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Autoship is personally purchasing products from Max International® monthly to earn a minimum of 100cv.
All Max Products have their respective volumes (cv) and you can make any product combination selection
to meet the 100cv mark. The target is make a 100cv or more. Autoship is a MUST for all Business Associates.
And a contract you have with Max International®.

Autoship a monthly commitment of 540 GHS to Max International® in exchange for products which one
may consume for personal gain or sell to recoup money. Autoship is the driving force and the blood of our

The Concept of Autoship

We are not associates because Max International® wants us to be going around and distributing Max
Products or Cellgevity™ in cars and buses. It’s about building a network of monthly consumers of the
breakthrough products and people who are diligent at this gets appreciated well by Max International®
Let’s see it in an example form,

You went to have lunch at a restaurant and the food really tasted awesome. The restaurant is owned by
Auntie Muni. She has branches all over the world. Upon you giving compliments about how nice the food
is she approach you and gives you an offer. The offer is to build a team of consumers of her nice meal by
recommendation. Such that anytime someone comes to buy food as a result of a recommendation by
you/team member, she will pay you 10% of which ever amount they buy. If they come to buy again, she
will pay you again.

So you told a few friends who can afford to buy food at the restaurant who also told their friends and also
told their friends. The other friend too knows all the area boys in Tema (Auntie Muni has a branch there)
now all the Tema guys are buying form Auntie Muni. Then another friend of yours too calls his friends in
Nigeria (there is a Branch there); the Nigerians area also buying from Auntie Muni. Now all these People
are in your Network (Team). You only knew a few friends who also knew others and anytime someone
buys food from the Auntie Muni and the person is in your network, you will get paid 10% of whatever they
bought whether you personally asked them to purchase or someone in your network (team) did.

Auntie Muni however has some terms and conditions (Agreement) with you which is. Every month you
have to personally purchase food at any of her restaurants to the amount of 20 GHS or more which will
qualify you to get paid on all the purchases from your network (team). This also applies to your team
members too (network). If you don’t buy the 20 GHS worth of food in a particular month, you don’t qualify
to get paid on the purchase of your network (team) for that particular month (You lose all monies

I was just breaking it for you to understand the reality of our Max Business. We recommend products and
services to people every day (barber, hair dressers, tailors, food, phones, laptops, gadgets etc.) but never
gets paid for our recommendations. This is another way to do the same thing you’ve been doing for a very
long time but this time get paid on it. People buy something not because they saw a signboard or heard
an advert but because they saw a friend using it and said it’s good or a friend made a recommendation.
That is the Power of our Mouth. That is Network Marketing. You remember the agreement between you
and Auntie Muni (in the Above Illustration)? If you buy your 20 GHS food once a month, then you get paid
on all your network (team). If you don’t buy, you don’t get paid. That’s the same thing applying to our
Questions & Answers

 So the products I will buy monthly, do I sell or use?

Answer: If you love selling, then the 20 GHS monthly food you buy from Auntie Muni you can sell
to someone who needs it and get your money back or you can eat it and get your energy. You can
take in your max products and have your glutathione and health. That is why the company is
building a network of consumers not retailers. Anytime you consume your products note that you
have purchased them and so that shouldn’t affect your next month’s Autoship.

However if you love retailing (selling) because the products are amazing and you always want your
money back, you can also do that and bless people’s health. You will also earn a few cedis on
retails but always remember that building your network (team) with your mouth (recommending)
pays better.
When does Autoship become a Problem?

 Maybe you are not an entrepreneur who understands that every business has regular financial
 When you fail to understand or appreciate long term rewards of the Max Compensation Plan
 When you fail to appreciate and understand the break even or profit making point in Max
International® (Which is Level 2 Prime Bonus)
The Solution

When you enroll at Max understand that the initial products you get is your Business Start-up Capital and
no serious business person messes with their startup capital no matter what. If you can afford to buy the
products from yourself for personal consumption, then purchase it and use it. Take the amount for next
month’s Autoship out and Pay to Max (via Mobile Money or the Bank Accounts).

