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Anthony G.

1219 Chautauqua Parkway Des Moines, IA 50314
Phone: 847-370-3761 email:

Passionate, self-motivated leader who collaborates with colleagues and establishes positive
relationships with students to foster academic growth

Education and Endorsements

Institute for Restorative Practices Des Moines, IA
Certification: August 2018
- Restorative Circles Facilitator

Drake University School of Education Des Moines, IA

Masters of Science in Education Leadership May 2018
- K-12 Principal Licensure

Drake University School of Education Des Moines, IA

Bachelor of Science in Education May 2013
- 6-12 Special Education, 6-12 Social Sciences, and Coaching

Leadership Experience
Harding Middle School, Des Moines Public Schools Des Moines, IA
Principal: Joy Linquist August 2018 – Present
Advisory Task Force Member
- Train and mentor teachers to establish a healthy classroom community and develop each
student’s social and emotional skills

Professional Learning Community Leader - Content Team August 2017 - Present

- Utilize student data to create and implement classroom instruction to meet Iowa core standards
in partnership with fellow grade level, content area teachers

School Leadership Team Member August 2017 - Present

- Collaborate with teacher leaders and building administrators to refine the management and
instructional practices of the building

Tier One MTSS Task Force Team Member August 2017 - Present
- Develop instructional and behavioral interventions to promote positive school-wide behavior

Des Moines Public Schools Des Moines, IA

Superintendent: Thomas Ahart November 2017 – April 2018
Community Legislative Action Team
- Partnered with state legislators to enact policy change

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Teaching Experience
Harding Middle School, Des Moines Public Schools Des Moines, IA
Principal: Joy Linquist August 2013 - Present
Social Studies Teacher
- Instruct eighth grade civics and align course curriculum with Iowa core standards
- Utilize student data to guide lesson planning and classroom pedagogue
- Implement restorative circles to foster strong peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships
- Provide students with cognitively complex tasks and rigorous lessons that align with the
Learning Sciences Incorporated’s Schools for Rigor framework
- Maintain constant communication with parent via home visits, conferences, phone, and e-mail
- Participate in Individual Education Plan meetings as a member of a multi-disciplinary team
- Led professional development on Marzano’s Instructional Framework
- Attended professional development centered around Trauma Informed Care within the
comprehensive school setting

Coaching Experience
Harding Middle School Des Moines, IA
Head Boys Basketball Coach January 2015 - Present
- Organize and coach boys basketball for a team of approximately thirty players

South East Polk High School Pleasant Hill, IA

Head Coach: Brad Zelenovich June 2013 - 2015
Assistant Sophomore Football Coach
- Planned and coordinated position drills and provided instruction for defensive players
- Participated in coaching meetings to discuss game plan and coaching strategy

Technology Skills
- Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
- Proficient in working with Google Classroom and Google Forms
- Familiar developing websites via Weebly and Google Sites
- Experience with Smart Board technology
- Utilize Infinite Campus on a daily basis

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