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The following is a list of guidelines and summarized financial accounting standards under Full PFRS. Comments in
t-extboxes highligh fel_5MEj.. Entities with public accountability and other economically
significant entities shall use full PFRS. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are to use PFRS for SMEs.

An SME is an entity that:

a. Do not have public accountability; and,
b. Publish general-purpose finant.ial statements for external users,
An entity has public accountability if :
- its debt or equity instruments are traded in a public market or is in the process of issuing securities for
trading in the public market.
- It holds assets in a fiduciary capacity for broad qroup of outsider as ong of its primary businesses (e.9.
banks, credit unions, insurance companies, securities dealers, mutual funds, investment banks)

Inthe Philippines, more specificalty, an enttty ;s an SME (as defined by Philippine SEC; required to follaw PFRS for
SMEs) it all of the following conditions are net:
The entity has total assets of befileen P3M and P35AM or total liabilities of between P3M and P250M
It is not required to file financial statements under SRC Rule 68.1
It is not in the process of filin-o its tinanciat statements for the purpose of issuing any class of instruments in a
public market
d. It is not a public utilitY, and
e. It is not a hotder of a secondary ltcense rssued by a regulatory agency (e.9. bank, all investment house etc.)


I. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION * minimum line items as per PAS 1
Current Assets
Cash and cash equtvalents'
Tradrng securities/Frnancral assets at fair value through P&Lx
Trade and othereceivables-
I nventorres *

Property, plant and eqLiipixentx
Investment ,n associates and loint ventures*
Investment property*
Financral assets (at amortized cost and at fair value through OCIIL)*
Other long-term investments (e.9. Fund investments, Cash surrender value)
Deferred tax assetsx
Other assets (e.9. Noncurrent non-trade receivables)
current Liabilities
Trade and other payablesx
Current provisions*
Short-term borrowings
Current portion of long-term debt
' Current tax liability (lncome tax payable)+
Noncurrent Liabilities
Noncurrent portion of long-term debt
Finance lease liability
Deferred tax liabilityx
Other long-term debt

Share Capitalx (Issued and Subscribed)
' Share prem./APIC reserves (Excess over parr Treasury stock trans, other gains fr. capital transactions)
Accu mu I ated
3:1itJfii#5iuu,,on s u rp r u s
Accumulated tJnrealized Flolding Gains/Losses on Investment at Fair Value Through OCI/L
Accum u lated Foreign Exchan ge Tra nslation Ga ns/Losses i

Accumulated Hedging Gains/Losses

Accumulated Remeasurement Gains/Losses from Plan Asset and Accum. Benefit Obligation
Accumulated Profits reserves (Voluntary, Legal and Contractual)
Unappropriated Accumulated Profits
(a) Additional separate line items should be provided for the following as per PAS 1, where necessary:
- Biological assets;
- Total assets classified as held for sale and assets included in disposal groups classified as held for sale under PFRS
5, Non-current asset held for sale and discontinued operations;
- Liabitities inctuded in disposal groups ctassified as held for sale.under PFRS 5;
- Non-controlling interest, presented within equity.
(b) Subscriptions receivables are presented as current bssets if collectible within 12 months after the balance sheet date,
otherwise, deducted from subscribed share capital,
(c) Treasury stocks are deducted at cost from total stockholders equity with an automatic accumulated profits approDriation
equal to the cost of the treasury shares (legal appropriation).