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Prayer for Yahuwah’s Dimensional Deliverance

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the

Word of Yahuwah, so that things which are seen were not made
of things which do appear.” - Hebrews 11:3
Originally, Ruach gave this prayer as a means of Dimensional Deliverance from Rituals and
satanic attack. But thrust into several horrendous spiritual battles during October 2014, Ruach
led us to begin praying a variation of the prayer for difficult and demon-filled situations AND
people. It has had huge impact on everything from schisms caused by actual abuse, to satanic
attack, to spiritual or phantom/dream events such as fallen angelic rape.

This is the original prayer which had such huge positive impacts for satanic ritual abuse

Yahuwah abides in all time and dimensions (the basis of repentance/Teshuvah), and He is the
author and finisher of our faith through His Word! Hence, this prayer can be prayed for events
of the past, present and future (to implore for His Mercy and for Him to change outcomes
before an evil act is even committed). REMEMBER: We are ASKING YAHUWAH to do these
things for us as His Set-Apart children - because only HE abides eternally and is able to move
freely within and without the dimensions. He created them, us, and all our spiritual being to
one day abide WITH HIM and His Son, Yahushua the Messiah.

Abba Father, You are the Creator of all Times, Worlds and Dimensions. By You all things were
made that were made.

In the Name of Yahushua ha Mossiach Your Son, Yahuwah come in the flesh, I ask You to
change all evil intent forged against me throughout all time, space and dimensions. Please
Father, remove any and all of the enemies’ power to manipulate, control, violate or corrupt me
(or name others) and destroy our lives and/or loved ones through violation in any time or
dimension! I especially pray for protection, anointing, and deliverance from defilement in
my/our [Name SPECIFIC or GENERAL areas such as sleep, dreams, patterns or ways of
thinking, bodies, spiritual gifts, home, job site, travels, etc.] by the destroyer, ha satan, his
minions and all enemies of YAHUWAH.

Please Abba, In Yahushua’s Name, have mercy on us and change where the Dimensions join
together right down into our physical brains and bodies, souls and spirits, according to YOUR
Righteousness! Change me, all those named, and these places and times, timelines, times and
seasons concerning our lives into something for your Kabod (glory)! Annihilate the enemies’
plans and let your mighty Malakim (angels) raise their swords and shields to vanquish them.
Make them fall into the pit they devised for us! Father, if any human beings are involved in
these defilements and cursings, please let them be saved, redeemed and transformed by the
Name and the Blood of Yahushua Messiah! Please Abba Yahuwah, transform us all through
Your Set Apart Dabar (WORD of) Yahuwah, and Yahushua’s Blood, Resurrection, Ascension
and Second Coming into Your sanctified, set apart, Ruach-filled children; Forgive us for any
sins we might have committed that give the enemy opportunity, and please change all evil
outcomes of unrighteousness intent or actions, words or cursings made by others or by me,
both willingly and unwillingly - into an everlasting Praise for You, a blessing for us and for
Your people.
WE PRAY that all these Times and Dimensions, known and unknown, be turned again toward
You and Your Living Torah – and ask You, YAHUWAH, to send Your KADOSH Light and the
FIRE of Ruach HaKodesh through us all. Please! Send YOUR DABAR YAHUWAH (WORD)
through any dark CIRCUMSTANCES and PLACES, and turn them into what You want them to
be for Your Purposes.

Abba Father, please seal off anything evil coming against us according to Your Merciful Will.
Surround us with YOUR NAME, YAHUWAH - and the NAME of Your Divine Word COME IN THE
FLESH, YAHUSHUA, from In the Beginning and for all Time. Set us Apart to the eternal Kabod
of Your Ineffable Name – YAHUWAH. Write Your Name upon our foreheads and in our hearts
forever – Please Abba, equip us to serve you in every aspect of our lives!

In Yahushua ha Mossiach’s Precious Name we pray, OMAYN!


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