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Aarti D.

Gaikwad /


87/697, Maharshi Nagar,

Opp. Sant Namdev High School
Pune - 411037
Contact - +91 8007820404


 Having 8.8 years’ experience in Networking Technologies.

 CCNP Certified.
 Currently working as Senior Networking Engineer at “Accenture India Pvt Ltd.”, Pune (Mah).


 PGDBM from Pune University. Passed with 64%.

 Diploma in Computer Engineering from MIT College, Pune in 2000 with 64%
 HSC from MES Garware Colleage, Pune in 1996 with 52 %
 SSC from Ahilyadevi High School, Pune in 1994 with 65 %

 Router: Cisco 2851, 3600, 1720, & knowledge of Nexus 2k, 5k, 6k.
 Switches: Cisco 3750, 2700, 4500 Series, 6500 Séries.
 Switching Concepts: Ethernet CSMA/CD, VLAN, Inter VLAN Routing-Tagging ISL/802.1q, VTP
Pruning, PVLAN, Ether-Channel, Gateway Redundancy Technologies-HSRP,GLBP,VRRP , STP
Technologies – PVST, PVRST
 Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of LAN/WAN support and engineering design for voice, data
and video networks at Access, Aggregation, and Core network locations.
 Thorough understanding of modern service provider TCP/IP data networks using standards and
technologies including but not limited to: MPLS.

Application Load balancing: F5 networks (LTM and GTM).

 Load balancer: F5 LTM Essential and Advanced, brief knowledge of GTM.

 Demonstrated understanding of application load balancing strategies [Methods/algorithms] and
advanced techniques for application delivery.
 Understanding of F5 generic monitors and the ability to create custom monitors is required.
 Knowledge of SSL offload and implementation of SSL certificate and Key management.
 Knowledge of F5 iRules (F5s TCL scripting language) enabling customization of application
load balancing solutions through the control and direct manipulation of the application traffic.
 Functional knowledge of F5 advanced feature modules including Web Accelerator,
Application Security Module, and Application Policy Module.
 Knowledgeable of F5 system logging event types and logging levels.
 Functional understanding of diverse set of networked applications requiring application traffic
management solutions, including HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, FTP, DNS, NTP, ANYCAST services,
and others.
 DMZ Network infrastructure knowledge including topology, security policies, firewalls and
the L2/L3 switch and router infrastructure is required.
 Understanding of LTM Inbound SNAT configurations and outbound NAT server to IP
mapping required.


 Cisco secure ACS (TACACS+).

 Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS), NCS.
 SNMP, Sevone.
 Back up Tools: HP-NAS
 Ticketing tools: Remedy


1. Accenture Pvt. Ltd. Dec 2013 – Till Now

Client/Project: MERCK UNC (L2 Data Engineer).

Job Profile:

 Work on day to day Critical/Major/Minor Incidents tickets, Service Request, Major Project work.
 Troubleshooting Switching/Routing issues on sites including Manufacturing, Warehouse, Shop
floor, corporate sites, partners and data centres.
 Configuring primary MPLS WAN links and secondary back up VPN links, route traffic based on
WAN link capacities and work on major slowness issues for sites.
 Configuring Vlans, STP, Qos, Standard ACLs on Aggregation and Access switches based on setup
of Telepresence, Voice Phones, Users, Access points. Adding vlans subnets to Routing Protocols
OSPF, BGP on Aggregation and Core switches.
 IOS upgrade of L2 switches (Cisco/Nortel) and Replace old L2 switches to new Cisco 3850 switches.
Work on Data Center Nexus switches for VPC/LACPs for servers.
 Configuring Wireless Vlans (SSIDs) on sites WLCs for wireless users and wireless printers.
Configuring Mobile and Guest users (SSIDs) on sites WLCs by creating mobility tunnels to regional
guest controllers. Adding New APs on WLCs and upgrading IOS of WLCs to support new models
APs. Work on high availability tests for WLCs failovers for APs. Convert Lightweight to
Autonomous APs and vice-versa.
 Use Cisco NCS to monitor WLCs, back up of configuration. Working on ISE/NAC for
authentication issues for wireless users and guest users.
 Add/Remove/Edit Virutal Servers on F5 Load Balancers, Renewal of SSL Certificates on F5 LB
and working to resolve daily LB issues for Production/Dev/Test VIPs.
 Create VS on GTM for load balancing. Handle the activity of DR testing for VS on GTM.
 Work with vendors like Cisco/F5 for Troubleshooting complex issues and RMA of devices.


