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of Instruction
EDL 278
Anthony Gianaras
Drake University

Formal - Communicate purpose and

Evaulations schedule with key stakeholders
o Conduct walk-throughs in
- Stringent format often required each classroom
by the school district or state
law o Complete initial walk-
- Four components: through within the first
o Pre-conference month of school
o Observation
- Utilize a specific observational tool
o Writing the evaluation
o Post-conference or instructional framework
- Clarify the process for the - Determine 2-3 “look-fors” prior to
teacher prior to evaluation the walk-through
- Preview lesson plan during pre-
conference - Link the walk-through process to
- Converse with students to targeted goals
gauge understanding of the - Converse with students to see if
they can identify how the learning
- Formulate evaluation in the
target connects with the content
third person using objective
language standard
- Timely completion
following formal
evaluation (4-6 days)
- Ensure the target is clear
- Prepare questions, but do
not feel obligated to ask
them all Improvement Plans
- Utilize the 80/20 guideline
- Identify a specific
framework (i.e. ORID, 3G) - Assist teacher when performance fails - Administrator assumes
to meet standards responsibility to do what is needed
- Understand the teacher’s
to assist with improvement
location on the Skill vs. - Useful with difficulty with teaching or
Will Matrix management skills - Administrators must inform their
supervisors when placing a teacher
- All improvement plans must contain
on an improvement plan
the following:
- Be mindful of supremacy clause –
o Specific concerns
review your district’s master
o Methods/strategies contract and familiarize yourself
o Timeline (max 90 days) with state laws
o Indicators of progress - April 30th is the final day for non-
renewal of a contract
o Resources/support needed
- Ultimate goal of the plan is to
o Establish follow-up meetings
promote teacher growth that leads
o Teacher agreement to student learning