistant device delivers a
cryptographic solution intended to
be used by device manufacturers to
prove the authenticity of their
genuine products.
Solution is a complete embedded
SOC SUPPORTS ZIGBEE security platform for electronic
FOR SMART HOME accessories, mobile phones,
APPLICATIONS portable devices, computing and
NORDIC SEMICONDUCTOR consumer electronic devices and
Zigbee wireless connectivity solution embedded systems where a strong
for use with firm’s nRF52840 security infrastructure is required.
multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) Device provides an improved level of
with the S140 v6.0 SoftDevice security, while overcoming the
25GBPS LASER DIODES (‘stack’) can support concurrent challenges of performance, power
SERVE 4.9G AND 5G LTE Zigbee and Bluetooth 5/Bluetooth consumption and solution footprint.
BASE STATIONS Low Energy operation. The produc-
RENESAS ELECTRONICS tion grade Zigbee 3.0-certified
RV2X6376A Series of directly device expands firm’s portfolio of MMIC MIXERS LOWER
modulated laser (DML) diodes mesh networking products (includ- CONVERSION LOSS
deliver 25Gbps x four wavelengths as ing Bluetooth mesh and Thread) for CUSTOM MMIC
the light source in 100Gbps optical smart home, enterprise, industry. CMD253C3, CMD254C3, and CM-
transceivers that enable high-speed 5.5V DC-DC STEP-DOWN D255C3 monolithic microwave
communications inside 4.9G and 5G POWER MODULE integrated circuits (MMICs) are high
LTE base stations and between data DELIVERS TRUE 6A performance IP3 fundamental mixers
center routers and servers. Devices PERFORMANCE that provide overlapping RF/LO
support full 25Gbps speed (per TEXAS INSTRUMENTS frequencies spanning 6GHz to
individual laser) and industrial TPSM82480 5.5-V dc-dc step-down 26GHz, with each model demon-
temperature (-40°C to 95°C) without power module delivers true, strating low conversion loss high IP3,
cooling. Products are designed into continuous 6-A output current with
compact 100Gbps QSFP28 optical up to 95% efficiency. Module
transceiver modules that use integrates power metal-oxide
conventional NRZ modulation. semiconductor field-effect transis-
Devices are compatible with the tors (MOSFETs) and shielded SECURE
Coarse Wavelength Division inductors into a tiny, low-profile AUTHENTICATOR IC
Multiplexing (CWDM4) standard that footprint for space- and height-con- DELIVERS A
specifies four lanes of 25 Gbps strained applications. Device CRYPTOGRAPHIC high isolation and wide IF band-
optically multiplexed onto and maintains the required 6-A output SOLUTION width. Devices are suitable for use as
demultiplexed from duplex single current over the full temperature NXP upconverters and downconverters in
mode fiber. range without additional airflow. NXP Semi A1006- Secure Authenti- demanding applications. cator IC is manufactured in a high

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Prototype to Production Volumes | IC Sockets | Adapters | Board to Board Connectors 401.823.5200 | | Made in the USA


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Advanced Interconnections . . . . . . . . . . 24
Allied Electronics and Automation . . . . . 28
BEA Lasers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Blockmaster Blocks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Coilcraft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Metal pushbutton switch with
Digi-Key Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1, 2
Electro Sonic Group Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
EMA Design Automation Inc . . . . . . . . . . 25 In Stock! Competitive Prices! Free Samples!
EMX Enterprises Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 IP65 RoHS High Audio / Lighted Output!
Hammond Mfg Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Listen to Our Product Selection Online!
HARTING Canada Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 (847) 956-1920
Interpower Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
LEMO Canada Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Mouser Electronics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 -
Murata Americas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18with optical feedback Ultra-Slim Double-Stage
Newark element 14 Electronics. . . . . . . . .17 - capable of unlimited number of actuations EPT_JanFeb_Tusainc.indd 1 2017-12-08 2:07 PM
DIN Rail Filter
- ring or backlit area illumination
Phoenix Contact Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 SCHURTER’s FPBB RAIL is a compact
- single, bicolor or multicolor versions with bright
Positronic Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 22and consistent double-stage,
luminosity single-phase filter measuring
Protocase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11- momentary25 mm(N.O.
action in width with or
or N.C.), fuseholder, or circuit
Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . 25latching action breaker and/or overvoltage
Schleuniger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21, 25 - rated 100 mA, 42/60 VAC/VDC max., varistor. Ratings 1A to16A
input voltage 5 – 28 VDC at 125 / 250 VAC and
Schurter Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
250 VDCIP67
- impact resistance IK09, ingress protection according to
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . 19 - operating temperature range -20°C IEC/ UL. Ideal for those
- +60°C
Transducers USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 - standard or customer specific legendssmall spaces in control
cabinets for
TO ADVERTISE in an upcoming issue of EP&T, industrial machinery.
contact Scott Atkinson, Associate Publisher, or (416) 510-5207) or Joanna
Malivoire, Account Manager,
or direct 866-868-7089. FPBB-RAIL-Compact-DIN-Rail-filter