If you are not using the products then you have to sell the products off to someone with a need for it and
get your money back to do your Autoship for the next month. Selling your products is a skill you have to
acquire and its part of this associate training module.

The good news is that as you build your network, Max International® automatically caters for your
Monthly Autoship Cost. This Bonus is called Autoship Bonus Pool (or Prime Bonus). At Prime Bonus Level 2
you will be earning $375 (Currently 1,387.5 GHS) which is more than enough to do your Monthly Autoship.
Typically it will take you about 3-6 months to earn Prime Bonus Level 2. More on Prime Bonus and the
other Bonuses can be learnt from the Max Compensation Plan Videos/Pdf/Trainings.
The last time I sold products to do Autoship was 10 months ago. I use my Level 2 Prime Bonus to purchase
my products and give them to my mother to improve upon her health. Your Autoship is supposed to be
completed from between First (1st) day to the last day of every new month. However the best time to do
your Autoship is first week of every new month.
What happens when you don’t Autoship?

What it means is that you are not serious with business and you have breached the terms you have with
Max International®. You lose all accumulated/generated volumes (cv) (1 Volume = 1$ = 3.7 GHS) from
your team (network). Associates who do not do their Autoships are losing money. They are declared as
INACTIVE by the company and the company cannot pay them any commission in the period of inactivity.
When your account becomes inactive for a period of 6months, your account may be TERMINATED.

Team leaders hardly work with associates who are not active and inconsistent with Autoship. If your
dreams are big enough and you are serious with the Max Opportunity, then never play at your monthly
Autoship Products Selection
Before you decide on which products to select of your Autoship first ask yourself this question; what will be
the purpose of the products?

If you going to purchase them for personal consumption, then you have to purchase products per your
needs and personal preferences.

If you going to retail them to customers to bless their health, then you have to look at products that you
will have a more customer base for. As a team we recommend 6 bottles of Cellgevity™ (540 GHS) for your
monthly Autoship.
Max Products, Loyal (Whole Sale) Price, Retail Price, Volume (CV)
Product Loyalty Price Retail Price (Recommended) CV
Cellgevity™ 1 Week Bottle 90 GHS 110 GHS 17
Cellgevity™ 4x1 Week Box 350 GHS 420 GHS 67
Cellgevity™ 1 Mo. Bottle 330 GHS 395 GHS 63
Max NFuse™ 30 Sachets 310 GHS 375 GHS 59
Max NFuse™ 15 Sachets 180 GHS 215 GHS 34
Max ATP™ 30 Sachets 310 GHS 375 GHS 59
Max ATP™ 15 Sachets 180 GHS 215 GHS 34
Max GXL™ 1 Mo. Bottle 275 GHS 330 GHS 50
MaxOne™ 1 Mo. Bottle 315 GHS 380 GHS 60
MetaSwitch™ 1 Mo. Bottle 290 GHS 350 GHS 55
Curb™ 15 Bars 290 GHS 350 GHS 50
Annual Renewal Fee 100 GHS 100 GHS N/A

Make your selection based on the purpose of your products (either for retails or for personal

 Autoship is the purchase of products every new month to earn a minimum of 100 volumes
 Autoship is a MUST for all associates and a contract you have with Max International®.
 Autoship products are meant for your consumption however if you can’t purchase and use
monthly, purchase sell it off and recoup the money for next month’s Autoship.
 Using your Autoship/StartUp products or giving them out for free means you have bought them from
yourself and so shouldn’t affect your next month’s Autoship.
 Prime Bonus is designed to pay for your monthly Autoship by Max International®
 Anytime you don’t Autoship, you lose money and your integrity as a business person becomes
 Select Autoship products based on the purpose (either for personal use or to bless a customer’s
 Time range for Autoship is from first day of the new month to last day. But as a Team we
recommend doing it by 1st week of every new month.

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Compiled by Sir Java. For Further Questions Contact your Team Leader or Team Whatsapp Page