 ACE Award: Team - Delivery Excellence -Contribution to Productivity Improvement through

Quality and Continuous Improvement - Gold Standard
2. Avion Systems PVT Ltd. Jan 2013 – Nov 2013
Client/Project: Alcatel-Lucent

Job Profile:
 Configuration of Customer end Router and Switches.
 Configuration of VPN, BGP, OSPF and QOS.
 To handle all service assurance issues with Network Operations and increase service assurance
 Implementing HSRP/VRRP on Layer3 device for VLAN redundancy and Load balancing.
 Coordination with the Field Support Team in a scheduled manner for the Test and Turn Up or
Commissioning activity including all necessary equipment such as correct cable types, CPE
Cards, power leads and modules etc.
 Provisioning and Troubleshooting Leased Line Circuits like Ethernet leased Lines and (T1,
E1, T3 and E3).
 Tracking and updating trouble tickets. Communicate with suppliers for critical issues, network
and backbone problems and services.
 Up-gradation of CISCO IOS on required network devices.

2. CompuCom - CSI Systems India Pvt Ltd. Feb 2011 – Dec 2011
Customer: AT & T.
Location: Pune

Job Profile:

 Daily network operations, maintenance and troubleshooting the site related network hardware.
 Liaising with Cisco TAC to replace Cisco devices & troubleshooting T1 connections between stores,
Interfacing with AT&T (Service Provider) for T1 connectivity issues.
 Troubleshooting issues regarding the Cisco Leased Lines (PTT), Routers, Frame Relay & VSAT
 Follow-up of open tickets with the help of tier 1 and tier 2 teams and getting to resolve them within
 Identifying faulty devices and getting replacements with coordination of on-site team.
 VSAT connectivity issues Managed incident creation, update and closing with the help of EOC
clarifying tool.
 Supervised network devices by SMART & accessed customer networks.
 Strictly working in ITIL frame work.
 Act as a Shift Lead in absence of TL.
Maintaining Network Patching Plans, other important process documentations, Inventory of all
the Network devices, documentation related to network.

3. WIPRO Technologies. Feb 2007 – Feb 2011

Client/Project: British Telecom

Job Profile:

 Fairly well versed with Cisco Hardware including Cisco Router and card types for 1800, 2800, 3700,
3800, series router, providing support Leased line, Frame-Relay, DSL, ATM, STM and Ethernet.
 Provisioning the Configurations for CE Routers.
 Provisioning and Troubleshooting Circuits like Ethernet, leased Lines (T1, E1, T3, E3, DS3 and
STM1), and DSL Circuits (ADSL/ SDSL in PPPoE and PPPoA).
 Coordination with the Field Support Team in a scheduled manner for the Test and Turn Up or
Commissioning activity including all necessary equipment such as correct cable types, CPE Cards,
power leads and modules etc.
 Aligning with other service providers across the countries to provide services to customers especially
where the last mile coverage is extended by local service providers of the region.
 Configuration, Installation and Trouble Shooting on CPE Routers with the Access provided through
 Performing configurations for Change & Cease orders as per customer’s requirement that fits with
ITIL standards in Process delivery, involved with Change/Configuration and Release Management
of the ITIL Service Support.
 Migration of the existing Customer LAN to BT MPLS Cloud.


The Project mandates good understanding of the access technologies and LAN, BGP, Access
Technologies and MPLS configurations. The major technical aspects during the deployment

 Providing basic connectivity from the Customer Edge router to the Provider cloud using various
Access Technologies including Leased Lines, DSL.
 Configuring the Customer Network (Configuring IGPs and HSRP as per the requirement).
 Providing connectivity by using BGP and advertising the customer LAN into the provider.
 Providing connectivity by using BGP and advertising the customer LAN into the provider Creating
Customer-specific VRFs on the PE routers and advertising the customer networks into the provider’s
MPLS cloud.


 Target Oriented: Always enjoy setting targets and achieving them in best possible manner.
 Positive Attitude, Co-operative, Patience.

Personal Details:

Name : Aarti Gaikwad

Father’s Name : Deepak Gaikwad
Date of Birth : 24.02.1979
Permanent Address: 87/697, Maharshi Nagar, Behind Sant Namdev High School, Pune 411037
Passport No. : F4606056
Languages known : Hindi, English & Marathi
Hobbies : Listening music, Reading books, Roaming in nature.

Date: Aarti D. Gaikwad