Reliable FO splicing in a compact,


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robust metal housing 2018-05-31
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AT EPTECH! Capture +PCB FDX 20 series splice

boxes: ideal for patch
cabling to media
converters and FO
Start Your Next Project switches
MISSISSAUGA – OCTOBER 2 Our FDX 20 series splice boxes deliver
WATERLOO – OCTOBER 4 compact solutions for high-speed data
transmission in a uniform design, with up
to 12 duplex fiber-optic connection points.
Wearables, Printables, 3D Printing,
IoT, Test & Measurement,
Product Development & Manufacturing.
New Barcode Scanning and More!
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t It
To Register visit:

Schleuniger’s new software update for the

UniStrip 2300 wire stripping machine is now
available and provides additional features such
as wire list functionality, barcode scanning
capabilities and 8 AWG processing!

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Nest Hello video doorbell packs some heat

Smart home devices were added to ABI Research’s teardown Amazon’s recent acquisition of Ring and Google’s 2016 acquisition of Nest
service in 2015 when smart home products starting demanding ramped up the race for consumers to know who’s knocking. Here are some
attention. Video doorbells are the latest craze in the smart of the details surrounding the Nest Hello.
home market because they offer a new level of home security.

Connectivity in this application. Hello. A camera light sensor), an dual core DSP, Nest decided to single chip solution
The Nest But don’t discount imager provided by actuator on the audio switch, and improve the normal from Kingston. The
Hello main FM yet, it would be Sony (IMX123LQT) lens inserts an IR audio amp. The operating tempera- chip provides both
connectivity is nice to play that supports both filter between the power manage- ture range by RAM and eMMc
supplied by background music visible light and IR lens and the sensor ment in the Nest including a heater Flash memory.
Cypress through a for the person light, a Goertek and IR lEDs on flood Hello is very made of a flex
component waiting at the door. mems microphone, the area with IR discreet including circuit.
(CYW4354 The main chip is and a light sensor. light. regulators, drivers
previously known supported by three Nest does make use and amps from TI Application
as BCM4354) it front-ends (LNAs of the IR and RGB Audio and and Maxim, a bank processor
acquired as part of and switches) from capability of the Power of buck converters Ambarella
their acquisition of Skyworks imager by providing management from MPS. supplies the
Broadcom’s (Sky85608, both a day and The main Deep inside the video processor for
connectivity sky85203, and night camera portion of Nest Hello is a the system (S2L63).
solutions in sky66107). operation. RGB the audio section is heater. That’s right, The S2L63 hosts an
mid-2016. The mode is used an audio hub from a heater. Since the ARM Cortex-A9 core These findings
connectivity chip Sensors during the day and Cirrus Logic Nest Hello is an processor and a are from ABI
includes WiFi, BT, There are IR at night. During (CS47L24). The outdoor device that 1080p ISP. The Research’s Teardowns
and FM although three night mode audio hub includes is to be used in processor memory (https://teardowniq.
the FM is not used sensors in the Nest (determined by the an audio codec, many climates, is provided by a com).

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